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10 Psychological Complexes That May Be Secretly Poisoning Your Life

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Psychological complexes are distorted sensory and thought patterns that lead to unnatural behavior and are typically deep-rooted in a person’s psyche. Psychological complexes affect how a person sees themselves, how they behave towards others and can have a huge impact on that person’s life. It is not known how a person acquires a psychological complex, [...]

What Your Eye Contact Says about You in a Conversation (and How to Master It)

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Your eye contact says a lot of things about you in a conversation. You’re talking to someone. They keep looking over your shoulder. They’re clearly not listening to you. In fact, you suspect they’re scanning the room to see if there’s anyone more interesting to talk to. Ouch. How does this make you feel? Not [...]

How Can the Brain of 80 Years Old “Super Agers” Stay Young?

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American scientists have found that the brain of some elderly people remains in the condition of 30 years old. Scientists have found that the human brain at 80-years old is able to work the same well as at 30. The answer to the question of how to achieve this can help science treat Alzheimer’s disease. [...]

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Foods that increase your brain efficiency

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According to many surveys that have been done until now, having a proper breakfast improves memory, enhances attention, and tends to increase your brain efficiency. In recent years, a plethora of research states that eating omega-3 fatty acids is essential for proper functioning and development of the brain since it enhances memory and concentration and [...]

Concentration as a tool for success and ways to enhance it

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Many people experience difficulties when making important decisions, when it is necessary to focus and think seriously about something. But instead, their head is a mess, and they can’t make any decision. The reason is lack of concentration. Our attention is dynamic and constantly strives to move from one object to another, which makes people [...]

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Learning foreign languages enhances the brain

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Learning of a second foreign language is particularly beneficial not only for one’s curriculum but also for the brain, according to new scientific research, which comes to confirm previous studies claiming that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a beneficial form of education of the brain, which enhances concentration, attention, memory, etc. Researchers from the Northwestern [...]

Exercise to improve visual attention

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Flow of information, expansion of human contacts, development of various forms of popular culture, the growing pace of life – these all lead to an increasing demand in knowledge needed for modern life. One of the essential conditions for successful learning is a development of attention. Attention is one of the phenomena of orienting-investigatory activity. [...]