When we feel attracted to somebody or enter a relationship, we tend to believe that we have met our true love, the soulmate, the twin. However, there are 7 distinguishable twin flame stages that will help you identify the life-changing relationship.

First of all, it is important to define the connection of Twin Souls. This connection is actually an energy bond above all. Twin Souls have the same energy component as their vibrational frequency is exactly the same.

It is believed that originally, the two souls are part of the same sphere of pure energy. After the sphere was divided into two, the two souls were separated for thousands of years, and they took a bit from the energy of others with whom they interacted in every life.

Thus, there are several twin flame stages the two souls should go through in order to reunite again.

Nowadays, we are noticing more and more twin souls relationships as their mission is to reunite and become examples of unconditional love. They are meant to live a healthy and abundant life and, at the same time, help humanity by increasing positive vibrations and create a New Earth based on values, virtues, and love.

But in order to reach the Union, each soul needs to evolve and leave behind the whole accumulated baggage of the thousands of lives and reach the same pure energy that they both had at the beginning. This is where the seven different twin flame stages come into play.

Desiring Each Other

Long before twin souls physically meet one another, they sense each other. They intuitively know that their better half is somewhere in the world. They can feel each other’s vibrations, they may even telepathically communicate and sense each other’s unhappiness or personality traits.

Recognition or the “Wake-up Phase”

Both recognize each other and experience a soulful connection. They feel as if they have met before. Synchronicity events take place in order to create the union, and this when the heart chakra opens, so both souls can merge into third unified energy.

Both souls experience an acceleration of spiritual understanding. Every thought or emotion is well understood without requiring much communication.


Spiritual awakening temporarily disappears and the ego reinstalls. One or both of the souls try to bring the relationship into the “old model” of love, where the desires of the ego and false beliefs are highlighted. This is when Internal conflicts occur.

The souls attempt to guide one another to what they have been taught to believe as being the true definition of love. As such, they will try to shape or change one another, while they both feel at the same time inspired and overthrown by the power of the union.

Doubts begin to appear, making one or both of them see the dear one in a critical and suspicious way.

The purpose of this phase is to bring to the surface old believes, perhaps learned over time, in order to be eliminated. This way, the twin souls can regain their pure, initial energy.


The third one of the twin flame stages is defined by a crisis. It is the phase where they reject egotistical beliefs about love or relationships. Having to give up on the ego or the false identity based on desires and beliefs in order to embrace a higher experience of love can lead to stubbornness and anxiety.

Fear can take the lead by triggering many common dysfunctional emotions.

Despite contradictory perceptions, this phase could be considered a ritual that will cement the existing love and create high levels of consciousness in the energy of the two flames.

Fugitive Thoughts

The accumulated tension between the twin souls can either be beneficial and strengthen the union or can backfire and tear them apart for a while.

This is the twin flame stage where frustrations may appear and a strong desire of ending the union. Perhaps temporary separations or silence may be experienced in order to contemplate the meaning of the union and its chances of survival.

The success of the union is based on the emotional maturity of the involved parties. If one of the partners may still need time to evolve, it may be that rupture of the union will occur, so s/he can then return.


At this stage, the twin souls surrender their wishes and desires into the hands of Divinity, with full trust and faith that their union will remain strong. They also realize their mistakes and see their ego as the main obstacle in the path of their complete happiness.

Consequently, they openly discuss their plans and wounds, as they wish to work out through their differences. Therefore, the frequency of compassion returns and remains.

Two Become One

In this stage, the ego dies, and the divine force takes control, leading to a complete spiritual awakening. This is the stage where the twin souls radiate divine love, instead of mere romantic love.

The partners fully abandon their emotions, mind, and spirit in the hands of divinity and subsequently, reach soulful maturity. New creative and healing abilities are being developed, such as forgiveness, flexibility, complicity, passion, and patience.

After all the seven twin flame stages, the two souls being to think and act like one.

Are you one of the lucky souls who has met their twin? If so, please share with us your experience with twin flame stages, and let’s help others identify their soulmate.


