When it comes to being successful, many claim there is a formula, that there is some hidden equation that is holding you back. That in order to become successful, you need to look a certain way, talk like this, and walk like that.

However, the simple fact is that you do not need to be a different person to become successful; all it takes it is few mental alterations and dedication.

Define Success

The problem with success is that it is incredibly hard to define. Yes, there could be a pasted dictionary definition of the word here, but there isn’t, why, you ask, because it means different things to different people.

What that means is if you want to be successful, you need to define what that means to you and your goals at hand. Does success mean starting your day before noon, or does it mean turning in a 24-page paper you put off for two weeks? No matter how big your project is, if you follow a fun “Rule Of 5”, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

What Is A Rule Of 5

A simple breakdown of the Rule Of 5, created by authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, is that you take five small steps towards your goal every day. Now if it is a small goal, like starting your day before noon, you can still take small steps, and build from there.

For example, the day before you may limit the amount of caffeine you drink, get some exercise, take a hot shower or even getting to bed a bit earlier than you normally would. The point of doing all of this lead-up is to achieve your goals time after time. Sometimes you cannot achieve your goals within a few days, sometimes it takes months, or even years to reach.

That is when the Rule is most useful. Doing five small things each day will help you achieve your long-term goals by simply breaking all of the tasks up.

Why Does It Work?

The Rule Of 5 works because so many times we are striving towards our goals, and then a roadblock pops up and derails all our efforts. With the Rule Of 5 you are simply avoiding the opportunity to be overwhelmed.

Being prepared for obstacles is a part of life, yet we cannot plan for everything. Therefore, if we understand how to handle them, to recover, our plans can still go on as they previously would.

When you are approaching a long-term goal, whether it is for work or a lifestyle change, the Rule Of 5 can help you become successful. Avoid being overwhelmed and define success in your way!

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  1. Stefani

    Hi Brittany, thank you for sharing your perspectives and wisdom on how to live a balanced life. My name’s Stef, I’m in my first year at Niagara College. (Especially) With finals coming, I enjoy reading your content :3
    I like how the ‘Rule of 5’ breaks down any project and can teach us to slow down and take things day-by-day. I feel so overwhelmed just by organizing how many projects are due at relatively the same time. I have to write things down to be able to organize them but I have to admit it: I’m a prime example of a classic procrastinator – even though I think/worry about my responsibilities, constantly!

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