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earth like planetA planet that is at least 4.5 times bigger than Earth but is at right distance from its sun so that it could be habitable has been discovered quite close to us.

Scientists believe that up to now it is the most probable planet to host life. Even though they haven’t managed to find out if it is solid like Earth or is a gaseous giant.

The planet candidate for life is only 22 lightyears from Earth and lies in the constellation of Scorpio. It’s called GJ-667Cc and orbits a star, which in its turn orbits a pair of stars. It means that it has three suns, but two of them are far away – they just shine more than other stars in the night sky.

The GJ-667Cc is located very close to its parent star GJ-667C, much closer than the Earth to the Sun. That’s why its year lasts only 28.15 days. However, as far as the GJ-667C is a dwarf star the level of its radiation is perfect for life.

“The GJ-667Cc is located right in the middle of a particular habitable zone, right in the point where the Earth would be if it was located in this solar system” explained the scientists from the University of Göttingen in Germany, who made this discovery.

However, researchers haven’t managed to determine if the GJ-667Cc is solid like Earth or gaseous like Neptune. It has to do with a recent method, used by scientists, which doesn’t provide accurate calculation of size and mass of a planet, so it neither allows to determine its composition – at least for now.

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  1. jean lachapelle April 30, 2012 at 1:15 am - Reply

    ok maybe we could catch a ufo whit aliens and get from them the tricks to fly in space from one galaxy to another ????? yes universe is infinity but our limits to travel is our problems at this moment obiously some ufo comes from those planet where there is life and its all like millions of years away ????? we need better spaceship for sure cause a human can only stay alive for about 100 years so no human can ever travel out of our galaxy but machine can but even for that we would need more speed cause who can wait 600 millions of years to know that the planet we see is actually like earth whit life form on it ????

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Earth-like planet is discovered