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  1. Deb Olsen

    I had a twin flame ,we were connected from 1975 but together/ married 1998 – 12-27-2015 . our connection was killed when hospital drugged him changed him from loving truthful good person to mean hateful ahole.have not had any contact since12-5-2016. I miss what we had but feel nothing from him . will it come back?

    1. Andreea Vaduva

      Hello Deb, I am sorry to hear your loss and I can only imagine the feeling of emptiness you might feel now that the spiritual connection is gone. Soulmates can either come to our lives to teach us a lesson or they stay with us until the end. Time will tell if it will come back, but regardless of that do not lose hope.

    2. kev

      ill tell you straight and truthfully, clearly NOT your twin flame, move on. everything is an experience and a lesson to prepare you for the next stage in life. what you think is terrible, is merely a very earthly human perception, and not a Godly or spiritual perception.. for example I think I am with my twin, and dont dare say i know, even though my intuition is spot on. Its because if I was, the relationship can be VERY confusing best of times. but beneath all the Ego stuff the things we expect out twin to be. theres a strange feeling of still being connected to this person and in your deep desire you want anything but them to leave, but at the same time, If she ever said she was leaving, Id tell her ok, i accept Go, because if we stay and youre unhappy then go. the amount of times shes said shes leaving and i said im leaving and that I want her to go…. just cant seem to get rid of her hahahahahaha

  2. Sean Oberholster

    I believe I may have met my twin flame at a party. Felt like a movie. I was on the dance floor with a friend, busy looking through the crowd taking in the site of all the people having a great time, and then I locked eyes with her across the dance floor and that feeling I felt is like nothing I have ever felt before. I had this intense surge of energy which literally took my breath away. I struggled to breath, had to go outside for fresh air and that’s when I realized she felt the same thing or something very similar because she too came outside but she was looking for me. I was not in a great place at that point in my life, and I then my biggest regret happened. I froze, I got shy, scared and had frozen feet, let alone cold feet. I know I should have said something to her but I had the biggest cowardice moment of my life and I am still hoping I will get another chance to fix my mistake by bumping into her again and actually having the courage to say anything. Moral of the story……. moments like that can be very rare, it doesn’t happen to everyone and some people only get one shot. It’s been about 4 or 5 years since I had my experience. I’m still hoping to get a second chance so I can stop kicking myself about my biggest mistake and regret so far in life.

    1. Andreea Vaduva

      Hello Sean, indeed some experiences are unique and unmatchable. However, people tend to make a confusion between infatuation and spiritual connection. They are both very intense and difficult to tell which one is what. From a personal experience, twin flames connect and their bond lasts for a long period of time. Whether forever or for a period of time until we learn something about ourselves or the world.
      I do believe that you still have to meet your twin flame whose presence will stay longer in your life than a few moments.Good luck!

      1. Sean

        Hi Andreea, thank you for the reply. That presence would have last longer if had I had acted on it. I believe that experience was maybe more of a lesson to act upon the events that make me feel the way I felt in that moment and to find the courage to act upon it as opposed to feeling those feelings and then not doing. I’ve read that we should seek out the moments that make us feel the way I felt in that moment as that feeling, that vibe I got was something that resonated with my own soul, hence the intense energy I felt. Is that now wrong, to try and seek out moments like that? Is it better to wait for those moments to find you?

      2. Raquenda Fludd

        I am for certain I have met my twin flame, we met in 2007 it was like I always felt like I knew him already, 2011 we had our fallout but were still spiritually connected no matter the distance we always kept in touch it was like we can always feel eachother. 2018 we reunited and we decided to be husband and wife after being friends for so long. We had to go through insecurities, hurt, pain,forgiving, all that to know that us being together was written in stone. We are designed for each other I can feel him always. Right now we are a apart but yet so close I can feel him every step of the way. I remember like yesterday when I doubted us ever being together, but I always knew that I would always be by his side that’s where I belonged I just couldn’t see what I see today. I look forward to this beautiful amazing journey of love it will only get greater.

