1. Take a look at the image below. What do you see?

dolphins illusion
Source: Flickr

2. Focus on the following picture and give a quick answer: Which stairs will you use to go up and which to go down?

stairs illusion

3. There is a man’s head somewhere in this picture. Find him!

head illusion

4. Do you see the girl rotating clockwise or counterclockwise?

rotating girl illusion
Nobuyuki Kayahara, CC BY-SA 3.0 


1. It is claimed that children cannot see the couple because they don’t have such images in their primary memory and instead, see nine dolphins.

Note: This is a test for “dirty minds”. It is said that if you need more than 3 seconds to see the dolphins, then there is a kind of… problem!

2. Most people who see this image tend to go up the left stairs and go down the right stairs. This reaction is likely to be influenced by the western way of reading from left to right. While those who read from right to left, like the Arabs, tend to give the opposite answer.

3. There is a claim that if you managed to find the man in 3 seconds, then the right part of your brain is more developed than in the average person. If you found him in about 1 minute, it is believed that the right part of your brain is of the average person. If you needed more than 1 minute to find him, the right part of your brain is said to be slow.

However, there is no evidence to support this claim. But this illusion is still effective if you want to train your attention to detail.

4. According to a popular interpretation, if you see the girl rotating clockwise, then you are using the right hemisphere of your brain at the moment, and vice versa.

However, in reality, the direction of the girl’s rotation is not associated with the function of your brain hemispheres. You can learn more details about it in this article about the spinning girl illusion.

Final thoughts

There is no evidence that the above images indeed reveal how your brain hemispheres work. However, they are still fascinating optical illusions that can be used to train your brain!

For example, with the help of the first and the third pictures, you can train your attention to detail. Try to find as many dolphins as you can and find the man’s head as fast as you can.

Look at the second and the fourth images and try to consciously change the direction of the stairs or the spinning girl’s rotation.

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  1. Adrianos Fidi

    at 1 i didnt saw the dolphins and at 3 i’ve found the man at 3-4 seconds . what does it mean , according to this test ?

    1. Anna

      the 3d one means that your right hemisphere is normally developed. didn’t you see the dolphins at all?? i mean after reading the answer and going back to the primary picture (without red circles showing where the dolphins are) can you see them?

  2. ritu

    girl changes its direction of rotation..

  3. ritu

    i mean her direction of rotation.. sry for d mistake :p

  4. xpk

    if i scroll the rotating girl into view from the bottom i can see her rotating counter-clockwise.. but when all the picture is on the screen the instant that i open my eyes after blinking she moves clockwise again. problem with the doplhins.. can’t see just the dolphins. stairs.. chose left to go down cause they seemed more lit up couldn’t find any other way of looking at it. the man among the coffee beans i saw in about 10-15 seconds

  5. Vale

    With the rotating girl. You can see both directions by changing your perspective. focus from the top of her head down and youll get one direction. Focuse from the bottom of the foot up and youll get another direction.

  6. o

    i think is too much porn invading us every day and this s the reason we hardly see the dolphins

  7. Basit

    In first i saw couple then i saw dolphins.In Second ,girl was moving on her right side after awhile she started moving on her left side.

  8. Basit

    Man’s head is towards down side of picture near to left corner.

  9. Justin Johnson

    What if you can make the girl dance back and forth and and you make her go which way she goes?

    1. Astrid

      That’s what I see

  10. junior

    I dont understand how the lady is said to be rotating counter clock wise aswell

  11. Kaeo

    It took me a while to be able to see the girl spinning go counter-clockwise, but I stared at her torso in order to finally see it. What’s difficult for me is getting it switched back immediately.

    One thing about the girl spinning counter-clockwise is that there’s a LOT more movement coming from her than when she spins clockwise.

  12. raj

    spinning girl just awesome exercise to warm up mind…<3

  13. thorin

    I can see the girl rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise. It really depends on which leg you believe she has lift up in the air (left or right). I don’t think it has anything to do with which brain sphere you are using, lol

    Even though the first time I thought she was definitely rotating clockwise after closer inspection I would say that it makes more sense for her to be rotating counterclockwise judging by the shadow underneath her legs. When she is rotating clockwise that shadow doesn’t make much sense, because the tip of the toes of her lifted leg throws a shadow on the left side of the picture but hardly any on the right side. When she is rotating counter clockwise her motion seems smoother and longer but if she is to rotate clockwise her motion seems not as smooth and more unnatural

    This is a good illusion for sure!

  14. clara

    Well in the picture of the rotating woman it switches from clockwise to counterclockwise, so there is the trick its not really that hard its pretty simple. All you have to do is be able to tell the difference. When the girl is moving to the left (counter) then the whole body of the girl is moving to the left and when the girl is moving clockwise, her whole body moves toward the right. On that note every time the girl switches the picture glitches so you should be able to tell the difference.

  15. etan

    i see the girl rotating counter clockwise, but when i close my eyes for a while and look again the rotation is become clockwise

  16. Ursula McIntosh

    Well I saw mutual in the bottle of a shape of Male an FEMALE decent engaging with pure intensity an expression by how he is embracing her an how she is responding.
    An them being naked states they are uncovered with one another in every way.

    The stairs, one is light an one is dark, an which one to choose is based on which one is the safest, an more secured so there is no physical injuries.

    The beans I see no head but just beans
    Visual effects an discomfort of disposition
    Looked again an saw the head an beans that look like a head of bugs

    She is rotating but with a steady pivot

  17. Julia Kago

    I still can’t see the man in the beans

  18. cheryl L ROMERO

    I see lit stairs as up dark stairs as down

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