Many people see the number 11:11 often when they look at the clock. What does 11:11 mean and what should we do if this happens to us?

Many people believe that seeing a specific number, or repeated numbers, often is a sign from the universe. It doesn’t necessarily need to be seeing the number 11:11 on the digital clock. It could be any number, or repeated number, in any situation, such as on license plates, phone numbers, or your bank statement. So, what does 11:11 mean?

Some people suggest that seeing repeated numbers is just a coincidence. However, many of us go through periods when we see such repeated numbers numerous times a day. This seems like more than just a chance occurrence. In fact, many people believe that seeing number sequences is an important message from angels or spirit guides and thus, call them ‘angel numbers’.

Humans have always paid special significance to numbers. For many, the number 7 is lucky, while some believe the number 13 to be unlucky and others consider it a good omen.

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras introduced the idea that all numbers have different vibrational properties. From these ideas, the practice of numerology was developed.

What does 11:11 mean in numerology?

Numerology is a system of divination. It suggests that numbers have unique meanings derived from mathematical principles and vibrational properties. These numbers can be used to predict certain events or to pass on certain information. For example, you can use the numbers that make up your birth date to find your particular number, which, similar to a star sign, can predict certain things about you and your life.

The number 1 itself signifies creation and manifestation and is a powerful number of pure potential. It signifies that you are about to create or manifest something into your life. In addition, the number 11 is a ‘master number,’ which points to a state of intuition, insight, and enlightenment.

If you see the number 11:11 often, it is a sign that you are becoming more aware and enlightened.

So, what does 11:11 mean for you?

Seeing 11:11 everywhere may mean the universe is trying to draw your attention to something, to guide you and make you more aware. It can be seen as a recognition that you are on the right path in life.

Other people suggest that angel number 1111 means that your spirit guides or guardian angels are trying to contact you. Signs such as this are ways that spirits can use to get through to us on the physical plane.

Seeing 11:11 can also be seen as a sign that you are becoming more connected to the spirit world. Repeating numbers may indicate that a door into the spirit world is opening up to you. It can be calling you to step through this door and embrace spiritual guidance more wholeheartedly than you ever have before.

When you see 11:11 often, you are in a position to manifest powerfully. Be aware of your negative thoughts and feelings so you don’t manifest what you don’t want!

In order to make the most of this energetic ‘doorway,’ you might like to adopt one or more of the following practices in order to discover what 11:11 might mean for you:

1. Journal

Every time you see this number, write down what you were thinking and doing and how you were feeling. If it’s a wake up call and the universe is trying to draw your attention to something, these thoughts could give you an insight into what you should be focusing on. Journaling in general about significant thoughts and spiritual experiences can help you gain clarity and piece together what the universe is guiding you towards.

2. Pray

Some people say you should make a wish when you see the numbers 11:11. While you can do this, it is often more useful to thank the universe or spirit world and ask for further guidance and clarification. This will help you to develop a deeper understanding of what you truly want to manifest in your life and what you have been called to this plane to achieve.

3. Contact your spirit guides

If you have spirit guides, contact them for further advice. If you have yet to meet your spirit guides, then it might be time to connect. They are calling you to meet with them for divine guidance.

4. Be open to new opportunities

When you see the number 11:11 often, you are being called to open up to new opportunities. Stay open and receptive to new ideas. If there is something that has been calling to you that you have been ignoring, now might be the time to investigate it further.

Allow yourself to stay open-minded. We often dismiss valuable insights because they seem irrational or woo-woo. But we have nothing to lose by digging a little deeper.

5. Meditate

When you see these numbers, stop for a moment and meditate on what they mean to you. Meditation quiets the busy mind chatter and allows new insights and ways of thinking to enter.

6. Look for more signs

If the universe or spirit world is trying to contact you, it may do so in many ways. Pay attention and look for other synchronicities. Make a note of your dreams and also of any other number patterns you see. Keep a journal of information about this so you can see if a pattern of guidance is emerging. This will help you better understand the messages you are receiving.

7. Ask a spiritual advisor

The above practices offer general guidelines, however, a spiritual adviser will be better placed to determine what the meaning of 11:11 is for you. You might also like to consult a numerologist for more information and a reading based on your birth date.

Have you seen repetitive numbers recently? What does 11:11 mean to you? Please share it with us below!



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