    2. Claire

      Hello Sean,
      I don’t know if you met your twin flame or not at the time, but may I give you an advice?
      I know it’s hard to open up to people, especially when you’ve been hurt in the past (believe me I totally understand you), but is it to much trying to contact her directly instead of hoping to meet her randomly somewhere? I mean, you are expecting a different outcomes in response to the same action you’ve been enacting during these 5 years…
      Believe me, once you’ll do it, you feel free from regret and sadness, because at least you tried.
      I did the same with the person I thought was my twin flame or significant one… we met, I felt home and already acquainted with him from first time, fallen in love with him, and then he humiliated me (even though with time I realise that I let him doing it) to the deepest and broke me… then it started the sorrow phase, then he started appearing and disappeared till last year, he came very very close, he didn’t spoke a word while starring at me (I suppose he expected from me to approach him and starting conversation, whereas at the time I was expected at least an apologie for what he “did”).
      A week later I put my pride or ego aside and texted him if he needed to talk with me, at which he’s never replied. Waste of time. End of the story.
      This ain’t a happy ending love story, but at least I know that was unrequited love.
      I mean when I’ll be old I will not regret or dwell in those thoughts like: what if I tried, what if I told him and so on, because even if I could ending up being rejected, well at least I TRIED.
      So dear, I hope you’ll find one day the courage to express your feelings to that person, because being in love with yourself and with another people it’s just the most amazing thing it will happen to you in this lifetime… so be BRAVE! I wish you all the best.

  3. Betty Phillips

    I met my soul mate in 1975 . I had graduated from high school in Brown County Indiana. My parents were living in Indianapolis. Because my dad had an appliance business. My sister was a newspaper delivery girl. I went with her to collect the money from her clients. That’s when I first saw him. We started dating later that year. We got married in February of 1977. But we got divorced in April 1983. Every since. We have run into each other over the years. My mom had told me that, me and him were soul mates. But I just kinda brush it off. But she’s right. Because I haven’t been happy with anyone else. I have been in several relationships. None of them have lasted very long. And the same for him. I’m currently married to my 3rd husband. Whom of which I am separated from now. My first husband was my soul mate. He’s been on my mind extremely strong. To the point, I can feel him. I get really nervous, anxious, and jittery. Every time I have those feelings. He shows up.

  4. Ann

    I am in a twin flame relationship and working toward union. It is a very, very challenging spiritual connection. Please consult Marla Kelly of Twinstrology, Cassady Cayne of Twin Flames 1111, Karen Burness of Twin Flame Psychic 1111, Sonya Evans of 10 of Cups Ministries or Sabriye Dubre from Gangsta Goddesses for accurate information on this journey. This is much different and infinitely more complicated than a soulmate connection. Thank you.

  5. Karen

    I met my twin when I was 17 . He walked into the nightclub and I turned to my friend and said “it’s him” I was so in love and our chemistry was so intense , we hung out for a few years , we both had suck complicated lives . Seemed we were an unspoken oasis,
    We went our separate ways and then reconnected some 30 years later.. It’s a bumpy ride but I just know , there will never be anyone who I have such a deep connection with.. I’m learning so much and hopefully evolving , I have had to put my boundaries up for now as I would rather wait until we can be equal in each other’s lives.. we need this separation in order to heal and be open enough for what will come. We are so powerful , loving and fun together, we both have so much past hurt . This is so hard and think everyday about my twin.. here I am sat on my hands, waiting for my love to fully come for me.. in the meantime , I continue to peel back my layers , learn , love , evolve.. I’m at the “please God, arch angel Michael , Arc angel Gabrielle , Saint Mary I give our love to you , trust you will work your divine magic over myself and my twin and bring us together so we can be stronger lightworkers and keep sharing heaven on Earth ❤️🙏🏾

  6. Cassilissa

    I have recently found my twin flame, it started as a regular relationship but we were convinced we have met before (in this life and others) we are closely connected.
    We went through some (minor compared to past relationships) issues and miss communications, but we are honest with each other and talk through things.
    As time has passed our connection has only got stronger and more intense, not calmed down.
    We feel like a part of us is missing when we are apart and meeting after a few days apart is so intense energy wise we can’t talk for several minutes.
    This relationship doesn’t compare to anything I have ever experienced and I am sure I have found my twin ♥️

