What is astral projection: some kind of rare ‘magic’ skill or something that anyone can learn? Is it an illusion of the mind or a real experience? What are its risks and benefits?

Astral projection is a phenomenon that puzzles many people interested in unexplored human powers and psychic abilities. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in books, articles, seminars, and groups practicing astral projection techniques.

To put things in order and sort truths from myths, I present you the answers to 12 most frequently asked questions about astral projection:

Question 1: What is astral projection?

Astral projection is an inner experience where you are feeling like being separated from your physical body and being able to travel in the astral world. It belongs to the category of out-of-body experiences, such as lucid dreaming and near-death experiences.

Question 2: When does astral projection occur?

Astral projection occurs when the astral body separates from the physical one. This can happen either unintentionally (in cases of accidents or in altered states of consciousness) or at will (usually, after consistent and constant practice).

Question 3: Where is the astral world?

It is in the same location as the physical, material world. This is not a specific place but a different way of perceiving. We do not go anywhere, but we just have the ability to understand a different side of reality, based on the energy nature of people and objects.

Question 4: Are there things or entities of the astral world that do not exist in the material one?

Spiritual and esoteric traditions, for the most part, accept the existence of entities in the astral world and even mention interactions of these entities with people. Therefore, people practicing astral projection are recommended to create an energy shield (it can be a prayer and visualization of white light). Practitioners claim that while being full of astral creatures, the astral world is probably more secure than the material world.

Question 5: Is there a danger of not coming back to my body?

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No, the astral body is always associated with the physical one through a “silver cord”, with the help of which we always return back. In fact, one of the difficulties of astral projection is that it is very easy to return back. The difficult part is to stay in the astral world. The unique case when the ‘silver cord’ is broken and we can’t come back is when we die.

Question 6: I have tried many times and it is not working. Someone told me that only people with karmic predisposition can succeed in astral travel. Is it true?

No, traveling in the astral world is the ability we all have. All it takes is to develop it. You may have traveled on the astral plane but have not been aware of it. After continuous practice, anyone can learn to consciously leave their physical body. You might not have done so far for many reasons (for example, lack of practice).

Question 7: When I am on the astral plane, can I still see things in the material world?

When a person enters the astral world, he or she does not see the physical matter but the astral plane of the world. Whatever exists in the physical world exists in the astral one and is perceived accordingly.

Someone who starts learning astral projection techniques finds it difficult to recognize locations and objects on the astral plane, but the more familiar you get with the astral world, the more easily you recognize the shapes of the objects you know from the natural world.

Question 8: What can make astral projection difficult?

For example, antidepressants affect the brain and consciousness as your mind needs to be as clear as possible if you want to succeed in astral travel. Also, alcohol and drugs not only make it difficult but can substantially destroy your astral body and eventually make conscious astral projection completely impossible.

Question 9: Are dreams a kind astral projection?

Lucid Dreaming Techniques to Get You Started

You have probably traveled to the astral plane in one of your dreams, but it does not mean that every dream is an astral projection. The psychic experiences we have in our sleep and call them dreams do not all belong to the same category as astral travel.

There are many dreams of a different nature and function such as dreams that reveal your emotional state, dreams that stem from daily events, intuitive and prophetic dreams, etc. Dreams that are a form of astral projection are usually very vivid, so they are more likely to stay in your memory after you wake up.

Question 10: Is astral travel the same as lucid dreaming?

Both have to do with being aware of being in the astral world. A lucid dream presupposes that you are sleeping, having a dream, and suddenly become aware of your astral body, i.e. you know that you are dreaming.

On the contrary, you can experience astral projection without having fallen asleep. However, most traditions and approaches to astral projection agree that practicing lucid dreaming facilitates astral projection and vice versa.

Question 11: What can I do in the astral world?

In the beginning, you learn to consciously raise your astral body and stay there as long as possible. As you become more and more familiar with the astral environment, you recognize objects and places more easily and can become an advanced astral traveler.

Thus, you can visit specific places, located far away, and see what happens there. Advanced astral travelers are said to be able to affect the astral bodies of other people, meet spiritual teachers, or heal.

Question 12: Is there any scientific evidence for astral projection?

In recent years, there have been a number of peer-reviewed studies on the ability of consciousness to exist independently of the physical body.

There were many cases of people who report these experiences, including those who never had anything to do with such phenomena. For example, some people report having experienced astral projection as a result of random events such as an accident, where they could describe in detail what had happened while they had been unconscious on the surgical table or somewhere else.

There are many interpretations of such kinds of events and we still are away from a scientific theory that could fully cover this aspect of human abilities or a study to provide solid evidence for those. What is astral projection? It is essentially an inner experience, just like the belief in a higher power, dreams, or intuition. This means that this kind of phenomenon is difficult to be verified by an independent observer.

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