As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that growing up as an old soul isn’t something to be embarrassed about.

I enjoy my old soul ways, but I haven’t always. Growing up with tendencies that others saw as odd and old-fashioned can be difficult, particularly in the modern society we live in today. Here is my list of difficult things I experienced when growing up as an old soul – can you identify with any of them?

1. Not liking people your own age

This can relate to dating, friendships or even classmates. Seeing others your own age as immature can be a problem for old souls when they’re younger. As children, we’re conditioned to think we must be friends with those our own age so when it seems hard to communicate with your peers and you don’t really understand why, it can be difficult.

Luckily, as you get older, the reason for this dislike of those your own age becomes apparent and you are more accepting of friendships of people of all ages, despite your old soul.

2. Being teased for liking things that were old

Having old-fashioned hobbies and different tastes in things like music or books can be difficult when you’re younger as those around you can pick-up on your differences and tease you for it.

3. Being a homebody when everyone else was out partying

This is one of my main difficulties once I’d reached the legal drinking age. Everyone around me wanted to go out and party, but I was much happier curled up at home with a good book.

Whilst this can seem distressing at a young age, learn to accept it is just your old soul speaking to you and that there is nothing wrong with you, you’d just rather stay home.

4. Being a hopeless romantic – and being heartbroken

Old souls tend to have a very strong romantic streak that can become all-consuming, particularly if that romance ends in heartbreak and more often than not, at a young age, it will.

Feeling everything so much deeper than those around you can be a sign that you’re an old soul, so when romance goes wrong, it can hurt, a lot.

5. Feeling as though you don’t quite fit in

Feeling like you don’t quite fit in with the world around you is a difficult feeling to experience when growing up. It can be soul-destroying when you’re in the awkward teenage years and can’t see where you belong in the world.

But when you’re older, you will become more comfortable with yourself and see that you do have a place in the world, it just may be different to those around you.

6. Not being taken seriously

A big struggle for an old soul trying to get somewhere in life is not being taken seriously enough because of your age. Even though your maturity level is probably above theirs.

7. People don’t understand that you just like being alone

Being alone and enjoying doing nothing is something very precious to an old soul, and explaining that to others who don’t understand can be difficult.

In today’s society, we are told to be attached to technology at all times and never bored, whereas old souls are content with their own company.

Growing up as an old soul can mean many different things to different people, but these are the ones I found are most common to my own experience.

What else would you add to this list? If you’re an old soul, do you disagree with anything I’ve written?

Christina Lawson, B.A.

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