What Is a Kundalini Awakening and How Do You Know If You’ve Had One?

///What Is a Kundalini Awakening and How Do You Know If You’ve Had One?

Kundalini awakening is associated with Kundalini energy, which is the divine feminine energy represented as a coiled snake located at the base of the spine.

This force is the energizing potential of life itself. Kundalini energy lies dormant in most people, like a sleeping serpent. However, when she begins to awaken, this can lead to a profound spiritual experience.

What is a Kundalini awakening?

A Kundalini awakening is when this dormant force starts to rise up through the body, cleansing and awakening spiritual energies as it travels. It is the reuniting of the separate self with the universal divine, resulting in spiritual awakening.

In essence, a Kundalini awakening is a process of expanding beyond the boundaries of human form. It is the understanding that you are everything and everything is you.

This can be a wonderful experience accompanied by a sense of wholeness and bliss. However, it can be intense and is not something to be forced or taken lightly. Spiritual development, as I am sure you know, is not all sunshine and rainbows; it can be deep and painful work. Experiencing an awakening can force you to deal with unresolved issues, emotions and blockages. But the results of this work can be astounding. You will achieve bliss, peace and union with the divine.

How does Kundalini Awaken?

A Kundalini can awaken in two different ways. Firstly, it can happen suddenly and dramatically as a result of trauma, injury or illness, or from the misuse of drugs. When an awakening happens in this way, it can often be too traumatic for a person to deal with.

The second way Kundalini energy awakens is by spiritual work including yoga, chakra cleansing and deep meditation. This is the best way for Kundalini to awaken as you have time to adjust to the steady increase in energy. A gradual process of awakening does not overwhelm you with intense experiences that you cannot understand or integrate.

How do I know if I’ve had a Kundalini Awakening?

While a Kundalini awakening can be an intense experience, involving surges of power coursing through the body, it is not always this way. Though a Kundalini awakening will usually be accompanied by feelings of heat or energy rising within the body, it can be a more gentle process.

There may be times of bliss, but there will also be times when issues that you thought you had worked through will rise to the surface of consciousness once more. An awakening can also be sensed as a deep desire to experience the Divine.

Why you shouldn’t force a Kundalini awakening

A Kundalini awakening can be an intense experience that feels almost violent. This is often the case if it comes about because of trauma or drug use. It is essential never to force this kind of awakening, by, for example, taking mind-altering substances, because the results may be too much for you to handle.

A Kundalini awakening will take you to the edge of all you thought you knew and can be deeply destabilizing. Forcing an awakening can cause mental breakdown and psychosis.

How to prepare for a Kundalini Awakening

If you desire to have this kind of force and energy in your life, you can make ready for it by cleansing and preparing your body. Eating healthily, and removing as many toxins from your daily life as possible can help.

Next, you might choose to take up or intensify a practice of yoga and meditation. You might also like to study the subtle energy systems and start to gently cleanse the chakras through meditation and visualization.

You may find that as you intensify your spiritual practice, things will come up that you need to address, including memories, negative emotions, past traumas and behaviors that are no longer serving you. As you clear these issues away, you are making the path clear for Kundalini energy to rise. Stay with the process, surrender to the divine and accept the flow of grace and love.

What is the point of Kundalini awakening?

The point of awakening is not to transcend our material life but to integrate an understanding of the universal energy into our present human manifestation. As we become awakened, we allow universal life energy to flow through our entire being. In this way, we achieve our fullest experience of being both human and divine.

A Kundalini awakening involves deep work but the result will be experiencing life more completely, feeling more alive, more passionate, more joyful and more loving.

This is not a path to be taken lightly. It is not the path for anyone who wants to remain in comfortable ignorance or who is not honestly prepared to struggle with all the issues the process will raise. Before you embark on this journey, be sure it is one you truly desire, because, once awakened, Kundalini does not go back to sleep.


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