Aren’t we all just Livers? Living in the now, while constantly battling the then.

Rocks, plants, minerals, life, & death – all packed into one big mush. One can say that you are a separate event from your death, but that would be wrong if you believe in the Big Bang. The universe started from a single point of immense density and energy. We blew up and we danced a spectacular dance for millennia to come. Also, Livers.

When the big bad world seems too much to take in, look at your liver.

There’s a billion bacteria creating havoc and war, and you choose to not pick sides and simply admire the outcome. Then, why not take action on this ethical dilemma? There’s micro-organisms beating down other micro-organisms.

We don’t, ‘cuz we can’t tell ’em apart with our eyes and ears. We can’t hear their screams, and their war calls – and so we continue living like nothing happened. We’re happy.

Then why start wars in the first space? Any wars.

Wars that live within your mind, and those that exist between countries. Of course, the wars that exist between countries, are only wars initiated by the minds of the few and the actions of the many.

The few being mindful and the many being mindless. Only when we are one, can we realize that we’re all in it together. To gather together and to get there as one. Think, starving baby.

We enjoy our riches but don’t care about the poor. Why or When?

When do we not care about the poor. When we’re at war with ourselves. “What kind of a message am I sending?”, “Is this the right thing to do?“, or “I’ll give him food tomorrow

  • The Poor – “Help! Need money for food”
  • The Poorer- “No. I’m going to think about it.”

The circumvention of a situation by the careful observation of the cognitive procession of the outcomes of decisions being taken with precision. We overthink ourselves out of the things we really want to do in life.

This is neither new age Gooey or military Prickliness. Its a state of affairs, that’s having an affair with logic; while cheating on it with regret. Regret that you could have been happier, and done things that could’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Regret in realizing that everyone is one, just like everyone wants fun.

Fun, play, frolic, and enjoyment. That’s why we’re here. Otherwise, what’s the point of travelling on a giant rock at 2,000 miles/hour going round and round under the influence of the sun and the moon; all the while, going great heights to make a name for ourselves – when our names will only be remembered on holidays, parks benches, walls, and anniversaries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Prickly or Goo. It only matters, that you matter, and so is everything else in this great beautiful thing called the Universe.

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