Answer the question below and follow the instructions.

Mark answers on a piece of paper and then see the interpretation. You will be impressed with the results!


You enter a room and see 4 doors around you: a white, a black, a blue and a pink. In what order will you open the doors and what will you see behind them?

You have the right not to open all the doors if you do not want. Give your answer before you see the analysis and interpretation

Don’t cheat! 🙂

door monty hall problem

If you are ready, you can finally see the results 🙂


  • White: Personal life
  • Black: Death
  • Blue: Occupation
  • Pink: Love


If the first door you opened is:

White, you are a person who has self-confidence and cares enough for him/herself.

Pink, you are in love or in an active search of a relationship.

Blue, you put a high priority on your career, which means that you either sideline other spheres of life for the sake of your career, either you chase money too much.

Black, you are depressed or in full introspection. Generally, the choice of the black door shows a bad psychological condition and sometimes avoidance tendencies and even a full denial.

If the second door is:

White, maybe you put your personal life on the back burner, but you have self-esteem and love yourself.

Pink, you are in emotional balance, either because you have a smooth relationship, either because you are a balanced person.

Blue, you spend enough time at work to the detriment of other important areas of life. Sometimes this position indicates a person who has put into work to fill in the gaps of his/her life.

Black, you have avoidance trends, perhaps not as pronounced as if it was your first choice, but still, these trends are strong enough. Many teens have this door in the second place because often adolescence is associated with tendencies of avoidance.

If the third door is:

White, you seem to have given up your life. Usually, people who have the white door in the third place have low self-esteem and are inclined to pessimism.

Pink, you are either in a stagnant relationship or have denied the right to love and be loved.

Blue, you feel comfortable and seem to be satisfied with your job.

Black, you suffer in one of the areas of life. To find out which, just look at the fourth door you’ve chosen. The problem is overstated in the field shown by the last door and you feel that something is missing from your life and do not feel ‘complete’.

If the fourth door is:

White, you have entirely given up your personal life. Often this answer is given by women who have completely lost themselves in the responsibilities of home, husband, children and grandchildren. In any case, it shows a very vulnerable situation.

Pink, you seem to have completely escaped from the emotional world, either because you live in a completely stagnant relationship, or because you have neglected this part of your life.

Blue, you don’t like your job and work only to make a living.

Black, you are psychologically healthy and have a desire to live.

What did you see behind the doors?

1. The order of opening the doors is what matters most of all.

2. Whatever you imagined behind the doors is a simple notation that shows your emotional attitude to each area.

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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Shubham

    I opened like, White, Pink, Blue and Black and maybe that is the best order 🙂

  2. Intresting!

    I got white, pink, black, and blue! 😛

  3. Huh.Weird.

    1)PInk: Woman with flowers desiring passionate intercourse.
    2)Blue: Man with a package for me
    3)White: Small, well-kept dogs running in circles and yapping.
    4)Black: Death himself.

  4. xarli

    if its true then im alot worse than i could have ever imagined.

  5. Ionut


    quite true

  6. Narlato


    this is so true that I’m speechless

  7. ItsDarts

    Opened in order from left to right, didn’t “see” anything because they aren’t real doors. So I must be a depressed, overworked piece of crap, who hates my wife, this couldn’t be further from the truth, I love my wife more than life itself. This is about as accurate as your daily horoscope and I hope y’all don’t buy into this.

  8. pea

    1. White: bright room with 2 ladies sipping tea LOL
    2. Black: a man in a well-done sophisticated study, I left as to not to disturb him
    3. Blue: comfortable living room, almost never left lol
    4. Pink: it was locked

    this is so accurate i could cry

  9. Blip

    1. Black- Infinite Universe
    2. Blue- Seashore with waves caressing the sand
    3. White- Mirror like pond with lilies in the middle of a beautiful garden
    4. Pink- Nothingness that stretches out into infinity

    I chose the color in correspondence to what I like most. 🙂

  10. Amsyar

    For me,
    1. Blue door – a library.
    2. White door – a kitchen.
    3. Black door – living room.
    4. Pink door – bedroom.
    So, what does it really mean?

  11. Debby

    I had the blue door first and it was the tardis door and I love doctor who 🙂 was awesome. then instead of going out of the tardis i went into it more and saw a space door, like it looked like space. all purple and pinky. so i took that to be the pink door. then i fell through space and landed on a soft invisible pillow. i got up and i had landed on a creaky old hatch door, i took that to be the white one cause when i went back out, it was light and what not. so i went into the hatch thing and saw a girl in the corner. i asked if she was ok and she went all demon on me LMAO then i said stop it and slapped her and she changed to a very handsome guy demon. i grabbed his hand and went up the ladder and he didn’t get out the door cause it shut on him. so i opened it again, went down pushed him out first so he could get out. then we walked and i saw this black hole, and i was a bit freaked out by it so i pushed him ahead but then i said how far is it and he stretched out and it was a long way so i used him as like a rope to hold on too, then when we got there it had gone and we were just standing there and i was looking around for this cave thing so i sat down and he brought me tea and then everything turned into a Japanese tea house and that was it. 🙂 so i take the cave was the black door but it eluded me and i never actually went inside it and just sat down and had tea and then everything turned into a Japanese tea house and me and ma new demon friend drank tea. 😀 so what does all that mean??

  12. Sylvia

    1. White Door: Entrance to a big house or Hotel
    2. Blue Door: Family Room
    3. Black Door: Library or Storage area
    4. Pink Door: Girls room

  13. Kelli

    Blue- Vast Ocean
    White- Snowy Landscape
    Pink- Beautiful field full of colorful flowers
    Black- Darkness

  14. Mary galing

    For me, 1.Pink, 2.White ,3.Blue , 4. Black, how do you rate this and what is the interpretation of this?

  15. Sabina Furtuna

    I opened the doors in the following order: white, pink, blue, black.

  16. Tom Robert Dillie

    First I opened is white, I saw a greenery room with plants and ivy on the wall. The wall is white.
    Second I opened is blue, the door is dark blue. I saw a set of stairs, a detective office and a library. The light was dim. The wallpaper consisted of these colours which were blue, dark green, and dark brown. The wallpaper had intricate design.
    Third I opened is pink, I saw a garden kind of room with a fountain in the center. The pavement was brown. The wall was adorned with flowers, ivy and plants, and there was a beautiful scenery across there to behold.
    Last I opened is black, I saw a set of stairs to the downwards, and it was an unknown dark room.

  17. Bathsheeba

    White – stone path that led to ocean
    Blue – comfortable living room
    Pink – beautiful exotic beach
    Black – motorcycle

    Go figure…lol

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