  7. Tenzin808

    I think sometimes the most beautiful things and people have come to me when I stopped trying to find or label things but to just be fully there and not wanting something to happen because then my perspective changes and it makes me believe things that are not true. I think if a twin flame is a flame and you meet them you just simply know if there is a doubt it could be that he is not or maybe your egoic stories or fears are clouding your pure intuition. Either way a twin flame or any type of important relationship isn’t there to complete you or take that deep sadness of not feeling whole away it is there to amplify you. To amplify your spiritual energy but also shed light and expose your conditioning and beliefs that Hold you back. All so you can be on your journey to realize you are whole and complete and always part of th greater one-ness. And twin flame or not if you open your eyes and mind and heart and soul more, those same type of spiritual practices can occur with everyday people in your lives. That is what I believe from my own experiences, they definitely don’t have to be the only truths but these are my best truths I’ve found so far. I hope they may be helpful if not thats ok too, it just means you have your own truths to find do your own exploring and testing.

  8. Marguerite

    This site sounds more elaborate and realistic than some of the Twin Flame stages I have read recently online trying
    to get some input about my current experiences.Twin Flames definitely are no party and it hurts like hell, to experience all this. Though I feel most connected with my Twin at night. I think this is mainly because I have always been an night owl, and because, there seems to be a “soulful connection” I am able to pick up on that is twice as strong at night than it is during the day. Meditating also comes easier.
    Many may comment after this, reassuring me that I have indeed “not” have met my twin yet in any realm or that I am not “Merged” completely with them because well, we have not met in the physical yet. The problem is, that I know this person is and always have, except, their identity has only come to light to me just in the last year or so. I have mistaken them for a guardian angel when I was much younger before my teenage years, and then just recently, I felt a heavy transformation that is still happening, but really started almost three years ago and came on strong. When everything was quieting down, I felt my heart chakra opening up, and my whole body was going into this sort of “soul gasm” sort of frequency, something I could not put my finger on, but I have not felt since well forever, but I knew was familiar. Then, about 2 weeks later, I felt a massive “shift” and he came around to my town, and I could feel he was close, but I did not get the chance to “reunite” in the flesh for the first time yet. I know what he looks like as I have seen his indentity in my dreams for many years. As we were close to meeting we never did. Is there a reason for this? I know I was not completely in the best zone nor situation in my life, which gave me a whole lot of unwanted “fear” and I am wondering if this is the prime reason we never got to meet yet? Is he not ready yet either? I know it is him because of that intuitive “knowing” the peace I feel when I just think of him, and the flashes I continue to have spontaneously of us having these discussions that only lasta few seconds at a time, but are so real I can touch them and breathe them. Undeniable feeling of knowing. <3

  9. Galadriel_indu

    I did meet my soulmate.. I wholeheartedly believed it and still do so.. unconditional affection, inspiring you to be a better person, seeking enlightenment together, communication understood without much words. Now I doubt if the other person considered so, as the fugitive thoughts have taken over and are being apart now.. how even one row has set things apart.. I guess we are in our own phase of emotional maturity though both are sure emotionally mature individually.. this phase has its own imbalances and thoughts to let the soul free and find its path to light with hope to reunite.

