There is an age old adage that says you need to learn something new every day. While this is all well and good, how practical is it?

In fact, while it is splendid to learn something, why not to learn something you can actually put into effect? Instead of learning something and filing it away, learn something and do it.

From reading those self-help books, adding a twist to an old recipe, or even reading an article about your health. Instead of waiting for change, do it with the knowledge you already have.

Learning Could Be the Reason Why You Procrastinate

I know many people are going to be saying that there is no proof in that simple statement, I didn’t believe it myself. However, I then found myself Googling a recipe only to find a new ingredient I have never used, looking it up, and low and behold 2 hours later; dinner has yet to be started.

Learning takes time, and when you are trying to get things done, it may help in the beginning, but ultimately it will weigh you down.

Instead, you can dedicate a few moments each day to looking up things you did not know. The most important aspect of acquiring knowledge is to have a path, a goal, something to guide you in your quest. Otherwise, you will spend so much time become the most read person on purple carrots than most farmers.

Practice What You Learn

It is one thing to learn a trade, why not put it to use. Did you spend your entire summer reading about welding? Well, now is the time to pick up the torch and start applying what you learned.

Not only is this the perfect way to see how well you retained the information, but you will also learn a lot more in practice than you ever will by just reading about it.

Learning and knowledge are tricky subjects in themselves. You can learn about learning, and spend hours doing so without losing interest, and that is why it is very important to limit yourself! While it may be a grand thing to know everything on one subject, but if it is not applicable to your life, or even your career, then you can spend your time better elsewhere.

Learn for enjoyment, but also seek knowledge to enrich your life. Practice what you learn and you will feel much more secure in what you know.

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  1. cosmoschild

    nothing new in this article

  2. Willy-Nilly

    Thank you. I’m guilty of that. . I read and learn so much every day but put little of my learning into practice. You’ve woken me up.

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