doomsday preppersAnxiety began to spread around the world from the moment the information about the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012 appeared on television and the Internet. Historians and simply religious and superstitious people took this doom prophecy on serious.

The most interesting is that in every country the coming end of the world is presented in different ways. For example, Americans believe that on December 21 zombies will take over the planet. So they try to get ready to confront the living dead in every way. The U.S. Internet is full of offers to buy kits for survival in the day of the zombie invasion.

Demand for weapons in America increased at times. Particularly popular are the rifles with the words “will help to survive in the uprising of zombies”.

Others released a series of video lessons that can prepare a person to resist the living dead. In these lessons, the “teachers” even reveal the secrets of how to provide yourself with food during the apocalyptic period.

At the same time, the residents of Chile are not going to work at all on December 21. According to the research of sociologists, some workers want to get paid in advance and spend this day in a big way.

In Argentina the approach of the “doomsday” is officially recognized by the government. The authorities have recommended all residents to carefully prepare for the end of the world.

Russians fell into hysteria at first, but then decided to experience the “apocalypse” in comfort, if not with enthusiasm. Now there is a boom in bunkers, particularly in the capital of the country and its suburb. Rich people buy specially equipped storages to sit there and wait till the “end” is over.

“Bunkers are equipped with filters that do not let any contamination or fumes inside. We can even equip a bunker with a system, similar to the one of air supply in a submarine. There you can install any life support systems, access controls, and all kinds of storages.”

The cost of these comfortable “hiding places” starts from two hundred thousand dollars. The maximum price just does not apply.

European citizens are not very excited about the rumors of the end of the world. In England two radio stations that tell the audience about how to survive the apocalypse were created.

And of course, bookmakers all over the world work in full swing, taking bets on the apocalypse. Some promise that if the end of the world comes, the players will enrich themselves at hundreds of times. But the question is: will it matter then? :)

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