god particleAll the time scientists and researchers discover new things on the planet Earth and out of it. Here is a list of strange and unexpected discoveries made during the year 2012:

1. Sugar in Space

Astronomers found that simple sugar molecules floating in the space around a star about 400 light years away suggest the likelihood of life on other planets. The term “sugar” is used referring to organic molecules known as carbohydrate, consisting of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

2. New planet in our solar system

As said by a study published in May, another unexplored planet might be rotating in the fringes of our solar system. “Being too far away to be detected by telescopes, the planet seems to make its presence disrupting the orbit of the so-called Kuiper Belt (small icy bodies, located beyond the orbit of Neptune, among of which are some dwarf planets)” says Rodney Gomes of the National Observatory of Brazil.

3. The God particle

In July it was reported that two separate research teams working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) discovered a new particle, which was exactly where the Higgs boson, known as the “God particle”, was expected to be.

4. “Unknown” life in Antarctica

A camera equipped with an underwater robot discovered barnacles, crabs, anemones and octopuses, most of which are colorless and live in total darkness at a depth of 2,400 meters in the Pacific Ocean.

5. System of nine planets

According to a study in April, HD 10180, a star like the Sun in the southern constellation Hydrus, might have up to nine planets in orbit, located in the respective points of the eight official planets of our solar system.

6. The mysterious Mayan calendar

Archaeologists have discovered an unbelievable mural filled with numbers that were used by ancient people to calculate the year. The famous Mayan calendar is the most accurate one in human history, and, in contrast with the prophecy of the destruction of the world in December 2012, it seems to be continuing beyond this date… (You can read more about this finding here)

7. The Mayan “Temple of the Sun”

The Mayan temple in the jungles of Guatemala, one of the most popular discoveries of 2012, reveals many details about the Mayan civilization, which, unlike the Aztecs and the Incas, was a loose congregation of city-states.


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