During my recent visit to my home country Ukraine, I took a course in “SPAS”. It is an old Ukrainian Cossack tradition that goes beyond just energy healing and covers many different practical energy-related techniques directed towards living in harmony with Nature without abandoning life in society.

The energy-informational map of SPAS goes beyond just human aura and teaches skills that many would consider as extrasensory abilities. It was very interesting to discover that this Ukrainian spiritual energy system has a lot of similarities with the spiritual science Infosomatics that I have been conducting research in and practicing since 2008.

Ukrainian Cossacks who practiced SPAS were like “Jedi knights” or “shaman warriors” of the time, they were called “charakterniki”. There are many legends about their powers. Many researchers claim that a Cossack “charakternik” had the power to stop bullets, enter enemy camps unnoticed, control weather, and even predict the outcome of a battle.

Even though most of their powers were used on the battlefield, during the peaceful times they would protect villages and heal people from various diseases or injuries. In short, to use the language of today, they really knew their way around the higher levels of consciousness and used their knowledge in practice.

Their wisdom, however, was lost with time and now it is taught only by those who kept it in their families. It is needless to say that the teachings of SPAS are currently available only in Ukrainian or Russian.

Nevertheless, here are 12 rules for a student who wishes to learn the ways of SPAS that I have learned during the course and would like to share them with you.

Perhaps knowing and following these rules of a “Ukrainian Jedi” apprentice can help you on your own road towards discovering your inner power:

1. Apprentice chooses his teacher and the teacher accepts the apprentice who chose the teacher.

As a pearl of eastern wisdom says, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. If you are really ready to learn, then choose your teacher and the teacher will have to accept you as the student.

2. It is impossible to teach everything the teacher knows, the student only takes what he can handle.

The teacher had his teachers at one time and he had received all the knowledge that he was able to handle. Now it is the duty of a student to learn what he can from the teacher and accept what he can handle.

3. Respect your teacher. By respecting your teacher, you respect yourself.

By offending your teacher, you offend yourself. Remember that a student is standing on the shoulders of a teacher. A student comes, receives knowledge, makes his or her own masterpiece, and then leaves.

4. The one who relentlessly asks a question doesn’t want to do their own work in order to discover the answer.

Those people who constantly ask questions without even trying to do something themselves are too lazy to learn. Without trying to find your own answers to the questions, you get stuck in a circle of problems rather than moving in a spiral of your spiritual evolution.

5. The question that was asked correctly holds the answers.

If you ask the question correctly, you might discover that it already holds 98% of the answer. The duty of a teacher is to fill in the blanks and give his vision of missing 2% in the question in order to assist you in getting the answer to the question.

6. A true teacher is not the one who teaches with words, but the one who teaches through their own example, actions, and patience.

In order to acquire true knowledge, you need to learn from someone who had the experience of what you are trying to learn. The practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth.

7. Teaching with just words is the waste of time. Information that was explained in all the details will not be useful in practice.

If you concentrate on every detail and on the strictly logical part of something that you are trying to learn, you are blocking the work of your right brain and it will be impossible to see the whole picture.

8. Learn from Nature.

Learn but don’t demand. You are a student of the world that was created before you were born (and before your current as well as previous incarnations). Everything we know, from computers to the clothes we wear, we learn from observing Nature.

We need to respect it and learn to live in harmony without demanding things that originate from our egocentric worldview.

9. Never try to prove the truth to the blind.

Approach the blind when they are ready to see the truth. There is no need to waste your energy on someone who is not ready to see or listen.

10. Every person is a genius on his or her own unique level. Everyone is equal in eternity.

Everyone has their own path and mission in life. You should respect the truth of others and strive to evolve yourself.

11. Fight. Life is worth it. You choose your own life, so don’t complain.

Life is full of choices. You choose what you are and what you become in the future. Complaining gets you stuck in the past and limits your fighting skills for a better future.

12.The power of the Force that you can achieve through SPAS cannot be reversed.

When you know how to use the true power behind the energy of the Field, you can’t reverse it. You have to take full responsibility for the powers you acquire and in the ways you use them.

There are a lot more insights in SPAS teachings than this short list of 12 rules offers. Our ancestors did have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. We just need to learn how to use it in practice taking into account the world we are living in now.

Our inner power is always with us, we just need to make the first step and continue moving forward on the road of self-discovery. I wish you all the best in your personal spiritual growth and if you found these 12 rules insightful, don’t forget to share them with a friend.

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