  10. ND

    Hi, I’ve never been the one to comment on things like these but thought why not, let’s try it out. Well, I accidentally literally bumped into the person I now believe is my twin flame. Weirdest thing ever because it felt as if I had already knew her. It was just a feeling that I got. Well, we lasted for about a year, it was a good relationship up until I went back into school, which made me go part time for work, which slowed alot of our future plans down. That’s when we split. It wasn’t even an agreement, we had one small disagreement, she left for work and didn’t come back. We did talk, she wanted time to think, and then we eventually split. When things get tough for her, she gets overwhelmed and she runs. Plus, she was also dealing with her own things as well. Anyways, 2 months after we split she popped up just to see me. She told me she doesn’t know why but its hard to forget me, as likewise for me. She left again and 2 months later she came around again. I gave in and we got touchy and after that she disappeared again. It’s been some months now since I’ve heard from her but there’s not a day that goes by without having her on my mind or even these weird feelings. It’s more like an intuition, it’s quite hard to describe but I’ll try my best. It’s as if I can sense her, feel her. Sometimes, I can feel shes not ok. Til this day, I try to forget her, not sense her and move on with my day. I try to focus on my classes and still, she manages to make her way to me. It’s so frustrating and the weird thing is that I’ve never been like this before with anyone else. Not my ex whom I’ve been with for 5 yrs, not anyone, and here I am with someone I’ve been with for 1 year. 1 year! Also, I deactivated all of my social medias, Facebook, Instagram, more so I can focus on my classes but also to avoid her. Out of sight out of mind or so I thought. Even today she still has my sister n law on the Facebook and my best friend on her snap and Facebook. Now, I still have some people from my ex of 5 yrs on my Facebook but common sense. The way things ended were not on a good note. Therefore, you wouldn’t still have my family member or best friend on your social media. To back up a bit to when she came around after 2 months from the break up, she did ask questions as to why I’m not on social media because she’s been looking for me. Also, she’s stated that she has seen pictures of me in class and was trying to locate my school I guess from the logo that was on my shirt. Stalker much, but I dig it. Lol. So to me, she has them on there to see what I’m doing if they ever were to post any pictures up of me. Just yesterday I went to get some breakfast at a spot where we used to go. I figured it’ll be ok, until I entered the area and the restaurant. I was overwhelmed by a strong sense. I became nervous and shaky, it was like a whirlwind…in my body. Crazy. The feeling was just so strong, it drained me a bit.
    Anyways, I didn’t know anything about twin flames until my friend told me so and so here I am writing to you.

  11. Shanti

    Will this ever get any better or easier?
    Me and my twin are at this stage in our relationship where stuff from our past keeps popping up and we have to work through that together. And we do and we get stronger every step of the way.
    It feels like we take two steps forward and one step back.
    I’m trying to find some strenght in this post. I want to believe we will make it and we will come to this place of surrender.

    1. Adam

      I know what you’re going through. Been there. It is a rough time and a lot of things are said and a lot of feelings get hurt. Talk to each other. Try everything you can to get to the bottom of each of your insecurities. Don’t make the same mistake I did and not let things out. That will ruin both of you. I lost my twin flame because I held onto things and just couldn’t let go. It is a hard time but if you two can completely be honest and get everything out in the open it will make everything else between you even stronger. Best of luck and I hope you get through it better then I did. You don’t want to lose what you have. It is truly remarkable.

  12. Shannon

    I think I have met my twin flame. The first time he kissed me, I literally felt a flame in my heart. I described it as a pilot light. He is twenty-seven years younger than myself and this is a source of crisis for us. Also, his family is very dysfunctional and controlling. He has been pushing and pulling me back and forth for three months. I know I need to give him time. The initial heartache at his tendency to pull me towards him and then run is becoming less as I understand that he needs time to grow. He is twenty-one and I forty-eight. I feel our age difference is a blessing. He has youth and energy while I am experienced in life and love. I do not look my age, by the way! We are both dancers and in excellent shape. We both care about the world and want to make positive change in it. All the stages and “symptoms” of twin flame love are there! It is amazing to read these articles and understand what is happening. It is precisely the stages described. I know he and I will do wonderful things in the world together and experience a love that is amazing. I just don’t know when. I am facing the loss of my father and am afraid that if he continues to push me away, I will have a difficult time trusting and returning to him in my pain and sorrow. This would be a shame. In my life, I have known many loves and even a husband with whom I have a lovely daughter. But i have NEVER known a connection like this. I’m certain it is my twin flame. I guess we both need more time!

  13. Adam

    My mind is completely blown. I never believed in anything like this till one night after we split she asked me if I ever read the definition of a soulmate. The next day I looked it up and came across what was called a “Twin Flames”. So I read it. And it is exactly what we went through. Thought this is crazy. I’m just emotional. I don’t think that now. We’ve gone through every stage in this to a tee. We would be on the Fugitive Thoughts stage. Now I don’t think there’s ever a chance of us coming back together or at least it definitely feels that way. It’s actually really freaky though. I am positive that I met my twin flame and missed the opportunity.

