Michael Talbot is an Australian writer, whose books originally were only science fiction, combining quantum physics and spirituality. However, it appears that many scientists today share his theory and do not consider it science fiction. This new theory of reality says that the physical universe is nothing more than a hologram, ie an illusion, a projection of a certain initial level of the world.

Creators of the original theory were David Bohm, one of the pioneers of quantum physics and a friend of Einstein, and Karl H. Pribram, the world’s leading specialist in neuroscience at Stanford University.

Oddly, the scientists of two completely different fields have come to the same conclusions in the course of their research, and more precisely, after the disappointment of the traditional scientific theories that could not give an explanation of many physical phenomena of our world.

To understand what a hologram is, remember the movie Star Wars when the robot with a laser creates a three-dimensional image in space that seems completely real. Perhaps, our whole world is such a hologram that is projected from such a deep level of reality in which there are no concepts like time and space? David Bohm and Karl Pribram give a positive answer to this question.

What led scientists to this conclusion?

Bohm became an adherent of the holographic theory after the discovery of the laws of quantum mechanics, which are contrary to all the fundamental tenets of physics. World of quantum phenomena with its properties is almost opposite to the level of the physical matter!

Karl Pribram came to the concept of the hologram after the disappointment in the traditional neurophysiology concept, which could not explain a lot of contradictions and mysteries in the work of the brain.

According to both scientists, the holographic universe theory easily explains many of the mysteries such as moving objects by thought, telepathy, predictions of the future, ability of blind people to “see” and other paranormal phenomena. In recent decades, many scientists undertook research in this area and are finding more and more evidence that the holographic theory is correct.

Other studies

For example, in 1980, the phenomenon of clinical death was given an explanation. In terms of the new theory of reality, clinical death is the moving of consciousness from one level of reality to another. The author of this theory is Kenneth Ring, president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

In 1985, the famous professor of psychiatry Stanislav Grof in his book said that the current theories of neuroscience are not consistent, while the new holographic theory can explain many of the phenomena of so-called altered states of consciousness.

In 1987, physicist Fred Alan Wolf with the new theory explained the phenomenon of astral projection and the essence of dreams. According to him, dreams are the moving of consciousness to parallel levels of reality.

In 1982, physicist Alain Aspect conducted research in the field of neurophysiology, which confirmed the holographic nature of memory and perception.

Of course, the holographic theory is still unproven and not accepted by most scientists. But it is amazing that it is supported by such recognized scientific authorities as David Bohm and Karl Pribram.

Probably scientists will have to make many more discoveries to find whether the holographic model is true. And of course, it is understandable why the scientific community does not accept it because then we will all have to recognize that our world is no more than an illusion and go in search of the true reality.


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