Board of Imagination: a futuristic mind-controlled skateboard

board of imaginationAmerican company unveiled the prototype of a skateboard that reads the user’s brain waves and understands in what direction and at what speed to move.

The Chaotic Moon Labs has originally developed a skateboard equipped with the sensing device Kinect by Microsoft, which allows the driver to turn by gestures. (more…)

Mind-reading device can convert thoughts into words

mind reading deviceNeuroscientists have made another important step in “reading” of the human mind, aiming to “listen” and to decipher thoughts through monitoring of the brain waves that correspond to the silent speech or the inner dialogue that is constantly taking place in our minds.

The group of researchers, led by Brian Paisley and Robert Knight, professor of psychology and neuroscience of the University of California-Berkeley, has managed to “translate” the electrical brain waves into words. (more…)

A System That Allows You to Control Home Appliances with Your Mind

Italian scientists from the Roman Research Institute “Santa Lucia Foundation” have created an experimental model of a system that allows people with disabilities to control home appliances with their minds. The so-called ASPICE project involves a system that makes it possible for a disabled person to easier interact with the…