Among the most puzzling age-old questions that have occupied humanity are: is there life after death? and what is the human soul? Now, scientists developed a hypothesis that claims that every human has a soul, and it stays alive even after the heart stops.

Dr. Hameroff’s hypothesis of the human soul

One of the authors of the study, anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, disclosed details of the hypothesis in a TV show on one of the science channels. According to the report, the human soul is something more fundamental than just neurons.

I think that consciousness has always existed in the universe, perhaps, from the time of the Big Bang“, said the professor.

According to him, when the heart stops, the information stored in the brain cells does not die but continues to “linger in the universe”. This explains the fact that people who have experienced clinical death often speak of “white light” or “tunnel”, which they claim to have seen. These effects have been called near-death experiences.

When the heart stops beating and the blood stops flowing through the vessels, microtubules lose their quantum state. However, the quantum information they bring is not destroyed. It cannot be destroyed, so it spreads and scatters through the universe.

If a patient survives, then they reveal that they saw some kind of “white light” and even themselves “leaving” their body. If they die, the quantum information can exist out of the body for an undefined time. This is what we call the human soul,” explained Dr. Hameroff.

Earlier, his colleague, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, who has been working at Harvard University for 15 years, described his journey to the afterlife. In his book titled “Proof of Heaven”, he revealed that when he went into a coma due to bacterial meningitis, he had visions of heaven and saw himself floating in the clouds, surrounded by butterflies and “angel-like” beings.

Sir Roger Penrose’s quantum theory of consciousness

Hameroff and Alexander are not the only scientists who come up with these kinds of claims. There are some researchers who attempt to use quantum physics to prove the existence of the human soul. As such, British physicist Sir Roger Penrose developed a quantum theory of consciousness claiming that human souls could ‘live’ in the structures called microtubules that are found inside the brain cells.

The physicist came up with an incredible hypothesis that states that near-death experiences happen when quantum substances that constitute the soul leave the nervous system and are introduced into the universe.

This concept is based on the perception of the brain as a biological computer with 100 billion neurons and synaptic connections, which act as information networks and can remain in the universe even after death, the fact that can explain the perceptions of those who almost experienced death.

According to Dr. Penrose,  during a near-death experience, microtubules lose their quantum state, but the information they keep is not destroyed. In other words, after death, the soul does not disappear but ‘returns’ to the universe instead. Therefore, the human soul is more than just an interaction of neurons in the brain, claims Dr. Penrose. Instead, it is created by the very structure of the universe and thus, it may be as old as the beginning of time.

In the case of death, the quantum information can exist outside a person’s body for an indefinite period of time, according to Dr. Penrose.

So what do you think? Is the human soul real?

All these ideas are very interesting to consider, even though to the present moment, they remain purely theoretical. Restless human minds have always been curious about the essence of their existence. Are we humans who have a soul or are we souls living in a human body? Right now, science has no answer to this question.

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