• main causes of bullying

7 Main Causes of Bullying That Explain Why Children Become Bullies

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Bullies aren’t just bad kids or evil people. There are many causes of bullying that might surprise you. I was bullied in school, so bad that I developed psychological issues. At one point, it was so bad that I couldn’t even stay in school for more than 2 hours a day. My father would take [...]

  • road rage psychology

The Psychology of Road Rage Explained: Why Do We Get Mad When Driving?

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Have you ever shouted obscenities at a passing driver for the smallest thing but felt completely justified? Are you usually mild-mannered but find that behind the wheel of a car you're a totally different person? You’re probably prone to road rage. But what causes it and why do normal people react in this aggressive way? [...]

  • Aggressive Behavior Childhood Roots

5 Causes of Aggressive Behavior That Have Childhood Roots

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Can aggressive behavior be because of an overreaction to certain situations, or does it have deeper roots? When you look at all the violence that's around us, it seems easy to put blame on it. We also might feel that it's just our human nature to have aggressive behavior and there's nothing that we can [...]

  • How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive People

How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive People and Stop Their Toxic Influence

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If there are passive-aggressive people in your life, you will want to know how to deal with them. Those of us who are straight-talking and no-nonsense types, nothing gets on our nerves more than passive-aggressive people. It is one of the most insidious and underhand ways of dealing with conflict. So why do some people [...]

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Passive-Aggressive Personality and How to Recognize It

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A passive-aggressive personality is undoubtedly the most frustrating personality type to come across. By the time you’ve worked out that someone is being passive-aggressive, you have already thought that you were the one going mad. Passive-aggressive behaviour is defined as ‘indirect expression of hostility through passive methods.’ So how can you spot a passive-aggressive person [...]