• What Does it Mean When you Die in Your Dream

What Does It Mean When You Die in Your Dream? How to Interpret Such Dreams

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What does it mean when you die in your dream? I’m still not sure, but I have a few opinions to share. Dreams have meanings, and then sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they mean you’ve eaten too much the night before, or your stress levels are high. But then you get that dream that comes true, [...]

Man Recreates His Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations in Creepy Surreal Photos

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You might find these feelings familiar. Sleep paralysis hallucinations are alarming; the uncertain state between sleep and wakefulness is scary. You sense a formidable presence in the room but try as you might, you cannot scream. Sleep paralysis is universal. Though a sufferer's experiences vary in type and severity, its symptoms are the same across [...]

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3 Incredible Things You Can Do in Lucid Dreams

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Lucid dreams, or dreams you have conscious control of, show how complicated and powerful our mind is. I've written a lot of articles regarding different topics associated with dreaming. From the different reasons why dreams are so interesting, various motivations behind analyzing dreams for different people, the dangers of this analysis, and what exactly dreams [...]

  • Lucid Dreaming Techniques to Get You Started

5 Insider Lucid Dreaming Techniques to Get You Started

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In today's article, I’m going to have a look at an interesting subject: lucid dreaming techniques. What lucid dreaming means is that you know you're dreaming and that you can control what you're doing in the dream. It might seem hard at first, but with patience and practice, it can be done. Here are five lucid [...]

  • How to Find out the Meaning of Dreams

How to Find out the Meaning of Dreams

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Everybody dreams, but certain dreams linger in our minds more than others, making us wonder if perhaps they have a meaning and we can learn something from their content. Dreams and their possible interpretations are a rather complex subject. Not everything we remember from the previous night’s sleep has a message that we should take [...]

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How You Can Utilize Lucid Dreaming to Reach Your Fullest Potential

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In our society today, dreams tend to be overlooked. Dreams deserve more attention than they currently get because they can reveal to us a great deal about ourselves. Simply paying attention to dreams and analyzing them via a ‘dream journal’ is a good start. Yet the most rewarding dreams are lucid ones, which are dreams [...]

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Lucid Dreamers Are More Self-Reflecting When Awake, Study Suggests

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Both dreams and nightmares are curious enigmas. Some say that dreams come from stress, while others see dreams as visions with important messages in impartation. Whether our dreams mean anything or not, they are varied from person to person. Lucid dreaming is a whole other subject. What is Lucid Dreaming? When we dream, we either [...]

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This Is What Makes Lucid Dreamers Different from Other People

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The results of a new study show that people who possess the skill of lucid dreaming tend to be more insightful than others. Lucid dreaming is a state when during sleep you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreamers often use different clues in their dreams to induce this state of awareness, for example, [...]