Humans have the ability to use the “magic” non-local properties of complicated structures of qubits of the quantum computer.

It turns out that all esoteric practices inherently mean that a person is trying to switch brain activity from the standard mode of operation to a quantum power.

By processing information with mystical nature, we engage non-local entangled structures and make use of indirect messages, essentially performing something that aspires physicists who are working on making a quantum computer a reality!

Based on theoretical foundations of quantum mechanics it can be implied that for the additional quantum correlations to exist we must have the presence of traditional physics-based interactions.

That is, in order for our existence to have an opportunity to reflect back on itself and develop further, it needs to have a material basis, some type of a conductor in the physical world. The crystals of hydroxyapatite in brain’s grainy tissue can serve in this role and act as a physical basis for the quantum computer inside our brain.

By the way, during ultrasound screening, the pineal gland becomes visible in the human embryo around 49th day after conception, about the same time when it becomes possible to discern the gender of the baby. Nature manages to first form the processor of our future quantum computer, which, during later stages of development, is fitted with the rest of the required “hardware”.

This development begins with thin quantum levels, and if there is reincarnation, it is precisely at this time when the quantum astronomy for the next incarnation begins. According to Buddhist philosophy, a deceased person needs exactly 49 days to enter the next incarnation phase.

It turns out that, to some extent, the occultist philosophy about brain’s grainy tissue as the repository of psychic energy is somewhat true, as well as their point about the pineal gland being the link between the body and the mind (the seat of the soul).

This conclusion is supported by a quote from the book of M.P. Hall:

“A child usually lives within a distant world. The child’s s physical body is still controlled with difficulty, however, within those worlds, connected by the open doors of the pineal gland, the child has self-awareness and is active. Gradually, certain manifestations of higher consciousness are absorbed by the body and crystallize physically in the form of grainy tissue which can be detected in this gland. But until consciousness enters the body, there is no grainy tissues present in this gland. “

And what happens to a person who has the pineal gland removed?

After removal of the pineal gland people experience the so-called “bordering state.” Here is one of those descriptions:

parallel worlds“I’ve been watching a lot of neurosurgical patients who have had a epiphysis removed due to malignancies.

They exhibit a virtual bordering state existence, when they find themselves in illusory reality and in the present simultaneously. They exist in a vivid dream-like state, while being conscious, and can alternate between these two states of consciousness.

Experiments conducted with these patients revealed that their existence in this reality is different from the norm and it may seem odd to the casual observer.

It is interesting that these patients demonstrate a fully fixed gaze with a slightly perceptible movement of their eyes.

And even more interesting is that when they go through this reality, they move the same distance  within the other reality. One gentleman, whom I helped to get to the bathroom, stopped halfway and for some time he could not go any further due to the fact that in his other reality, he was at the horse races, and the spot where we stopped in the corridor of the hospital, was simultaneously perceived by him as the side of the racing track. We could not move further until the path in his way would become free of horses, which, in his mind, could knock him off his feet…”

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