Clairaudience is a rare psychic ability that very few people are said to possess. In this article, we will discuss this ability and the signs of those who are believed to be clairaudient.

Psychic powers are a controversial topic as there is no evidence that they are real. Phenomena of this kind are more based on belief rather than reality. Today, we will talk about clairaudience, which many people believe exists.

Clairvoyants are said to be able to see into the future, in fact, the word ‘clairvoyance’ is taken from the French word ‘clair,’ which means clear, and voyance, which is vision. According to psychics, there are, however, other ways of intuiting the future that use different senses, for example, clairaudience means clear hearing and is the psychic ability to hear sounds from the spirit world.

So what are the said characteristics of this ability, according to psychics? Here are ten signs of the people who are believed to be clairaudient:

1. A tendency to talk to yourself

Are you prone to talking to yourself when no one else is around? Do you tend to chatter away while you are performing mundane chores? Do you feel like you are giving a running commentary on your own life at times? Or do you talk to calm yourself down when you’re stressed or to process a problem in your life? According to psychics, all these traits are suggestive that someone might be clairaudient.

2. Preference towards learning by listening rather than reading or watching

Can’t concentrate when asked to read a text? Do you fall asleep when watching films or TV? Do you therefore always tend to listen when you want to commit something to memory? Those who learn well when they are listening rather than using any other of their senses are said to have a tendency towards clairaudience.

3. Dislike of sudden or loud noises

If loud noises make you jump out of your skin, or you cannot stand loud gatherings, then you are probably quite a sensitive person anyway, but some people believe that this might also be a sign of clairaudience.

Do you find that you tire easily when you are around loud people, or it makes you uncharacteristically irritable? Do you find you get frequent headaches and you crave quiet times? If you recognise any of these symptoms, you could have psychic hearing.

4. Need for alone time and quiet periods to recharge

Those who are believed to be clairaudient need to take time out to have quiet moments alone. Too much noise is detrimental to their overall health and well-being. Psychics claim that quiet times are usually when they receive messages or thoughts from the spirit world, so having quiet periods is important. Otherwise, they might miss important information.

4. Frequent ringing or buzzing in the ears

Do you sometimes hear a high-pitched tone when you are just about to go to sleep? Or is there a frequent ringing in your ears? Those who believe that they are clairaudient claim to be able to control these sounds and can even ask the spirits to ‘tone it down a little’ if it gets too loud.

5. Whispers or talking in the distance

According to psychics, hearing whispering or talking in the distance when you know that there is no one around could be a sign that the spirits are trying to get in contact with you.

Psychics suggest that if you get this kind of phenomena quite frequently but cannot make out what the whispers mean or what the talking is about, you can ask your spirits to speak up to get the message across or quieten down if you need peace and quiet.

6. Personalized messages from the TV or radio

If you hear something on the TV or radio that sounds like it was delivered just for you at an important time in your life, then chances are this is your spirit guide getting in touch, psychics claim.

It could be that a storyline in a soap is mimicking your life or that a word keeps popping up into your subconscious. Take note if this keeps happening because it is not a coincidence, they suggest.

7. Music is important

Do you feel music right in your gut, in the depths of your soul? Can music really move you and leave you feeling euphoric and energised? Do you tend to stick on your favourite tracks when you need inspiration? These all are said to be the signs of a clairaudient personality.

This is especially so if you can play music simply by listening or you write music yourself by hearing the melody first, before writing it down.

8. Being a good listener

Are you the friend that people always go to if they need advice or counselling? Are you the agony aunt of your family or circle of friends? Do you feel compelled to offer advice and do others say that you should charge for your services? Do you prefer to always let the other person talk and you do the majority of the listening? These traits are believed to be the signs of clairaudience.

9. Voices in one’s own mind that offer advice

If you often hear voices in your mind that are giving you advice that turns out to be helpful, then try to pay more attention as this is said to be a sign that you might be a natural clairaudient.

