Do you know why children easily learn new things? Because they are constantly training their brains. Memory is a very powerful tool, but it becomes weak if it is not used for a long time. What can you do to enhance your memory and make your brain stay active and productive?

We offer you 10 ways to enhance your memory and personal effectiveness.

1. Learn something new

Think about what you would like to learn and start. It may be a new hobby, such as painting or horseback riding. Try yourself in writing a poem or a fairytale. Do something you have never done before and let your brain actively participate in it.

This is a sure way to boost your overall cognitive function, not just memory.

2. Read good books

When reading a book, your brain is “forced” to memorize information about the characters and events of the book. Images that arise in the brain stimulate your imagination. So, reading enhances your memory, enhances your brain power, and enriches your vocabulary.

3. Don’t get stuck in the familiar routines

Try to make unfamiliar actions and take spontaneous decisions. For instance, you can replace your usual breakfast with something new, or try to learn to write with your non-dominant hand, or change your everyday route to/from work.

4. Sleep well

Eight hours of sleep are essential for maintaining your brain in a good condition. All day long, your brain solves various problems and faces different challenges, so it needs a good rest at night in order to effectively solve your problems again tomorrow.

5. Computer Games

Gamers will be glad to know that they do not just waste their time spending hours at the monitor but also train their brains. However, half an hour or one hour of the game is sufficient for daily brain training, but not the whole evening or day.

Try to choose intellectual or logical games where you have to think, choose the best strategy, and plan your steps. If you have a routine job, then a half-hour game will help your brain stay active.

6. Learn poetry

How many poems do you know by heart? Little children know dozens of poems. So you can learn nursery rhymes with your children or memorize some classic or contemporary poems. This way, you will not only train your memory but will also touch beauty. And one day, you will surprise your colleagues or family members, reciting some poem.

7. Language learning

Learning a foreign language ​​is not only a great workout for the brain, but it also can be useful in life. The point is to learn at least ten new words a day. When you master this pace, you can move to something more difficult such as, for example, learning phrases and idioms instead of words.

8. Enrich your vocabulary

Try to discover new words every day. These can be words of general use or those on your subject/interest. Use a dictionary for unknown words or pick synonyms for already known words. Also, try to use new words in your speech.

9. Work with numbers

Do you easily do mental arithmetic? Well, I am sure you cannot imagine your life without calculators or computers. However, mental calculation not only makes your brain work but is a sure way to enhance your memory as well.

For example, you can start with such a simple thing as calculating the cost of your purchases at the supermarket.

10. Tell about the past

Try to tell someone about how your day was yesterday, starting with the end, i.e. first tell what you did in the evening, then – during the day, and finally – in the morning. Recalling the events of the near or distant past, you will enhance your memory and will not let it erase this information as unnecessary.

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