near death experienceRaymond Moody is a man who first discovered and made research on the near-death experiences. He interviewed patients that had near-death experiences (NDE) and described 9 stages of the “journey to another world”.

According to his research, there are nine stages that are common in all near-death experiences. So what happens at each stage?

At the first stage is your heart stops beating. Patients who had this experience “abandoned” their physical bodies, lifted and saw themselves lying in the hospital room.

Patients describe that at the second stage they saw a narrow tunnel, and went along the edge of an incredible light that provoked beautiful feelings.

And in this light that was the brightest ever seen, they reached the third stage and saw the spirits of their dead relatives and friends.

At the fourth stage, they found themselves in a phantasmagoria.  But when asked to describe what happens there, they said that the time as we are used to perceive it stopped, but everything was happening in an instant.

At the fifth stage, their lives with every detail passed through in front of them, as if there was no time.

At the sixth stage, while reviewing their lives, they felt being accompanied by an entity which had the form of light.

From the Christian patients, interviewed during the research, the majority said they recognized Christ in that light, and they felt a presence of absolute love and compassion that helped them do a review of their life and see all the things they had done.

They saw these events from a totally different perspective than when they had experienced them in life, resulting in a deeper feeling of consequences of those actions in the lives of others.

Then they reached the seventh stage, when they had to return. From now there were two different stages: some said they had no idea how they returned! At the eighth stage once they were in that light, the next minute they found themselves in the hospital room in their physical body.

Others claim that at the ninth stage that “ray of light” told them that they had to return because they had something important to accomplish in life.

Raymond Moody said: “I’ve interviewed several people who were at this critical point, literally between life and death, and many of them told me they wanted to stay there, despite the fact that someone was pressuring them to return.”

Many of those who returned said that they would prefer to have stayed in that light, but realized they had to turn back. In most cases, the reason was to take care for their children.

When they returned, they realized how this experience affected their lives. Whatever they had been “hunting” before: fame, power, money or anything else, after this experience they realized that the most important thing we can do as humans is to learn how to love. To love others as we love ourselves.

Furthermore, after this experience, the death no longer causes fear to them. This experience for them is a testimony that what we call death is simply a transition to another state. And it is exactly what Plato said more than 2,300 years ago…

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