10. Hearing things that others cannot

Do you find that buildings or other such structures have an audible noise or hum associated with them? Has your hearing always been exceptional and do you rely on it more than your other senses? Instead of trying to see something in the distance, would you naturally turn your head to point your ears in that direction to hear what it is instead?

Psychics claim that those that rely heavily on their hearing abilities tend to be much more likely to be clairaudient.

All of the above are the said characteristics of being clairaudient.

Some of you may have identified with these signs of clairaudience and are now thinking that you have a special gift. Do you? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. According to psychics, you could try and perfect it by paying special attention to any auditory clues that you come across in your life from now on.

However, keep in mind that there is no solid evidence that abilities such as clairaudience indeed exist. Moreover, hearing voices could also be a sign of mental illness such as schizophrenia.

The bottom line is that it’s always wise to keep an open mind, which means that you should neither blindly accept the reality of psychic phenomena nor totally deny it. After all, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.



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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Angela

    I know that I’m a clairvoyant. But this article doesn’t tell me anything about further information, such as how to further develop the ability or recommending books/articles to read.

    1. Angela

      I’m also clairudince and couple more.

  2. Annie

    I have heard whispers and voices since I was about 8 and stick my fingers in my ears to block it out and all the questions above I can relate to I would like to investigate but don’t know how

  3. Abdur-rahman

    You have a tendency to talk to yourself. i always talk to myself effortlessly
    You hate sudden or loud noises. my colleagues sometimes talk loud on phone or roar loud when stretching
    You crave time alone and need quiet periods to recharge yourself 90% of the time i’m alone and i like it
    You frequently hear ringing or buzzing in the ears. not frequently , rarely i even heard some of my siblings say that
    You hear whispers or talking in the distance. this happened few times in my lifetime. happens a lot if i don’t sleep when i’m super sleepy

  4. Kateřina Černoušková

    Beware, 5 and 6 might actually be a sign of schizophrenia. 😛

  5. Aashiesh Agarwaal

    Clairaudience is truly a gift. It is very different from merely hearing voices in the head. While hearing sounds and voices from the astral plane is possible in three conditions, clairaudience is only one of them.
    A clairaudient can also have the gifts of clairvoyance and clairscentience. It is certainly not just any voice in the head that makes you a clairaudient.

  6. Zel

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience to mine. I do have some signs such as having a wise “self” in my mind or having had PLENTY of imaginary friends as a kid but I have some signs contrary to needing silence. I hate silence. Silence drives me crazy. The thing that’s somewhat troubling to me is that for a short time when I was a teenager and now, I’ve been hearing the voice of a mature lady calling my name. Now another is added too, a young lady who tends to call my name in a more whisper-ish manner. How I hear it is not scary but when realizing that there’s no one near me to call my name, that makes it … kinda worrying. More specifically I’m worried about schizophrenia. The two voices call my name and that’s it. Nothing preceeding or followed by it. Considering that I’m not young I keep worrying that if I was clairaudient I should’ve known it by now. Also recently my loved one has passed and she happens to be a cat. I’ve been begging to receive any signs of her but there isn’t any humans I’d like to talk to so … that can’t be her calling my name, right?!

  7. Erica

    @Kateřina Černoušková
    Get out of here.

  8. Carolyn D'Orazio

    Just after my father died, I heard my name being called (in my right ear) and also had dreams where he was trying to communicate with me. I always thought it was him.
    When I moved to my new townhouse one year ago, my cat ran away and was gone for nine days. I had frantically been searching for him. One early morning when I got up at 5:30 to go to washroom, looked outside again for my cat and lay back down in bed, I heard a voice in my right ear clearly say:: “Look again, you are not looking long enough.” I got up, looked out the window again and not two minutes had passed until I saw my cat walk across the deck! Went downstairs and brought him inside.

  9. Shari

    I guess I have always been a Clairaudience, sometime it drives me crazy, like I need some help with understanding what the words I hear. The last message was “The Spiritor” it was loud and almost accusing. I have no Idea what it means, if anyone does please email me Please I would greatly appreciate your help!

    1. Shari

      hi my name is also Shari and I heard the same thing it has been a while and I’m still searching for what it means as well

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