Is the lost city of Atlantis finally found?

//Is the lost city of Atlantis finally found?

atlantisA 65 million years old area, found buried in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, could be – according to geologists – the lost city of Atlantis!

A company studying seismic activity in the North Atlantic Ocean conducted research on behalf of oil companies, using the technique of underwater acoustic imaging.

The result was the image you see, an area of great geological interest, with rivers, forests and mountains, which could be the lost Atlantis!

When we made the three-dimensional imaging of the buried area, we saw something that looked like a piece of land of some country. We could say it is a fossil of an ancient landscape that is located about two miles below the seabed,” said Dr. Nicky White, geologist from the University of Cambridge.

The area is at a distance of about 10,000 sq. km. km west of Orkney and Shetland islands, and the researchers do not exclude that its large part could have joined to the territories of today’s Scotland and extended to Norway!

The evidence they found led them to conclude that the submerged area was once above sea level, when it emerged from the depths and then dived into the deep forever.

What puzzles experts is the time of the emergence and the subsequent re-immersion of the lost landscape. “The evidence we have says that it probably happened within 2.5 million years – a very short timeframe from a geological point of view,” explains the research leader.

Anyway, the Atlantis is the “holy grail” of archaeologists, and the funds available for such kind of research are huge!

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Is the lost city of Atlantis finally found?