4 Unusual Signs Of Intelligence That Show You Might Be Smarter Than Average

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If you think you are smart, you might want to take an IQ test to prove it. However, science has recently discovered a few rather unusual signs of intelligence that you probably haven’t even considered. These 4 unusual signs of intelligence are... 1. You're politically liberal. Smart people tend to be socially liberal in their [...]

What Are the Four Agreements and How They Can Change Your Life Forever

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In the best-selling book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz gives four principles to practice in order to create love, happiness, and peace in your life. Living by these simple yet powerful agreements can be one of the most challenging, but also life-changing things you will ever do. The agreements are rooted in traditional Toltec [...]

7 Symptoms of Low-Frequency Vibration and How to Fix Them

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Are you feeling less yourself? Do you feel sick or fatigued most of the time? You may have a low-frequency vibration. There’s more to the human body than meets the eye. Not only are we capable of all sorts of miraculous deeds and intellectual ponderings, are can also vibrate to the tune of all existence [...]

Feel Angry All the Time? 10 Things That May Be Hiding Behind Your Anger

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Do you feel angry all the time? There may be some hidden reasons for that. Is your anger getting out of control? Is it getting harder and harder to stop flaring up at people? Do you wonder why you always tend to use anger instead of other emotions in stressful situations? Getting angry is not [...]

8 Seemingly Negative Personality Traits You Should Actually Be Proud of

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These negative personality traits shouldn't make you feel bad if you have them. Many of the personality traits that we have been taught are bad, and encouraged to eradicate from our lives, have a surprising number of benefits. So it is worth taking a closer look at our negative personality traits or so-called ‘bad habits’ [...]

3 Major Mistakes That Stop You from Reaching Your Goals in Life

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Reaching your goals isn't easy as you may already know. Mistakes are part of your life, but you must be more careful and learn from them. As we set our goals in life, we have to plot out a course to reach them. We work hard in school in hopes of getting into the educational [...]

7 Simple Things That Even the Smartest People Tend to Forget

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You might be incredibly smart, with the IQ score and the degrees to prove it. You might have scored impressive grade point averages all through school. You might hold a very high-level job or make a huge amount of money – both indications of smartness. Smart is as smart does, though. Smart people tend to [...]

16 Powerful Ways to Use More of Your Brain

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If knowledge is power, then so is the brain. Brain power is not something that should decline over the years. You should exercise your brain daily to improve your cognitive abilities and gain knowledge about different things, ideas and experiences. Here are 16 ways to use more of your brain and boost its power. 1. [...]

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