Making a healthy diet chart is easy but following the same is tough. Most people are aware of the ways to make a diet chart that has got all the nutritional requirements.

Moreover, they know the health benefits of low salt and fatty food consumption. As a result, health-conscious people add more fresh fruits, green vegetables, and lean proteins to their diet.

However, they need to learn how to stick to their diet chart that will help them to stay slim and fit in this life.

Tips to stick to your healthy diet chart

One has to follow the below discussed tips in order to stick his/her diet plan:

Meal schedule

One has to make a meal schedule, besides making a diet chart. This is because most professionals face the challenging task of preparing dinner after the entire day’s work.

Due to this fact, many drift from a healthy diet while returning from their workplace and queue up in front of the fast-food joints so as to gorge on ready-made delicacies. So, one has to make a week’s schedule of all the meals and their menu for each day. Moreover, one should get all the necessary ingredients required beforehand.

Food book

It is important to keep a record of all the foods consumed on a regular basis. One must note down food items consumed on a daily basis and the time of consumption.

In addition, one needs to mention in the book the feeling experienced after eating them. As a result, one can locate bad eating habits and so, it would provide the impetus to change oneself from a junk food addict to a healthy diet follower.


This is one of the most crucial for a successful diet regime. One has to evaluate one’s own performance in following the diet plan.

Additionally, making others aware of one’s effort will create the urge to carry on with one’s healthy eating habits. In this case, one’s friends and relatives will help in to control gorging on fast foods and thus prevent losing the conviction to stay on a healthy diet.

Finally, while shopping for groceries one must try to include those food items which he/she did not eat before. This way it will make the day’s menu a bit different and interesting too.

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    Keep a Food Log – Following a fixed timetable for meals could be a more effective process of dieting than attempting to cut out fatty foods, say experts. People who snack on healthy food can put on fat if their eating styles are not maintained…

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