Is reincarnation a reality? Does a soul exist? The human soul is a topic of much speculation and wonder. Many people don’t believe in the existence of a soul, and a lot of arguments have been constructed which suggest consciousness is derived from other sources.

I’ve even written an article that described one of these theories, relating synapses firing in our brains to the creation of our consciousness. This article, however, is approaching the topic from a completely different perspective, as it’s important to maintain an open mind when dealing with speculative understanding. Is reincarnation a reality? Today, we will explore available evidence that suggests that reincarnation might be real.

While it can’t be quantified by the scientific method (an empirical measurement) in a physical sense, but the evidence and unexplainable recorded events can be measured well enough.

Varying Beliefs in Reincarnation

A lot of different beliefs about what exactly reincarnation is have surfaced over the years. Some believe that reincarnation is a cyclic occurrence that is able to be used to attain ultimate enlightenment.

This particular belief uses a symbol referred to as Kundalini, which is represented by a snake wrapping around all seven chakras. Eventually, after enough lives have been lived as a good person and specific stipulations have been fulfilled, the individual will either go insane or become enlightened.

Another theory suggests that immediately as we pass from our existence we are transferred into a new life, specifically human. Yet another belief maintains we can be reincarnated as animals and insects.

There are even those who believe that we all get to choose who, what, and when we are reincarnated; some advocates of this theory have entertained the possibility that we can even metaphorically write out our goals and destiny in our next life before we are born into it, potentially with the guidance of angels while looking upon the soon-to-come events from Heaven.

One consistency found in all of these beliefs is the existence of the conscious soul. A spirit form of ourselves which is comprised of a unique energy structure, unique vibrational “song”, and a different form of memory and personality than we typically associate with our lives.

Is Reincarnation a Reality and Is There Any Scientific Evidence of It?

Aside from using abductive reasoning and forming a hypothesis based around accounts of out of body experience, astral projection, and other similar phenomena, a possible hint at the existence of a soul can be better found in the verifiable recognition of past lives.

There have been various circumstances in which young children will recount events and friends from their alleged past life, or phobias and birthmarks synonymous with the alleged previous life have been confirmed.

In fact, the high quantity of cases that were considered worth investigating, just discovered by Ph.D. Ian Stevenson (former chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Virginia School of Medicine), were so many that it wasn’t even fathomable to investigate all of them.

The statistics and data from just this one research team took over 40 years to accumulate and are based on investigations into over 3000 stories.

Quote from Dr. Stevenson’s article, Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons: “About 35% of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated.”

Stories of Past Lives

In one study, three individual children were looked at in great detail. Roughly 30-40 accounts, ranging from names of previous acquaintances, personalities, occupations of people they were associated with, with verified as factual.

These particular individuals also had some physical characteristic similarities to the recounted past life and depicted birthmarks associated with trauma in their past life. Some of these accounts even took belongings and possessions into consideration, which were easily confirmed.

In fact, one of my personal high-school friends was shocked about a year ago when her son began explaining who he was, first and last name, his job, and a lot of other minor details.

Upon some research, Cassie and I found that her son, Royce, was correct in what he was saying and that the particular person he described had passed away only a few months before Royce was born. Obviously, I didn’t go to the level of talking to relatives of this referenced person but found it fascinating nonetheless.

So, while the soul is a topic of much speculation, it seems like the biggest advocate for proving its existence is the study into reincarnation. There are many stories of this kind working in favor of the belief of reincarnation. Are they true and do those children indeed remember their past lives? No one knows for sure. Is reincarnation a reality? It might be, according to this study, but its results are still not enough to provide a conclusive answer.

One thing to keep in mind, which occurred to me during my research while writing this article, is that the potential exists for all of this evidence to actually point a completely different direction.

For the sake of maintaining an open mind, consider for a moment that the same evidence applies to the theory of the Akashic Records, which I have written an in-depth article on. It could be that such a young and open mind is able to draw the memories from a specific individual with a similar consciousness code… Still, though, it could very well be that this evidence is favoring the idea of reincarnation.

Is reincarnation a reality? According to science, there is no conclusive evidence. However, you may draw your own conclusions. After all, it’s a controversial topic that highly depends on your personal beliefs.

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  1. Luke

    REALITY ? Reality is an illusion, we all make our own reality. Though we have some shared experiences reality is our own creation, ‘a projection an illusion’.
    SOUL: Some religions in the mis-translations and teachings have given many the wrong idea on ‘Soul’.
    It is our Consciousness that has many different experiences, consciousness is the senses for Soul. Soul resides within ‘source’ consciousness sends information back to Soul, the same way these human bodies have senses and send information back to consciousness.
    There is no death.
    There is no afterlife.
    There is no ‘going to another place’.
    It is the continuation of experiences. We already exist in all dimensions it is a shift in focus that changes from this 3D illusionary world to the next. No death, just a continuation and shift in focus from consciousness.
    We dont tranfare in to a new life …our focus is moved in to a new experience.

    To discover the truth, you have to put aside any teachings you have recieved from religions and science’s, these will only cloud any discovery you make because you went in to it with an already set Mind.
    Forget all the indoctrination and conditioning that you have recieved …now go meditate and ask.
    Have a happy adventure 🙂

  2. Luke

    Bio Quote “…since I am able to see energy”

    You cannot see electrical or magnetic energy, you can see the effects given from them but you don’t see energy.
    Many forms of energy from the spectrum are passing through and around us you see them ? No, you don’t see energy you see some of the effects from that energy, it is still an invisible force that you cannot see.

