Let’s explore the idea of 30-second meditation that can be performed anywhere and will work even for the busiest people.

Stress has become part of our lives, but that does not mean we should not do anything about it. This could lead to many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems that could bring our psyche down and drain out all the energy we have.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways of counteracting stress, but most of us, especially the busy ones, do not have the time to perform it every day. Even a 30-minute session of tranquility is too much to ask for the person on-the-go.

For some people, meditation can be torture especially when they have just started out. When they force their minds to concentrate on something irrelevant to them, conflict arises.

People most often give up because of this failure to initiate comfort, but what they don’t understand is that this is just the prelude to attaining peace. One must experience discomfort to gain pleasure and effectively release stress.

There are many ways to initiate meditation, but for those who cannot tolerate the pain of having to meditate for several minutes every day, they can perform 30-second meditation multiple times a day. This can amount to meditating for up to 20 minutes each day.

The 30-second meditation can be applicable anytime we are faced with something that causes us stress and anxiety. Even the smallest things that make us angry or impatient can accumulate and cause us to explode affecting not only our mood but the people around us as well.

We need to identify things and events that cause negativity and put us in a foul mood. Instead of focusing on these things, we focus on our breathing for thirty seconds. When you have done this effectively, you have already successfully performed 30-second meditation.

Here are 4 steps to effectively perform your 30-second meditation:

  1. Focus on your breathing without changing its normal pattern.
  2. After the first out-breath (exhalation) count 1.
  3. After the second out-breath count 2 and so forth until you reach 6.
  4. Then, you can resume whatever it is you were doing.

In doing this meditation, always remember to let your body breathe naturally. Once you are done, you can resume your task. Do this as often as you can in a day especially when you’re faced with something that could cause you to get angry.

This 30-second meditative exercise aims to make us aware of what we are doing to ourselves especially when we are on the verge of throwing a fit. We can be aware of our reactions and therefore, minimize whatever might cause harm towards us and the people around us.

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