dreams afterlifeThe loss of the loved ones is a huge tragedy for any person, and even the most rabid atheist begins to believe in the divine principle in a moment of grief. Sometimes we have dreams in which a dead friend or relative appears before us. Proponents of the various materialist theories argue that such dreams are a sign of a nervous disorder and agitated memory. But what if the truth is hidden somewhere in between this callous diagnosis and our perception of life and death?

We are not far off the day when the greatest mysteries of the human brain processes will be solved. In the meantime, scientists managed just to point out the part of the brain responsible for emotional and mental state. In fact, we still do not know how the brain works, and most of our knowledge is based on assumptions rather than on proven facts. The human brain is often compared with

several interconnected computers that can work together and autonomously. Scientists have even tried to find the soul in the human brain, but to date work in this direction has not brought any results.

Therefore, no one can pinpoint the source of dreams. The streams of information in our dreams at first glance have nothing in common with each other. However, on closer examination, it looks like if several people interacted with each other in a pre-created environment. So, maybe everyone whom we have ever met remains in our subconscious in some extraordinary way. Often in our dreams we see people we hardly know, but information about them sometimes can be remarkably accurate.

What if our dreams are a direct channel to communicate with other people? Theoretically we are familiar only with a small fraction of the processes occurring in the human brain every second.

The difference between this unusual concept and other theories about how we imagine and remember others opens up a whole string of new opportunities for understanding the world. Can these peculiar forms of memories that live in us be a source of necessary information? Can our minds be connected to each other and form some kind of network? If we are actually mentally connected to each other, then perhaps the souls of our departed relatives and close friends can send a part of themselves to appear in our dreams?

Of course, all this is only a speculation and theory, but we can’t deny the possibility that it is true. I hope, someday we will reach the required level of understanding of the processes occurring in the human brain, and then we will finally be able to say with certainty what is true and what is a fairy tale invented by dreamers with a wounded soul…

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