Not only comic book superheroes are capable of incredible feats.

Throughout the world, in the most extreme situations, ordinary people do things that require superhuman strength, determination and courage.

10. Blind man rescues blind woman

Imagine how difficult it is to take a blind person out of a burning building, gently guiding him through the searing flames and suffocating smoke. Now imagine that you cannot see anything yourself.

Jim Sherman, who was blind from birth, heard his 84-year-old neighbor screaming for help from her burning home. Groping the fence, he reached her house and pulled blind Annie Smith outside.

I got to the door and heard crackling, smelled smoke and felt the intense heat,” he said.

9. Skydiving instructor sacrifices his life

Few survive after falling from a few hundred meters. However, an Australian woman did survive thanks to the instructor, who sacrificed his life for hers. Robert Cook and his student Kimberly Dear were heading to the sky to make the first jump in the woman’s life when the aircraft engine failed.

Cook told Dear to sit on his lap and tied their harnesses together. As a result, when the plane crashed into the ground, most of the impact force was absorbed by the body of the instructor, which killed him but protected the woman.

8. Soldier saves his comrades from the battlefield

Joe Rollino was just a mere mortal, but during his 104-year life, he did many superhuman feats. Weighing only 68 kg, he lifted 288 kg weight with his fingers and 1,450 kg weight with the back.

But he was considered a hero not for winning numerous competitions for athletes and the title of “the strongest man in the world.” During World War II, he, among his other feats, pulled wounded soldiers from the battlefield, holding two of them under each of his arms, and then returned and did it several times to rescue more of his comrades under constant bombardment.

7. Father saves his child from alligator

Parental love can do miracles! Joseph Welch from Florida came to rescue his son when a huge alligator grabbed the six-year-old boy by the arm and dragged him into the water.

Welch began to punch the reptile to make it release the boy. Eventually, with the help of a bystander, the alligator was defeated and gave up its prey.

6. Daughter lifts a car to save her father

Not only men are capable of superhuman deeds for the sake of others, especially when it comes to loved ones. A man in Virginia was repairing his car when it suddenly slipped off the jack and fell on its owner, crushing his chest.

His 22-year-old daughter rushed to rescue him. With a superhuman effort, the girl managed to lift the colossus weighing a couple of tons and move it. Then she gave her father first aid before the arrival of the ambulance.

5. A woman stops school bus

Not only the courage and strength make a person a hero, but the ability to make quick decisions and act is no less important. In New Mexico, the driver of a school bus suddenly had a seizure and lost control of the car. Fortunately, the mother of one of the schoolgirls, who was waiting for the bus with her daughter in the parking lot, noticed it.

She ran alongside the bus and using gestures convinced one of the children to open the door. Having got inside the bus, Rhonda Carlsen rushed to the driver’s seat, grabbed the wheel and stopped the bus. Her determination saved not only children but also passers-by who could easily get under the wheels of the bus.

4. Wounded soldier returns to the battlefield

Robert Ingram’s feat during the Vietnam War still amazes the imagination. During a battle, the young soldier was shot three times. One of the bullets hit Ingram in the head, making him partially blind and deaf in one ear.

Despite that, Ingram continued to fight against the Vietnamese soldiers to save his comrades.

3. Teen pulls man out of a dangling truck

This incident happened in New Zealand on October 5, 2008. In the middle of the night, a truck with a trailer got into an accident and dangled over the precipice. 18-year-old Peter Hanne wasted no time, broke the rear window of the car body and pulled the injured driver out as the truck swayed, threatening to fall down on the sharp rocks at any moment. In 2011, the young man was awarded a medal for bravery for this unprecedented feat.

2. Champion swimmer saves 20 people from a sinking trolleybus

Any of the comic book superheroes is nothing compared with the courage of Shavarsh Karapetyan who saved 20 people in 1976. The Armenian champion swimmer was on a morning jog in Yerevan together with his brother, when he noticed that a crowded trolleybus lost control and fell into the lake.

Without hesitation, Karapetyan dove into the lake kicked the rear window and began to pull passengers out of the bus, which had already sunk 10 meters into the water. The hero managed to save 20 of the 92 passengers before he himself fainted from fatigue and cold.

1. Man lifts helicopter to rescue his colleague

In 1988 a helicopter lost control and crashed into a drainage ditch. One of the pilots, Steve Kux, was trapped under the helicopter in the shallow water. His co-worker Warren Everal known as “Tiny” ran over and lifted the helicopter which weighed more than 700 kg off Kux.

Tiny’s quick reaction and ‘herculean’ strength saved Kux from what could have been a fatal crash. Despite the fact that the pilot’s left arm was seriously injured, he was rescued from death.


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