Did you have a nightmare last night or was it something more? Maybe you experienced psychic dreams, sent by the universe as a warning.

Dreams remain a curiosity, a horrifying and yet, highly pleasurable part of our lives. Our dreams, as well as our nightmares, continue to baffle us as to interpretation if there’s any meaning at all. Somewhere within these dreams lies the truth, between the symbols and the sensory attractions, we find a semblance of something that makes sense. Or, does it?

The landscape of our minds

Within each dream, we experience things that are not governed by space and time. We float, we fly and we die in our dreams, only to be awakened with the sensation of being on a journey. These dreams seem to go on forever, telling stories, and yet, they only really last for a few seconds. We are left with questions. Did our dreams come to warn us of something ahead, or are they just pieces of leftover imaginations?

Are they psychic dreams or just brain farts?

So, the question is, “How can we tell if our dreams are psychic or precognition dreams?” There are many perspectives when it comes to interpretation of dreams, including the content, the feeling, and the sensory stimulation involved. Is it a vivid dream, or is it just a strange hazy group of images plastered onto your memory? There are 5 perspectives that separate psychic dreams from the normal variety. Here’s all you need to know.

Psychic dreams are vivid.

Within a psychic dream, there may be great details. If you dream that a neighbor will visit with good news, and the next day this happens, it is called a precognitive dream, a form of psychic dreaming. These dreams often have the ability to convey colors, smells, and sounds just like life itself.

You may remember exactly what your neighbor was wearing, or if it was raining in the dream. These dreams are designed to make you remember and note the foretelling of what’s to come. Regular dreams, on the other hand, are not so full of minute detail, unless you are a naturally lucid dreamer, to begin with.

Regular dreams are triggered by conditions.

You will be prone to dream if you have ingested some prescription medications or eaten something bad. Painkillers, for example, such as Oxy codeine or meperidine are notorious for causing lucid dreams. These lucid dreams which follow prescription medication dosages are simply the product of rapidly changing chemicals in the body which affect the brain.

As we dream, our responses change, our perception changes and our mood is altered as well. If any physical part of our body has experienced changes while sleeping, this will be reflected in the brain’s activity as well. If you are having vivid dreams, ask yourself if your medication or the food you ate are altering things.

Clairvoyant dreams bring unknown knowledge

Within the dream, you may experience catastrophic events, only to be awakened by an announcement of an eerily similar situation. Somewhere, maybe on the other side of the world, a traumatic event may have destroyed homes, lives and the future of thousands of people, or maybe it was just a small-scale event, doesn’t matter. Usually, the dream will align with the statistics of the event, providing details that will ensure that the dream was no regular set of images.

You will notice similar names, locations or numbers which match those you perceived in the dream. A clairvoyant dream will leave no doubt as to whether or not you were having a regular dream or a highly psychic episode.

Stress-induced nightmares are not psychic based.

When you’ve experienced a huge amount of stress in your life, whether it be from the loss of a job or a death in the family, you will, more than likely, experience nightmares. Scary dreams are not intended to warn you of anything in particular. They are simply the side effect of taking on too much responsibility or experiencing negative life events.

Although nightmares may be pretty bad, they are nothing to be concerned about, for the most part. The only thing to be careful about is when nightmares start to use symbolism. This could be a warning that you might need to improve things in your life to eliminate negative circumstances.

Telepathic dreams are not ordinary

Another type of psychic dream that separates ordinary from extraordinary, is the telepathic dream. While dreaming, you may see yourself in a distant location visiting a friend who is sick. If you find out, when you wake, that your friend was indeed sick, then it’s possible that you paid a visit using telepathy. Your friend may be able to corroborate whether or not they sensed your presence at that given time.

Then there are other aspects of dreaming as well.

Not only do we have psychic and non-psychic sleep phenomena, we also have dreams that can be categorized as neither. Dreams in which otherworldly things occur, but are not substantially psychic in subject matter, somehow contain elements of both, making them unique in the description.

Dream guides

Somewhere between the average dream and the premonition, we encounter the dream guide. A dream guide is a figure which manifests in our dreams to share important information or protect us from many dangers we may encounter while dreaming or in waking life.

The dream starts as any ordinary dream, and it ends in an ordinary manner. Somewhere in the middle, we meet our dream guide and learn what we need to know before the dream continues. It’s fascinating and actually bridges the gap between your run-of-the-mill dream and your psychic version.

Astral travel

Not only can you have an OBE in waking life, but you can also travel outside your body while sleeping. This is involuntary or could be an activity that you manage to perform within the context of your dream. In ways, this is considered psychic based, but when it happens involuntarily, then it seems to be out of our waking control.

Astral travel can be felt, as your mind re-enters the body, especially in episodes where you are jerked awake by the sensation of sudden heaviness and even the feeling of drowning, being pulled up from deep waters. Sometimes breathing can halt momentarily as the spirit returns to its body.

Whatever they are, dreams continue to astound and amaze

Are you having psychic dreams? I am sure many dreams are psychic in nature, foretelling great truths and bringing distant souls together. But dreams are sometimes only a result of the waking life we live, filled with stress, illness, and heavy medications. In order to understand the differences, we must pay close attention to the context and mood of every dream.

One way I have continued with my study of dreams is keeping a journal. As I lay myself down to sleep, I chance to dream. Upon waking, I immediately recount and record all the data and the mood of my dream. Then I compare and contrast these details to understand whether or not my dream tells of the future, or if it’s just the aftermath of that buffet from the night before.

Either way, I will gain a deeper understanding of my dreams and myself. Go ahead, try this yourself! Have fun!

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  1. Kaci

    Thank you for this article. Can you direct me on what we should do with the information we receive in a clairvoyant dream? I have had dreams of death the night before/of every tragic event (mass shootings, terrorist attacks) in the past year or so. And it always wakes me up and now that I make sure to look at the clock, I’ve realized I’m dreaming these things literally in the same hour that it’s hapenning in real life. My dream isn’t ever specific enough for me to know who to warn. What can I do? I know I’m not receiving this information for no reason?

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