Spirit guides are beings of light and energy assigned to guide us through life.

They help us to fulfill the sacred contract we made with ourselves before we were born. We may have chosen guides before we incarnated to help with specific areas in which we needed guidance. When it’s time for your guides to help, they tune into your energy and guide you fulfill your earthly mission.

However, if we have become closed to the idea of spiritual guidance, our guides may struggle to contact us. For this reason, they have to work hard to attract our attention.

Here are five ways your spirit guides might be trying to contact you:

1. Meaningful coincidences

Many years ago, I was reading a writing magazine that listed the ten best books for new writers. I felt drawn to one title that was out of print and, as this was before the days of used book sites such as Amazon, I gave up on the idea of ever finding a copy.

The next day, as I drove to my local shops, I asked the universe to let me know whether becoming a writer was the right path for me. When I arrived, I felt drawn to go in an Oxfam charity shop. Walking to the book section, I saw, precisely at my eye-level, a copy of the exact book I wanted.

When your spirit guides are trying to guide you, you may find many strange ‘coincidences’ like this happening in your life. This is a sign that your guides are trying to draw something to your attention. Take notice of coincidences in your life so you can begin to understand the guidance your spiritual guides are offering.

2. Significant objects

Often, your spirit guides will guide you by placing objects in your path that have significance to your journey. If you ask for evidence of your guides’ presence, you may be rewarded with coins on the path or white feathers floating down from the sky to land at your feet.

I walk in woodland near my home every day and often experience signs and signals in this peaceful, natural place. On one of these walks, I noticed some glass glinting in the dirt beneath my feet. I scraped away the dirt with a stick and discovered an old ink bottle.

To me, this was a sign that I should continue my journey towards becoming a writer. I have also found feathers, stones with holes through the center, glass marbles, and plaster models of animals. These little gifts from my spirit guides encourage me on my journey.

3. Vivid dreams or visions

Our spirit guides often visit us in dreams and visions. When we are asleep, half asleep or meditating, the busy part of our mind becomes quiet and allows the voices of our guides to be heard.

It is well worth keeping a dream diary by your bed or meditation spot to note down dreams for analysis later. Don’t use a dream dictionary when analyzing your dreams. Instead, think about what the events in the dream mean to you and how they relate to your life circumstances.

I once had a dream that I lost my much-loved rescue dog for many days. In the dream, I stood on a clifftop and cried out in anguish, calling his name three times. I then found him in a terrible state: skin and bone and with sores all over his body.

To me, this dream showed that there was a part of my soul that I had lost or neglected and that I needed to take better care of. The number three is significant in spirituality and in calling that part of my soul back three times I was enacting a soul retrieval.

4. Sensing a presence

Often our spirit guides are present with us but we don’t see them. Babies, young children and pets, who have not been taught to disregard these signs, often see them when we don’t. If you see a baby or a pet staring intently, they may be watching your spirit guide.

When you stay open and present, you begin to notice signs of your guide’s presence. You might notice shadows out of the corner of your eyes, sudden pleasant scents, a significant song playing or just a sense of deep peace.

You might also see lights, colors, or orbs or hear a high-pitched tune in your ears when there are spirit guides present. Or you may just catch a noise that sounds like someone calling your name.

5. Words and numbers

Your spirit guides might try to offer you guidance through words or numbers. If you regularly see certain numbers such as 333 or 777 or notice that you often look at a clock at exactly 11:11, these might be signs that your guides are trying to contact you.

The number three is a deeply spiritual number so things that happen in threes, like me calling my dogs name three times in the dream I mentioned earlier, often have huge significance.

Your guides might also contact you through words. If you ever read a line from a poem, a passage from a book or hear a lyric in a song that makes you feel strong emotions, listen carefully to see what guidance they are offering.

You may also have a strong desire to write or journal and, when you do, it may feel like the words are coming to you from somewhere other than your own mind. Pay attention to the words and see what they might be trying to tell you about your life and path.

If you feel like your spirit guides are trying to contact you, or you want to be open to the presence of spiritual guidance in your life, you need to quiet the rational mind and tune into a more intuitive way of being. You can do this by spending quiet time in nature, meditation or prayer.

It is important to remain open-minded. We often close our minds to these wonders having been encouraged to view our world in a rational way only. When we do, we shut down the opportunities for our guides to support and encourage us on our life’s journey.

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  1. Paul

    Spirit Guides do not exist. After years of trying this stuff and getting no where I know this is a fact they are not real

  2. Dawnclaude

    spoiler alert 🙂 Spirit Guides does exists. Your problem is your incarnation. If you have a different incarnation for example without any paranormal activity you will have no choice to live without it.
    But there millions and…. millions people who have this contact.
    Do you really think they dont exists in this case only because of your experience? Its soooo easy for spirit guides to block them. And its sooo easy to get a first contact if you have an incarnation in this way.
    That is the incarnation plan. And my plan is to live with the spirit guides everyday and a lot of stuff in this case but Im also a chief of a company, so its a special and a bit paranormal plan.
    However if you hear melodies in your head that is also a spirit guide, or when you close the eyes and see pictures. The funny thing that are also pictures of spirit guides. After death you will see and understand that we are only energy souls with an energy body and everyday damn day the spirit guides worked with you (every SECOND!!!) because they simulate your material body.

  3. Toni Reed

    What do you mean by, “[T]hey simulate your material body”?

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