    1. Nick Harding

      You are right, Luke, good observation. You understand why I didn’t want to spell all of that out in my biography, though, I hope…

  3. Thomas

    I certainly do believe in rebirth at this juncture in my journey however there are some times when I’m doubtful . I will never forget years ago I watched a documentary about a hospital in NY that specifically specializes in rehabilitating coma patients that are just waking up . The film crew was allowed to be filming when the patient opened his or her eyes for the first time ever after being in a long term coma and remained for several months into the rehab what I will never forget is how animated puppet like the patients looked eyes rolling around blank faces heads bobbing as if something or someone else was pulling the strings not a soul or a spirit rather the patients just looked like puppets nothing in the eyes looks alive rather just empty voids and slowly regaining the motor skills to function or operate again just like a machine . It was eerie to me and it still is because to this day I can see people who are healthy and fine but they emmulate that puppet look that machine look behind the eyes and that’s when I have my doubts concerning rebirth or a soul or consciouness or energy in our physical incarnation like maybe we are empty but just juiced up with a life force of sorts to run our machine . Anyhow I hope I’m wrong the evidence points towards a spirit of sorts or energy or whatever we want to name it if I must define my ideology Buddhism would certainly be my first choice along with ethereal science .

    1. Konrad

      You know that buddhsits don’t belive in an imortal soul right? You might want to google the word “Anatta”.

  4. Wendy

    Many who believe in reincarnation openly admit that they are in contact with what they call “spirit guides” or “entities” that either speak to the dead for them or are the dead. They believe what these entities speak because they are experiencing their presence. Many believe these spirits are telling the truth because they are “clothed in light”. Let’s read who can cloth himself in light from God’s word. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan has deceived millions of people this way! This is why God tells us in His word to not speak with familiar spirits (channeling) or practice necromancy (speaking to the dead). These things are clearly forbidden in the scriptures and are an atrocity to a holy God who hates these evil occult practices; “When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee” (Deuteronomy 18:9-12).

    These entities are in reality demons (devils) that speak deception. They twist the truth of God into a lie and oppose Him for all He is. Souls do not transmigrate (to move or pass from one place or body to another), but demons do. These clever spirits enter into human beings who willingly open themselves up to them and communicate this false information to them. Demons take the identity of someone who they had once inhabited in the past, a person they were familiar with. This lie compels the person who allows them to come in to believe they were actually that person in their past life. The only evidence for reincarnation is people’s personal experiences, and giving heed to practices God had forbidden

    1. Ronna

      Wendy, no where in the above article does it say, that people who believe in reincarnation speak to entities. The spirit guide, or elders, that you are loosely referring to, are present BETWEEN two separate lives, not during. You are making it sound like people who believe in reincarnation have saunces and talk to demons and spirits, which is compleytely, 100% WRONG. You sound like you want to use your Christian beliefs to argue with people about their beliefs. Which is also 100% WRONG. Go do real research before you create such a rant, because you are very ignorant of the subject. Nothing you said has ANYTHING to do with reincarnation.

    2. Genaro

      Wendy, you may want to re-read the Book of Matthew because Jesus clearly said twice that John the Baptist was the Prophet Elias in Matthew. Elias lived a thousand years before John the Baptist.

      Are you saying Jesus was a liar?

    3. Mike Cisneros

      Souls don’t move from one place to another? What do you call “going to heaven”?


    According to materialists the soul does not exist and that consciousness itself is an illusion. The mind has no innate material/spirit properties which could be likened to a soul. They claim that consciousness emerges inside the brain, and the mind itself cannot incarnate from this life to the next because it does not exist in the first place, and therefore ‘dissipates’ to where it first emerged from – nowhere. Quite how consciousness emerges from nowhere and returns to nowhere is never convincingly explained by these men of science who normally insist on empirical data when making scientific observations.

    Nothing in Nature emerges from nowhere and returns to nowhere. Every single molecule of matter and energy in this universe has existed since the beginning of time. This energy/matter is finite and cannot be destroyed, and is subject to the laws of physics. Yet according to science the mind is the only thing in existence in the entire universe that literally does not exist.

    If my consciousness came about by ‘pure chance’ why can’t it reappear again by pure chance?

    What mechanism is hardwired into the fabric of the universe that allows my consciousness to come into existence the one-time-only?

    What is the difference between the ‘state of being unborn’ and the ‘state of being dead’?

    From a ‘consciousness’ point of view, ‘unborn’ and ‘dead’ are clearly two identical states of non-existence. And yet I came into this life from one state that is the very same state I shall go back to after I depart from this mortal coil.

    Atheists being the materialists they inevitably are, will state that once you are dead, you are dead for all eternity. There is no debate to be had.

    According to these sceptics all minds that have ever existed, in all living things, in the entire universe, since the Big Bang, and possibly, countless other Big Bangs, are unique minds that will cease to exist after their death.

    If there really exists an infinite number of potential minds, that would logically mean that any unique mind that could come into existence, won’t come into existence, because of the infinite number of unique minds that have yet to come into existence in the eternal future. Meaning that my ‘first and only’ appearance into this world was infinitely improbable due to the infinity of unique minds waiting to emerge into existence. Yet somehow, despite literally the never ending odds stacked against me from coming into this world, I somehow still managed to become conscious and aware.

    I believe consciousness is both causal (the evolution and complexity of the brain itself) and nonlocal (the brain is a receiver animated by ‘something extra’) which science is currently unable to explain by empirical means.

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