  14. Melvyn

    I met my twin flame of feb 2018. Everything in this article I completely resonate with. There was a magnetic attraction between us. I being a male was so intrigued by what the universe had presented me. I was so interested in her but it was beyond sexual. It was on a soul level, which she often reminded me of whilst we were together, as if she knew how hollow I was inside, disembodied, disassociated. It was simply a magical experience. Within 4-5 hours of meeting we was having a shower together, intwined in each other’s auras. Points of silent communication, body language and sensing was demonstrated by both. Understanding what the other person needed without actually saying a word.

    A common theme about twin flames is that you always have a “runner” which can be brought about by many reasons. I was not the runner but that encounter after 4 days of being together has left a lasting spike on my dna. I have not heard from her for 8 months. But since we live in a quantum universe, and I now understand the reincarnation cycles, and different mechanics on how the reality works, I’m confident that we will meet again as we progress towards the age of ether.

    1. Denise

      What age can your twin flame be? Does it matter what age they are if they a decade younger than you?

      1. Alex

        Sure no worry mine is 13 years younger and we’re 100% a genuine TF couple.. We experienced step by step every described aspect starting with the swans at the very beginning and so on.. 🔥🔥
        Namaste 🙏😊

  15. Nadine

    The problem with this article is that it describes a twin flame relationship but suggests it culminates in a soul mate relationship.

  16. Joe

    I don’t know this article the nail on the head kind of spooky but you know what puts a smile on my face because the Twin Flame I believe I’m with now is an everlasting we have split up so many times Patrol me bonkers lots of ego lots of push pole lots of research trying to figure out what’s what I’ll call you right now 9 once I wasn’t with her I had the hardest time in my life I felt that piece but I guess it was to rejuvenate this relationship and being away from her I cannot even look at another or be with another before never even crossed my mind I kept to myself and that was it. Now that we are back together we’re both on a spiritual journey with church and doing things that preachers of God telling us to do it’s funny cuz she teaches me and I teach our this is insanity. When I look at her picture I just smile and say to myself oh my God you’re my twin flame this is who I’m supposed to be with this is insanity this is awesome but yes the relationship is very strenuous on the both of us best of luck to everybody out there try to be positive because these twin flames that were with we’re supposed to be with

  17. Naaria

    I met my twin back in the summer of 2007 or 2008… I can’t quite remember. Actually, I first met him even further back when we were children, also during the summer but nothing happened then (with me) since he liked my friend. I do remember noting being drawn to this boy though, and how weird that was since kids cut through our school all the time, or would come play on our basketball court (which is what he would do) and I never paid them any mind. I must have only been 8 at the time.

  18. Gregory Moss

    I didn’t know about twin souls before I met mine. I can’t describe hell overpowering it is. 20 yr age differance is irrelevant . Having know her less than a mo. there is now an Emptiness that I never knew existed . obviously I have no control over it and trust in the Devine to reunite us .

  19. Sandy

    I met my twin flame 19 years ago he has ran away 4 times because he said I scare him he has been with this other girl for awhile but that’s ok because I feel him and I see 1s and sometimes my body just aches for him !! I dont discuss it with many people cause I hear oh get over it!! Yea easy for them to say because obviously they haven’t met theirs ita like a internal hook hes a make version of me and our love making took me to heights and pleasure that are out of this world..13 years now and it’s as strong as the minute he ran off again

  20. Lisa

    Hi there, I met my twin flame many years ago, like 36 years to be exact, we were at the same college, the attraction was instant like a pull towards each other that couldn’t be controlled. But then he kissed me and it scared the hell out of me it was so passionate so intense, I felt I needed to run and I did, since then we have had off and off again contact. We are both with different life partners . This destroys me, I’d do anything to be with him and I feel he would too only we both have families. I tell myself in my mind our time will come. I feel him all the time, his happiness and his pains in life. Does anyone else experience pain like this? Will we ever be together?

