Making promises is easy, but fulfilling them or achieving them with success is always a hard task to perform. We usually think of achieving unlimited goals, but due to different reasons, we may not achieve them perfectly.

Such cases mainly arise due to a lack of plans, passion, and hard work required to reach our destination. We always intend to act smart enough to achieve our goals, but in reality, our constant procrastination makes us fail to do so.

What Do New Year’s Resolutions Mean to Me?

I normally define my new year’s resolution as the task, which must be part of everyone’s to-do-list. I presume that if I cannot perform all the tasks mentioned in my list, I must consider myself the laziest person in the world.

Therefore, considering all tasks in my to-do-list achievable, I can achieve as many goals as I want.

Rule of Divisibility:

Instead of having infinite goals, I would rather divide or sub-categorize all of my goals into a small set of mini-goals. This will help me to achieve, what actually I want, in the fastest possible way.

Reduce Financial Stress:

I agree my previous financial year was a bit stressful, which is why I took a few short-term loans. This year, I will manage my money efficiently and will pay my liabilities on time. In case, if I have to take any loan to fulfill my urgent financial desires then I will prefer taking payday loans.

In this way, I will avoid taking my liabilities to the next year. I must say here that it is my resolution for 2013 in order to achieve the goal of the best financial life.

Spend Less and Get Best Outcomes:

Yes! I need to be smart now. Instead of wasting lots of money as I did in 2012 because of my poor financial management, I will prefer making a strategy with an aim to spend less and save more. Here my goal is to save money and for this, my resolution is to spend less.

Get Insured:

I have learned that taking insurance is the best tactic to minimize the potential risk, which is why I am planning to get income protection and a health insurance policy to achieve the goal of my secure financial and healthy life ahead.

Increase Your Social Network:

2012 has passed and now I am in 2013. I am thinking to do something different that I did not try before. I will talk to more people, explore my field, communicate with my field experts, make more public relations, help everyone around me, and much more, as I just want to expand my social network.

This social network will not help me in my personal, but also in my professional life.

Learn From Your Mistakes:

My most important resolution for 2013 is to learn from my mistakes. I will make an analysis of my works, efforts, decisions, inputs, outputs, and almost everything to make necessary changes for the upcoming year.

Smart Road Maps:

My goal will be to act smart, plan smart, and work smart for sure. I will define a road map to achieve efficiently, which I could not do in 2012.


If you will try to make a resolution list for next year, trust me the list will never end. Thus, the tip is to try to be realistic while making a checklist of your future goals. Whatever strategy you follow, remember that you need to stick to your resolution since the very first day in order to achieve the best results.

You will definitely feel the difference when you will compare the outcomes of performance and success ratio of 2012 and 2013 in terms of your personal and professional life.

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