Have you ever felt that your psychological age may exceed your chronological age?

People are often drawn to those who seem ‘wise beyond their years.’ There is something majestic about old souls who were seemingly born with a wealth of life experience. It’s normal to turn to such people for advice or solace, believing they can offer an outlook others can’t, and it’s often true.

So what’s the best way to know if you are one of those people whose psychological age is greater than their physical age?

1. You’re comfortable in your own skin

It’s often said that the older you get, the less you care about what others think. Young people tend to feel the pressure to fit in with their peers and focus more on being like other people, than being themselves. An old soul needs little validation, which is an admirable trait to strive towards.

2. You know what you like, and you know when to say no

You won’t find an old soul at the end of the party that should have finished three hours ago.

People whose psychological age is greater than their chronological one can recognise their own emotions, including when they’re not having a good time. And, rather than putting on a brave face, or downing another drink, they’re happy to be honest and just call it a night.

3. You can separate important issues from trivial things

It’s funny to look back on issues that seem so major when they are happening and laugh about how trivial they seem in hindsight. Whilst most people can only do this when a situation has passed, an old soul is better equipped to assess each situation as it arises and work out if it is likely to be of importance or not.

4. You let go

Forgiveness is perhaps one of the most valuable life skills to develop. People whose psychological age exceeds their chronological age know that holding grudges doesn’t serve anyone, and have learnt to let go. This is often why old souls seem to have a sense of ‘lightness’ around them because they are not carrying mental baggage.

5. You’ve cultivated your own taste

It takes time to discover what you really like in life. From black coffee to classical music, some taste definitely develops over time. Whilst some old souls seem to have been born with a passion for Chopin, other mature people simply refine their taste with age.

6. You are grateful every day

Knowing how lucky you are, comes with experience. Once you’ve gone through some of the life’s ups and downs, you truly begin to count your blessings. People whose psychological age exceeds their physical age seem to know this from birth, seemingly feeling lucky just to be here.

7. You can understand how you’re feeling

You’ll recognise this talent in most mature people you know. They just seem to sense how you are feeling without you telling them. Before you have to explain yourself, they’ve given a knowing nod, instantly putting you at ease to be yourself.

8. You plan ahead

Mature people know to have fun and be spontaneous, but they also consider the future. Saving money is a key indicator of maturity, knowing that it’s worth having a little bit less now, so you can have so much more in the future.

9. You care about the state of the world

On the whole, it’s the older generation who take more interest in current affairs and the environment. They seem more engaged with what’s happening now because they are considering how it will impact their generation and their children’s generation.

Old souls are often clued up on politics from a young age, so knowledge of how the world works is a clear sign of advanced psychological age.

10. You don’t focus on material goods

You’ll never see an old soul upgrading their phone just because a new version has come out. They make conscious decisions, based on what they need, not impulsive wants.

Do you consider yourself to be an old soul? Did any of these signs ring true for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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