    1. A.J.


      As the runner, your place in the relationship is to accept that you did run from the love of your twin, as you have. After this, it is best to accept that you are not going to be truly happy without him. If staying with a karmic partner is more important to you than having your one true love, by all means stay where you are. However, if you truly love your twin as you say you do, accept that staying with your karmic partner is never going to being you true happiness. You deserve to have your one true love by your side. Don’t live the rest of your life in regret. Resolve within yourself how you can most respectfully separate from your karmic, and really think through it. Once you know your twin and have the heart awakening, any other love is superficial. You do not love your karmic like you do your twin, and it is time to let go of karmic love and embrace true love. All twins are beginning to accept this. Runners have such a large responsibility to accept that their chaser counterpart cannot make them return. He could wait the rest of his life just for one more chance. If you open up to him and tell him you want to be with him, get his honest feedback. If he wants to leave his karmic situation, and you find in doing so, be prepared for the Rocky situation ahead. No one ever had true love without many obstacles. True Love is something you have to fight for until the very end. It will not come easy, and it will not come without sacrifice. I have learned that completely. I hope this has helped. Explore all your options before committing, however, you have accepted your true feelings. Consider what you will lose to do this, but also consider what you will never have if you don’t. The clock is ticking. Please don’t wait too long. Regrets are not worth having in life. Your chaser deserves to have you all to himself. Thank you for sharing. I know the twin flame pain as good as anyone. I hope this helped you. I wish you the very best and hope you make the right decision.

  21. Donnie

    I met my twin flame this year on Valentine’s Day. I saw signs like 1111,333,222,444 etc. like crazy maybe a year prior to our meeting. I got out of the military and moved back to Texas for the first time in like 8 years. I noticed on my license plate it had the number 1911 on it. Prior to moving I was obsessed with getting 1911 pistol like out of nowhere, which I eventually got.

  22. Visaira

    Omg guys. I met my twin flame when I was 14 and he was 15 (almost 16), I was so young. I’m 19 atm and he’s 21. (I’ll be 20 soon) I was the runner and we would switch sometimes. I don’t wanna get into it but atm he’s dating someone else. I used to too but I broke it off and I’m focusing on myself. I really miss him and my heart hurts at the distance between us, but I want him to be happy. If his happiness lies with me, he’ll come back. My arms are open wide and I will wait forever. Other than that I trust in him and the universe and I know that we’ll be okay. Nothing can keep us apart, if it could, I wouldn’t have stopped running. Once I make up my mind to do something, I won’t stop for anything. So if I changed my mind because of him, that means we belong together. I adore him and I really really really don’t want to live without him.

  23. A

    Waited my whole life for her only to find that she hadn’t waited for me.
    She was already married with a child.
    So the very same joyous instant that I found her was the very same instant I was forced to tear myself physically away.
    I still kept my heart open with infinite love for her while forced to shut off my want of physical connection to her down as it was too painful to be pulled to someone whom I could not be with.
    It was pointless even to ask the name or address of someone whom I knew I could not physically be with.
    My dream coming true of finding her.
    Our coming so so very close to reunion by our becoming emotionally and spiritually One but not as physically One with each other.
    The last time we were together she motioned her head for me to break my telepathic TWINFLAME connection to her.
    I just smiled back at her as I knew and sensed our TWINFLAME connection was permanent and unbreakable.
    I had hoped and planned before we were forever separated to explain everything about our TWINFLAME connection (and maybe give her my contact email address incase she ever needed to urgently get in touch) but we were parted before I had the chance.
    It’s now been over 15 years and despite the fact that our magnetic pull has increased infinitely we still have no Earthly way to contact each other.
    Since we were parted I have continued pushing full steam ahead to learn her side of our connection and have alone succeeded in breaking through into our joint TWINFLAME power which increases daily to never again lessen as I push through on our joint behalf into ENLIGHTENMENT and our hopefully soon ASCENSION which I am doubly sure she can fully sense feel and too welcomes and is in agreement with.
    I hope and pray that she is DIVINELY steered here to recognise herself in this post and to respond below.
    I’d hate for us both to die without our ever at least once getting in touch.

  24. Alex

    I met this guy in high school during my freshman year and he was a sophomore at the time. I eventually had a crush on him as did he, but we didn’t go out. We eventually became best friends even after we graduated. Our friendship kept developing over the past 10 years. We always remained in contact with one another. My crush for him eventually stopped, but he was still in love with me this whole time.

