Could visions of angels described in Bible be lucid dreams?

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appearance of angelA research group in Californiatried to explain the visions of the prophets about the appearances of angels described in the biblical writings.

A team from the Research Centre for Extracorporeal Experiences argues that these metaphysical visions indeed have taken place, but as a result of lucid dreaming.

Conscious or lucid dreams occur when a person realizes that he is sleeping and interferes with the plot of the dream.

The research team asked 30 volunteers to try to build a dream on the representation of a scene from the Old Testament where the prophet Elijah accepts the help of an angel.

Twenty-four of the thirty volunteers managed to experience a normal lucid dreaming or sleeping in semi-dormant state.

During the dream, the volunteers needed to ‘separate’ themselves and move outside of their bodies in a conscious state in order to find forms of angels in their bedroom. Then they had to eat something, just like the angel helped the prophet Elijah, giving him food and water.

When the volunteers were asked to repeat the experiment, only 15 managed to do it again.

The conclusions of the group stated that everyone can witness an angel’s appearance during lucid dreaming. The point is to receive strong “religious vibrations” before falling asleep.

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Could visions of angels described in Bible be lucid dreams?