Climate change and population growth direct our civilization to migrate to other planets, warn NASA scientists.

The human population will need to colonize three planets to survive, said Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist from the Langley Research Center of NASA.

The whole ecosystem is crashing. Essentially, we are too many out there. With Asians who are now billions, we will need three other planets.”

The adjustment of Mars to human environmental conditions will take about 120 years, argues Bushnell, but until then, we will need other planets to survive.

It is not the first time when someone expresses the necessity to colonize other planets. However, these ideas are usually proposed when it comes to the survival of the human race in the case of a disastrous collision with an asteroid or nuclear war conditions.

In 2012, the World Wildlife Fund proposed a solution of the three planets, arguing that we are using 50% more resources than the Earth can sustain, and that by 2050, we will need three planets to sustain the rate at these levels.

However, Bushnell does not imply that we need to abandon the Earth but warns that we should limit consumption. A particular solution he proposes is agriculture with seawater.

Halophytes that grow in salty soils could potentially be used to create biofuels from the cultivation of plants in the oceans (or at least could exploit seawater to irrigate plants in non-productive agricultural regions in the world).

Scientists that have based entire research on this possibility insist that some pilot programs in Laos, Pakistan, Algeria, and other poor countries should begin sometime this year.

Bushnell argues that this would solve most of our problems:

“If we start the cultivation of halophytes in wastelands, with the usage of seawater, in 10-15 years we would have fuel that costs $50 a barrel. This is half of the present oil cost.

With the help of this method, we could solve all the problems concerning the environment, climate, and energy, as well as lack of food and water.”

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  1. ismail

    It will be very successful plan to counterbalance the population explosion with environment resources.

  2. Ilya

    Mankind must let go if it’s current collective worldview, because if it does not do that, we will just end up colonizing planets with malls and McDonalds and Walmarts, have interplanetarry wars (because Venerians say they have bigger penises that us! Kill them! Argh!) and in the end we will turn other planets into flaming steaming balls of crap, sort of like what they want US to turn earth into, by buying into stories like this!

    No, I call BS on this. NASA serves the interests of the elite, so they will fully reflect their worldview and push humanity towards their agenda. We need to colonize THIS planet with LOVE. Awaken to our potential and realize that our technologies will only go so far if we do not understand that LOVE is necessary. To any vibration that is not working towards light, there is only a limited amount of information available.

    If one has love, all possibilities exist!

  3. Otto Bhan

    Our high school biology teacher led us through an experiment to help us understand cell division and bacterial growth. Each of us used a sterile glass beaker, added a specific nutrient medium to it, then a drop of non-toxic bacteria and topped it with an air permeable filter. Each day we noted the bacterial growth in our experiment record books and teased one another as the young will do.

    The days passed as our cultures grew then some of them suddenly stopped expanding. The next day all of our beakers contained dead bacteria with no noticeable nutrient media left in the now grim looking glass container.

    Just like the laboratory beakers filled with dead bacteria each of whom is genetically programmed to divide and evolve, we humans are gargantuan consumers of resources compared to the simple bacteria. We too are genetically predisposed to compete for nutrition and to multiply.

    Earth is our beaker/spaceship/closed loop environment. We too are programmed in such a fundamentally way to evolve to survive in an expanding universe of possibilities.

    Like it or not (as in the bacteria case), we must either stop population growth voluntarily or forcefully limit our numbers and resource consumption. Hopefully we can colonize other beakers/planet/spaceships before humanity dies off like ignorant bacteria.

    All this, simply because our planet has finite resources, our sun has finite resources, our beaker will run out of nutrition or be consumed by an expanding dying sun or other calamity some day.

    By all means love, yes please do that. And educate, elucidate, annunciate, and obviate the many other tasks and preparations involved in preserving our species among what I believe will prove to be other competing species we may meet.

    Perhaps nature, God, consciousness, or whatever you may believe set this universe in motion wants exactly that. Ignorant we may be in so many ways, but stupid we may not be to survive what surrounds, sustains and compels us to grow and expand our horizons. No?

    1. ...

      I’m sorry. We already ruined this planet.
      If we want to progress, we should colonize other worlds… with love!

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