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5 reasons not to worry about what will happen on December 21, 2012

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People who love all kinds of conspiracy theories and who believe that the heads of government, along with the senior officials and the richest people of the world, know something that “mere mortals” do not know, worry in particular about what will happen on December 21, 2012, states British psychologist Steven Blackburn. […]

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What is really going to happen in December, 2012?

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Lately many talk of what might happen in 2012, presenting and discussing different scenarios. Few are those who say that something good is going to happen. And of course many are those who say that absolutely nothing will happen. Some describe the end of the world with all the disasters the human mind can imagine. [...]

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10 scenarios for the destruction of the world

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Here are the 10 most popular scenarios for the destruction of the world in 2012, according to the Telegraph newspaper. This disaster, which according to some people will occur at the end of the year, may take the form of an extraterrestrial attack or occur because of the destruction of the Sun, the Earth’s collision [...]

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Newly found Mayan calendar disproves the apocalypse of 2012

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If you are affected by claims about the end of the world in December 2012 predicted by Maya, you can relax. The oldest calendars of the lost pre-Columbian civilization that came to light by American archaeologists do not “conceive” something like this. Instead, they predict that the world will continue its course untroubled for many [...]

Mayan crystal skull believed to save the world from Apocalypse gets broken off

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The end of the world came even closer, as a careless move of a German became a bad omen, according to the Mayan prophecies. During photography session in a studio in Germany a skull made of volcanic rock, which once belonged to the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler, fell out of the hands of [...]

The end of the world won’t come in 2012!

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Nowadays, everyone talks about the end of the world, predicted by the Mayan civilization. According to the famous calendar, at the end of December, 2012 the current cycle or the “Era of the Fifth Sun” will end, and a new era will come, followed by various disasters. However, despite a lot of different theories, scientists [...]