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8 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter

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Survival of the fittest calls for growing, developing, learning, and adapting at a faster rate than like-species in your surroundings. Even if you’re not interested in competing with others, being able to “make a living” requires some tact and intellect that may be superior in some way or the other compared to others. This is [...]

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5 Reasons Why Hobbies Improve Our Lives, and Some You Should Try

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Think back to the time when you were young and you found yourself utterly lost in an activity. Perhaps you were drawing or coloring, immersed in an imaginary world with your toys, or lying on the floor putting together puzzle pieces, completely unaware of outside cares or distractions. Now, remember how little stress you felt. Could [...]

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Science Reveals How Music Can Benefit Your Brain

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We all love music. Sometimes all it takes is one song to completely alter our mood and prepare us for the day ahead. But how does it actually do that? What happens when our brains hear the music? Recent scientific studies reveal how music can benefit your brain and what exactly happens in different brain [...]

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Bilingual People’s Brains Work in a Different, More Effective Way

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Remember when schools used to mandate learning a second language? Sometimes they would go as far as bringing in the native speaking teachers to help with the process? Well, now we are starting to understand why learning a second language is so vital. Not only does it help increase the grey matter in our brain, [...]

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Learning New Words Stimulates the Same Brain Areas as Chocolate, Sex and Drugs

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If you like having sex, eating chocolate or taking drugs (or all of the above), you are going to love learning new words. No, seriously, learning is just as stimulating and exciting as either of these “fun-filled” activities. Not saying that drug use is good or anything, it’s just that the high of reaching drug [...]

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4 Ways to Utilize Technology in Informal Education

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Before academic institutions were established, informal education already existed. It takes on different forms and now, more than ever, proves to be a good way for any individual to learn. But first, we must define this concept. Informal education basically covers every aspect of learning that doesn't take place in a normal school setting. Homeschooling, [...]

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10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape

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How to make your brain work more productively? Here are 10 popular ways to keep your brain sharp. 1. Physical activity Physical exercise does not only keep muscles in tone but also has a positive impact on the overall health of the brain because intense movements improve the blood supply to the muscles and brain. Exercises, [...]