Clairaudience is a rare psychic ability which very few people possess. Could you be one of them? Below are the signs that you might be clairaudient.

Clairvoyants are known to be able to see into the future, in fact, the word ‘clairvoyance’ is taken from the French word ‘clair,’ which means clear, and voyance, which is vision. There are, however, other ways of intuiting the future that use different senses, for example, clairaudience means clear hearing and is the psychic ability to hear sounds from the spirit world.

So how do you know if you have this ability? Here are ten signs that you might be clairaudient:

1. You have a tendency to talk to yourself

Are you prone to talking to yourself when no one else is around? Do you tend to chatter away while you are performing mundane chores? Do you feel like you are giving a running commentary on your own life at times? Or do you talk to calm yourself down when you’re stressed or to process a problem in your life? Chances are that if you do you could be clairaudient.

2. You prefer to learn by listening rather than reading or watching

Can’t concentrate when asked to read a text? Do you fall asleep when watching films or TV? Do you therefore always tend to listen when you want to commit something to memory? Those who learn well when they are listening rather than using any other of their senses could have clairaudience.

3. You hate sudden or loud noises

If loud noises make you jump out of your skin, or you cannot stand loud gatherings then you are probably quite a sensitive person anyway, but this is also a sign of clairaudience. Do you find that you tire easily when you are around loud people, or it makes you uncharacteristically irritable? Do you find you get frequent headaches and you crave quiet times? If you recognise any of these symptoms, you could have psychic hearing.

4. You crave time alone and need quiet periods to recharge yourself

If you are clairaudient, it is imperative that you take time out to have quiet moments alone. Too much noise is detrimental to your overall health and well-being. Quiet times are usually when you receive messages or thoughts from the spirit world, so having quiet periods is important otherwise you might miss important information.

4. You frequently hear ringing or buzzing in the ears

Do you sometimes hear a high-pitched tone when you are just about to go to sleep? Or is there a frequent ringing in your ears? Those that recognise the fact that they are clairaudient are able to control these sounds and can even ask the spirits to ‘tone it down a little’ if it gets too loud.

5. You hear whispers or talking in the distance

Hearing whispering or talking in the distance when you know that there is no one around is a sign that the spirits are trying to get in contact with you.

If you get this kind of phenomena quite frequently but cannot make out what the whispers mean or what the talking is about, you can ask your spirits to speak up to get the message across, or quieten down if you need peace and quiet.

6. You hear messages from the TV or radio that were delivered personally for you

If you hear something on the TV or radio that sounds like it was delivered just for you at an important time in your life, then chances are this is your spirit guide getting in touch.

It could be that a storyline in a soap is mimicking your life or that a word keeps popping up into your subconscious. Take note if this keeps happening because it is not a coincidence.

7. Music is important to you and can move your soul

Do you feel music right in your gut, in the depths of your soul? Can music really move you and leave you feeling euphoric and energised? Do you tend to stick on your favourite tracks when you need inspiration? These are all signs of a clairaudient personality.

This is especially true if you can play music simply by listening or you write music yourself by hearing the melody first, before writing it down.

8. You’ve always been described as a good listener

Are you the friend that people always go to if they need advice or counselling? Are you the agony aunt of your family or circle of friends? Do you feel compelled to offer advice and do others say that you should charge for your services? Do you prefer to always let the other person talk and you do the majority of the listening? These are all signs of clairaudience.

9. You can hear voices in your own mind that offer advice

If you often hear voices in your mind that are giving you advice that turns out to be helpful, then try to pay more attention as this is a sign that you are a natural clairaudient.

10. You hear things that others cannot

Do you find that buildings or other such structures have an audible noise or hum associated with them? Has your hearing always been exceptional and do you rely on it more than your other senses? Instead of trying to see something is the distance, would you naturally turn your head to point your ears in that direction to hear what it is instead? Those that rely heavily on their hearing abilities are much more likely to be clairaudient.

If you have several of these signs of clairaudience and you were not aware of your gift, you could try and perfect it by paying special attention to any auditory clues that you come across in your life from now on.



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