Have you ever woken up after dreaming about being chased or attacked? These are common recurring nightmares that most of us will experience at some point.

All people dream and many of us have nightmares at some points in our lives. But what if you have recurring nightmares with the same theme, such as standing naked in front of strangers or being chased?

These kinds of dreams indicate some sort of impending fear or anxiety and reveal important things about yourself and your life. Let’s find out what different types of recurring nightmares actually mean.

Here are the top ten recurring nightmares and their meaning:

1. Being Chased

Being chased is one of the most common recurring nightmares of all. They relate to the dreamer not being able to confront a person in their life that they have to, in order to move on. This could be an abusive partner or parent, an over-bearing boss or an unhealthy attachment. Depending on how you act within the nightmare, if you hide from the chaser, you might be ignoring your problems in real life. But if you turn around and stop, then the time is right for you to confront the person.

2. Being Attacked

If you are being attacked in a nightmare, it indicates a weakness in some area of your personal life. If a person breaks your bones or causes physical injury, then you need to examine where you are particularly vulnerable in your life, and who is benefiting from this. If you find out where your weaknesses lie and improve on them, the nightmares should gradually decrease.

3. Drowning

This is a very disturbing nightmare to have, especially on a recurring basis, but understanding why is not complex. Those who dream that they are drowning could be suppressing an anxiety wherein they literally feel they are ‘in over their heads’. They are experiencing a loss of control about a situation or task at hand. Tackling this problem should make the nightmares stop.

4. Seeing Dead People

Having nightmares about dead people falls into two categories; the first one relates to if you knew the person who is now deceased. If this is so, then the nightmare is about your reluctance to let go. If the dead person is a stranger, then you are terrified of the unknown and could be suffering from a terminal or life-threatening illness.

5. Being Trapped

If you are dreaming about being trapped and you don’t necessarily suffer from claustrophobia, then you might be in a situation where you are trapped emotionally, financially or physically. It could be a dead-end job, a relationship that has finished its course, or even a feeling that you are not reaching your full potential.

6. Out of control vehicle

Having a nightmare in which you are travelling in a car that you have no control over is representative of your journey in life. The car is you and what direction you are taking. You might feel that things are not going the way you want them to in your life, or there is something in which you feel helpless and out of control.

7. Falling

Recurring nightmares about falling indicate a strong possibility that you are anxious about some aspect of your life. You feel out of control and hopeless about a situation where you see no way out. This could relate to a relationship, finances, or careers and are often nightmares that people in authority have.

8. Being Naked in Public

If you constantly dream that you are naked in public, you might have self-esteem issues or suffer from low self-confidence. Being naked in front of strangers is laying ourselves bare literally for criticism, so you could feel that other people are judging you.

9. Unprepared for an exam

Do you wake up in a panic and sweat, thinking that you have just entered an exam room and you have no idea of what will be on the test? This is quite common and refers to a lack of confidence and a need to move on to the next stage of your life.

10. Natural Disasters

Generally speaking, any kind of nightmare concerning a natural disaster is mirroring some kind of disaster that is threatening your life. The disaster will indicate a sense of impending fear or anxiety, as the weather cannot be predicted or tamed. The disaster is the person’s own anxiety and could relate to their relationship, their job, homework or finances.


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