How do you know if you have a mature soul and what does it reveal about you?

Being careless and impulsive has its excitements and occasional benefits, but standing on firm ground with your inner world is an accomplishment that will lead you to greater life experiences.

While not every mature soul claims he or she is happy, happiness is closely associated with having a seasoned reasoning ability and controlling your own actions and thoughts, just like many mature people do. It takes time and great effort to arrive at this destination, which, once you are there, you realize is only a point of departure to more work on yourself and your perceptions.

Here are some signs to help you distinguish that you’ve already accomplished inner mastery and are ready for new evolutions.

1. You locate yourself well

You know exactly where you are standing now, how you got there, where you are going and why you are doing it. This doesn’t mean you aren’t willing to consider reasonable arguments and change your direction.

Most likely, there is a number of things you want to change in your life, but you know them and have a clear action plan.

2. You have a life mission

There is something apart from the morning commute to work that makes you wake up in the morning. Call it your passion, your hobby, your purpose or your inner motives – but you feel it guiding you throughout all difficulties, hardships and simply slow periods of life.

If you are having trouble staying focused on your goals, break it into small consecutive portions and devote one hour every day to accomplish them.

3. You can distinguish goals from desires

They say that your body knows better what it wants and needs. However, the body is a highly sensitive system, and its radars are often obstructed by our brain and emotions.

People who have a mature soul try to stay away from momentary weaknesses and cultivate more healthy habits. It takes only 30 days to work out a habit and having a handful of healthy and beneficial habits is a machine that works for your wellbeing and happiness.

4. You are in charge of your actions

Mature souls take full responsibility for their actions and know what triggered or caused them. They analyze previous experiences and carry on the best solutions or lessons learned.

As a result, they are in full control of their life: it starts from little things, like not buying half of the department store because of a painful break-up, and goes on to more complicated situations, like when you don’t ignore a conflict but deliberately work it out.

5. You are open to new things

People who have a mature soul find the balance between knowing exactly what they want and being susceptible to new ideas. They pursue knowledge of any kind and aren’t afraid to change their views, beliefs or modify an already pre-mapped plan.

Such people are also keen on testing their own beliefs and the convictions of others and are convinced that nothing is for sure.

6. You can distinguish real leadership from mere displays of arrogance

Knowing when to let yourself be led by somebody who is more competent and experienced is what mature souls call wisdom. However, very often, we take external displays of knowledge and confidence for granted, letting egoistic and cocky individuals take the reins of power into their hands and use this influence to further bolster their self-esteem.

People who have a mature soul find their own idols and often have more than one great leader to learn from. This ability to learn from the best and not focus on one and only “right person or ideology” is what often makes them great leaders themselves.

7. You are kind and see the potential in everyone around you

You respect everyone’s right to their own opinion and treat everyone with dignity. You always try to bring out the best in the other person and focus on the positive side of things and the people around you.

8. You set high standards for yourself and are rarely satisfied with what you get

This is a downside of being a sensitive and deep being: you feel that what you already know doesn’t account even for the tenth of what you could know, so you always strive for more.

Perfectionism is a frequent trait among mature souls and knowing when to compliment yourself and move on to the next task is an important skill you have to learn and practice regularly.

9. You talk for the sake of healthy discussion and not to prove yourself right

Loving to get and share knowledge, people who have a mature soul greatly appreciate fruitful discussions but don’t impose their opinion on others. They have mastered the art of listening and hearing others to perfection.

10. You inspire people around you to positive actions

You can’t help it but wish all the best to people around you and they always try not to disappoint you. You motivate them to be better and go on with their great endeavors.

These are only some of the general signs that mean only one thing: if you see yourself having accomplished some of them or working on it, you are one of the great personalities of this world and can influence it for the better.

What do you call a mature soul and who is an example of one for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Wonderful article. I checked that I 4 out of the 10 signs but I won’t consider that number that I have a mature soul. I still have a lot to experience in life.

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    Wonderful article.

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    I don’t possess a single quality on that list!

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  6. But old soul and mature soul are not much different

    But old soul and mature soul are not much different how will i know

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