    Despite that, we both went in and out of relationships, constantly going to each other for advice. We were always there for each other, listening to what the other was saying. The funny part is we never hung out during the 10 years as he was in the Marines doing his service there.

    In 2018, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me and him being my best friend, I asked him to come over to talk to. He came over, which was the first time we last seen each other since high school. We were just talking like nothing ever changed. Then I fell in love with him.

    We eventually got together and became a couple. I was never happier. Then, of course like every couple, we’d fight a lot. After being together for a year and a half, he ended it with me.

    I went to the psychic to get an insight. Apparently, she said that he was in fact both my soulmate and twin flame. When looking it up, I found out the different stages. We had the blissful stage, where we were really happy together. When that passed, all the fighting started to ensue, which is why he broke up with me. Now I’m just waiting for him to come back.

  25. M.

    Twin flames are a curse: its not eternal love which one can enjoy. Our souls, both, figure out that we can have other relationships than the one that hurts like hell and will lead to the worse. I felt mine as he is tired of me from previous lives and just wishes something else. What do you do with that? Nobody has the answer. Wish all this would be made up, but can’t fake it. Honestly just beying real helps so much more than feeling. Thanks for bringing out the topic though.

    1. Her Twinflame

      I have zero conflict with my Twin Flame and she has zero conflict with me.
      There is zero running nor chasing.
      We are in perfect eternal love – except that she was already married with a child before we met.
      I love her eternally above all.
      She loves me eternally above all.
      We are both heartbroken that we cannot be together.

  26. Freya Wolf

    I met my twin flame 4 years ago. It was fleeting and he was gone. we reconnected but i was in a relationship. As soon as it ended I found myself temporarily living two streets away so I went to see him. It was instant on both sides. we both felt a past life connection.

  27. Christopher C.

    I have a sense I felt the same way Shannon said about the age gap. I am in love with a Filipina who is 53 and I’m 35 but she looks so young and beautiful. Yet, we went out a couple of times before going to see family from New York which in turn was a hyper post from a guy who is 23,Colombian, and I question why he has the money to entice her. I did admit to her about my feelings, yet she wanted to be friends, then poof, FB blocked. But soon I begin to realize warm and sensual vibes coming towards me. It might be her as the TF yet I remember seeing her a couple of times since 2016 at the gym. After a month out, she came to my class, yet after class left but I respected it, and now she unblocked me but I am not going to make the rash move. She made me happy and full of vibes when I became friends but was something special. I was told I’m a man of pure heart who wishes for true love and not all of the things that is avarice to me. I felt she needs a person with a heart full of love and warmth to nurture and to heal. Anything else is to show off, which I detest.

  28. Katie Lyn

    How can you tell the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

    My husband and I fell deeply in love and still are. But we are so different I have a hard time beleiving he is a twin. But maybe he is. Sometimes the description of twin flames fits us.

  29. Jenn

    After a lifetime of never being understood, or seen for who I am one failed loveless relationship after another I was ready to give up altogether. That’s when I met my twin flame. It took me a few months to recognize what he somehow instantly new. This last year has had its ups and downs. But I wouldn’t trade a single moment for anything. My whole life I dreamed of finding The One. But nothing prepared me for the man I found. He made it ok for me to be who I was accepting me just the way I was and for who I was without a move or opinion on how or what needed to be changed, and in return I was able to look inward and begin to heal a LIFETIME of pain and rejection. I was able to finally understand the concept of self love and let go of all the past experiences that negatively impacted my thoughts life and sanity. He hasn’t fully awakened yet but it’s close. The connection we share is insane. When I was looking inward and was an absolute mess emotionally I couldn’t understand why out of nowhere I would just feel absolute peace. Cool calm collected when seconds ago I had been in tears. Later when we would talk he would tell me out of the blue something I had been thinking in those moments that I never voiced to anyone. Then I understood. It was our connection. He knew I was hurting and exactly what it was that caused the hurt and gave me a reprieve by calming and reassuring me through our spiritual connection. All I know is every tear, every heart break, every rejection even a lifetimes worth was so worth it. I’d love every second over again for this.

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