logic puzzlesHere are 5 logic puzzles of different levels of difficulty: from the easiest to the most difficult one. Will you manage to solve them?

The lady or the tiger? (*)

A king put a prisoner in front of two doors. Door No. 1 wrote: “There is a lady in this room and a tiger in the other one.” Door No. 2 wrote: “In one of the two rooms there is a tiger and in the other one there is a lady.” The king said to the prisoner that one of the two labels wrote the truth and the other one wrote lies. If the prisoner opened the room with the lady he would marry her and if he opened the room with the tiger he would be eaten.

Which door should the prisoner open?

Balloons (**)

At a school party, the teacher asked 10 kids to play a game. He told them to close their eyes and put on everyone either a red or a white hat. Then the teacher told them to

open their eyes and look at the hats of the other kids.

Any kid who would manage to find four or more red hats would take a balloon as a prize. At the end of the game a kid who did not get a balloon envied another who did.

How many kids did get a balloon?

The psychic (***)

Once there was a psychic who foresaw the future with 100% accuracy. He accepted clients at his home and could answer a question about the future only with yes or no. An important requirement for accurate forecast was that the client was unable to influence the future depending on the answer of the psychic. However, one client managed to make such a question that the psychic answered with a wrong prediction of the future.

What did he ask?

The crown of the King (***)

Once in the old days a man was accused of having stolen the crown of the king. It was known that he belonged either to the Ionian tribe or to the tribe of the Hittites. It was also known that all the Ionians always told the truth and all the Hittites always told lies.

So the judge asked the accused to say something to find out if he was the culprit. The accused made a statement and the judge acquitted him immediately.

When the judge was asked if the accused had told the truth, he said: “I have no idea!”

What did the suspect say?

Handshakes (****)

Five couples come together to eat at a restaurant. Before they sit down to eat they present themselves to each other because some people do not know each other. Thus, those who have never met before exchange a handshake. Of course, married couples do not shake hands because they know each other.

At the end of the handshake exchange, John asks everyone how many handshakes they made and gets the following answers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but we do not know who said what.

How many handshakes did the John’s wife make?


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