Secret of genius revealed

///Secret of genius revealed

genius einsteinA team of U.S. scientists discovered what is the key of genius. For several years they have been studying brain structure of people with high intelligence and came to interesting conclusions.

It was discovered that truly ingenious ideas come to those people who think slowly.

At the moment of thinking brain areas, responsible for visual perception and sensory information, are highly concentrated with NAA molecules. These molecules are responsible for originality of thought and creative solutions.
The molecular motion of NAA in people with high IQ is slower than in those with lower intelligence.

Scientists have described the process of generating breakthrough ideas. Due to some structural features of their brain, highly intelligent people think more slowly than others, but almost always find a unique solution to a particular problem.

Incidentally, a scientific genius Albert Einstein was famous for slow thinking. He used to think for hours on any issue, and the results you know…

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    Deep waters flow slowly…

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Secret of genius revealed