Could the Chelyabinsk Meteorite Have Brought Extraterrestrial Life to Earth?

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Scientists presented the first results of the analysis of fragments of the meteorite that fell in the Chelyabinsk Region (Central Russia) about two weeks ago. Scientists managed to collect about 50 small fragments of the meteorite, sized few millimeters, in the Lake Chebarkul. With the help of modern supersensitive devices it became possible to determine [...]

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Five Most Common Thinking Errors

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We all often make errors in our thinking, especially when we are deeply convinced of the truth of what we believe. These errors lead to the fact that it becomes especially difficult to change our minds or to accept any alternative view. Our way of thinking is closely linked with our emotions and behavior. It [...]

7 Basic Habits of Happy People

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Happy people distinguish because of their attitude to life. What exactly makes them special? Here are 7 habits that are attributed to happy people. So, they… 1… do not worry about what others think of them They never let negative minded people affect their mood. Whatever these people hear from others, they do not attach [...]

5 Morning Tips for Boosting Creativity

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Keeping your creative juices flowing reliably can be something of a dilemma: the thought of not being able to come up with ideas and innovations can be stressful, and stress stifles creativity; causing a vicious cycle of worrying about being able to perform and that very worry causing the issue that is being worried about! [...]

8 Practical Self Improvement Tips

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Many people today understand the need for constant self-improvement. Personal growth is crucial to career growth and self-development. Continuous learning new things helps you grow, and improving yourself allows to better understand the meaning of life and get more enjoyment from it. Naturally, this process is endless. Indeed, the flow of knowledge is endless, and [...]

There Is Not Just One, But Many Universes, States Greek Scientist

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Specifically, ten in the five hundredth, and in the future it will be possible to create universes in the laboratory. Moreover, we live in ten dimensions without realizing it! These unbelievable ideas belong to the research team of Dimitris Nanopoulos, professor of physics at the University of Texas and member of the Academy of Athens. According [...]

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Why Do We Have Bizarre Dreams That Make No Sense?

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Sometimes we see some really weird things in our dreams that do not make any sense. What may they mean and where do they come from? Here are the results of several studies that tried to answer this question. People suffering from amnesia have the most bizarre dreams People who have lost their memory, have [...]

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4 bad study habits and how to break them

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Implementing and adhering to good study habits can be tricky; for some students formulating any kind of study plan or revision timetable is something of an unknown world. As assignment deadlines loom or examinations draw closer a student starts to feel the incipient signs of panic and begins to dread possible failure. There are four [...]