The geometric shapes test is very simple but at the same time quite an insightful personality test.

All you have to do is to look at the proposed geometric shapes and choose the one that you think best represents you as a person. In other words, choose the shape that you can clearly identify yourself with. Then arrange the remaining shapes in order of preference.


The tireless worker. Exhibits hard work, diligence, perseverance, and always strives for completion. Patience and a methodical nature make squares skilled specialists. A Square collects information, and has it neatly organized on his shelves, he is able to quickly retrieve the desired facts and earns a deserved reputation of being a scholar in his field.

The Square refers to left hemisphere thinkers, who are characterized by logical thought and mathematical mindsets. Squares analyze and calculate answers to problems, rather than trusting instinct or inference.

Square’s ideal is a planned, regular, life where everything is predictable. They do not like the unexpected or surprises. In the business world, such people often become good administrators and executives but rarely succeed as managers because the constant need for additional information for decision-making deprives them of their speed. In addition, their cold rationality often prevents squares from quickly connecting with other people.


This form symbolizes leadership. The main ability of triangles is to focus on goals and deeply and quickly analyze situations. A Triangle is a very confident person who wants to be right in everything. Triangles find it difficult to admit their mistakes, are easy to train, and absorb information like a sponge. Their career gives their life meaning.

Negative qualities: excessive self-absorption. Triangles are very good at presenting the importance of their own work to senior management, can sense profitable business decisions from a mile away, and, struggling for success, may “knock heads” with rivals.


Is a transitional form from one shape to another. People that see themselves as Rectangles are not satisfied with their lives and are busy looking for chances to better their circumstances. The main mental state of a rectangle is a perceived sense of confusion,  bogged by their problems and uncertainty.

Their most important features are inconsistent and unpredictable behavior and low self-esteem. Positive qualities: curiosity, inquisitiveness, a lively interest in everything, courage. Tries to do things that have never been done, asks questions that he did not have the spirit for before.


The Circle is a symbol of harmony. Those who choose this shape are interested in good interpersonal relations. The highest value for the circle is people and their well being. This is the most benevolent of the five figures. The Circle is the glue that holds the team or the family together. They stabilize the group and have a high capacity for sympathy and empathy.

Circles feel the pain and joy of others as their own. They are right-brain thinkers, not logical but creative and more emotionally charged. The processing of information in such people is not consistent and resembles a mosaic pattern. The main feature of their style of thinking is a focus on the subjective aspects of the problem.


The Zigzag is a symbol of creativity. The Zigzag focuses on imagery. The right-brain thinking zigzag is not fixated on the details, which simplifies the way he views the world, this allows him to construct a holistic and harmonious conceptual view of the world, to see its intrinsic beauty.

The Zigzag cannot work in one place for a long time – this is after all, boring and there are so many other interesting things to see and experience! The main purpose of the zigzag is the generation of new ideas and methods, and not their actual realization. The Zigzag looks to the future and is more interested in possibilities than in reality.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    wow, i’ve never had my whole life summarized quite so well and just by choosing a shape. that was crazy. I was square by the way.

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    Crazy. I’m zigzag first and very strongly disliked the rectangle. That sums me up pretty wonderfully. (My order was zigzag, circle, triangle, square, rectangle.)

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    I chose the zigzag without even thinking.

    Then, I would say the rectangle or the triangle,
    then the square.

    They all fit me to some percentage, in order of highest to lowest.

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    The order I chose was

    1) Triangle
    2) Circle
    3) Square
    4) Rectangle
    5) Zigzag

    However, after reading what each shape supposedly means, I have to say, this doesn’t work for me. I did not see my personality represented correctly at all.

    So, either this test doesn’t work for everybody, or my perception of my own self is incredibly wrong. 😀

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      Sven, it is not you, it is the test because I am the same way in means that non of the shapes seem like me.

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    Thank you for your article! As an interior decorator, I try to determine twelve major client preferences. One is which shape they gravitate towards. Some prefer circles, others stripes, squares, swirls or diamonds. This helps me tremendously to find furnishings and fabrics they will enjoy. But just this week, a client asked if her shape preference (diamonds) told me anything about her personality. I hadn’t thought about it from that standpoint but will begin taking note to see if similar personalities prefer the same shapes. Very interesting. Thanks again!

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    This rings very true in my case. Great insight. Thanks.

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    Just exactly what I needed, well am with the triane shape.

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    thank you!

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    tanvi agarwal

    thank you…
    i am an interior designing student and very much pleased with such psychology reading
    as i had a college stuff to do… which was represent my personaliy with help f shapes and colors i was really helped by this post…
    thnks alot…

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    Belinda Mudrovcic

    what does it mean if a person draws the shapes within each other or on top of each other???

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    I like zeegag cuse it sad me name yes now

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      Erich Honecker

      Excuse do sir, I believe you mean “zig-zag”.

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        Joseph Stalin

        Excuse me sir, I believe the correct sentence is: “Excuse me sir, I believe you mean “zig-zag”.”

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          May, I excuse each of you. The correct sentence is: “Excuse me sir, I believe you meant “zig-zag”.”

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            May I excuse all of you. The correct sentence is: zeezag bo brrrrrrr

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    wow im a rectangle never knew

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    Michael Yancoskie

    Sqaure fits me perfect

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    Zig-zag, rectangle, circle, square, and triangle.

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    mellon lord

    good, but I think you may be missing the rose and clover shape types 🙂

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    cube and zigzag

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