Has anyone ever described you as goofy? Did you take it as a compliment or were you puzzled by the remark? What does it mean to have a goofy personality? Is it the same as being funny? Is it a good or bad thing? Can you change it? Should you?

Goofy Personality Definition

Goofy is a type of corny humor accompanied by exaggerated expressions. It also involves awkward physical gesticulation.

It’s difficult to describe, but think of actors such as Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and Adam Sandler. Characters like Mr Bean or Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory also embody the goofy personality.

Jim Carrey defines goofy. He’s silly and makes you laugh. His ridiculous gestures and over-emphasized facial movements make him goofy.

A goofy person might be a little awkward or clumsy. Goofy people don’t make clever observations or use acerbic wit to get laughs. If we class observational or sardonic humor as ‘alpha’, goofy is ‘beta’.

Let’s look at the signs you are a goofy person.

9 Signs of a Goofy Personality

1. You say and do ridiculous things

We’ve talked about ‘alpha’ comics, we could class clowns as ‘beta’ humor. Clowns use slapstick comedy to get laughs. They use exaggerated makeup to make themselves look comical.

Clowns fool around, getting into ludicrous situations and acting like idiots. The word clown derives from the Icelandic word ‘klunni’, which means clumsy person.

2. You’re quirky and unique

Goofy people are never boring. You’re one of the world’s eccentrics. You may have weird habits or live an unconventional life. Goofy people have unique traits that set them apart from others. It might be the way you dress, mixing styles that clash, or how you color your hair.

A goofy person has idiosyncrasies that may seem odd to others. For example, you might have an unusual hobby or habit. Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory eats exactly the same meal each day of the week. He knocks on doors in a particular way.

To some, these traits are cringe-worthy, but you don’t care what others think.

3. But people don’t describe you as ‘cool’

Some funny people are cool, but a goofy personality can never be cool.

Comics like Russell Brand, Amy Schumer, and the late great Dave Allen ooze cool. I remember watching Dave Allen, soaking up his soft, Irish brogue while he sipped a glass of whiskey, taking his time to tell a funny story; a cigarette in his hand. He was the epitome of cool.

Now picture Mr Bean or Steve Martin flailing around, frantic with energy, talking ten to the dozen and embarrassing you. A funny person can be cool, but a goofy clown will never be cool. Funny people make others laugh; clowns get laughed at.

4. You move around a lot when you talk

Jim Carrey is such a good example of a goofy person, so I’m using him again. If you’ve ever watched The Mask or Ace Ventura, you know what I mean. Carrey is so bendy and flexible when he moves; he reminds me of those inflatable wavy air tube dancers you get outside garages.

Many of the roles Carrey takes on are foolish characters, for instance, Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura. Goofy people bumble through life, causing havoc wherever they go.

5. You’re energetic when you talk

I can’t think of a better person to demonstrate energetic talk than Robin Williams. His quick-fire standup routines are difficult to keep up with. Williams goes off on tangents, creating characters from thin air, and his improvisation skills are the best in the business.

Williams has a physical goofy side, but his observations are also imaginative and out there. He has an unconventional way of thinking that goes beyond the norm. If people describe you as goofy, people might refer to this characteristic in your personality. You get overly excited when you’re talking.

6. You use intense facial expressions

Rowan Atkinson, the man behind Mr Bean, is the master of facial movements. He’s one of those comedians who doesn’t have to say anything to get a laugh. His rubber-face expressions are enough.

When he speaks, he enunciates exaggeratedly, emphasizing certain words or syllables. Readers old enough to remember madcap comedian Marty Feldman will recall he used his distinctive eyes in a quirky style.

7. At times, you’re a little awkward

Goofy people can sometimes slip up in social situations. You may say or do something foolish or inappropriate. However, there’s no malice intended. You are without guile. Some might say you’re a little childish or naïve.

Perhaps you always seem to knock a glass over at a fancy restaurant. Or maybe you say something you think is funny, but it’s not received the way you meant it. You may even be a little lanky or odd-looking in body shape.

8. People get embarrassed by your jokes

Do you ever get a tumbleweed moment when you tell a joke? Or do people groan when you deliver the punchline? Goofy people are lighthearted, fun people and can find the funny in any situation.

Sometimes, however, others do not immediately understand the things goofy people laugh at. You have an offbeat sense of humor that defies logic and the norm.

9. People laugh at you, not with you

Laughing at someone is a clue to a goofy personality. We laugh with clever, observational comedians like Sacha Baron Cohen, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Ricky Gervais. We laugh at comedians such as Andy Kaufman and characters like Austin Powers, in the same way we laugh at the misfortunes of clowns.

On a side note, isn’t it interesting that Jim Carrey portrayed the goofy comic Andy Kaufman in film? I can’t think of anyone else that would have done a better job. Moving on, if people are describing you as having a goofy personality, they may laugh at your antics, rather than share the joke with you.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting to me that describing someone as having a goofy personality seems to be a compliment or a bit of an insult. I guess it depends on who says it and how they say it.

In my opinion, there’s a place for all kinds of humor and people. Being goofy isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing; it’s just who you are.

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