• Introverted Teenager

How to Raise an Introverted Teenager: 10 Tips for Parents

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It’s time for hard facts. This world is an extroverted one, and the outgoing get the most out of it. How does a concerned parent raise an introverted teenager and help them to thrive? Socialising is an integral part of life as a teen. The teen years are the ones when young people find out [...]

  • teen angst

Teen Angst: 7 Signs Your Teen Is Suffering and How to Help Them

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Teenagers seem rude, lazy, and just plain strange, don’t they? Well, it’s not really their fault. You’re simply witnessing teen angst at work. There’s a creature, clad in dark hoodie, which makes odd groans and speaks in alien languages. No, it’s not a monster, it’s only a teenager suffering from angst. Teen angst turns a [...]

  • teen depression

Teen Depression: How to Recognize That Your Teenager Is Suffering and How to Help Them

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Teen depression can affect any teenager from any background and should not be confused with normal stroppy teenager behaviour. It is far more serious and can sometimes have fatal consequences. Because of this, it is vital that the signs of teen depression are picked up quickly. But why are teenagers so vulnerable to depression? Why [...]

  • new distant Planet Discovered by 15-Year-Old

New Distant Planet Discovered by 15-Year-Old Teenager

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It’s become a common event, finding new planets beyond our solar system. Tom Wagg, however, was the youngest person to make such a discovery, which is uncommon to say the least. According to a press release from Keene University in England, Wagg was only 15 years old when making this epic find. The Location Located [...]

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Mental Health Issues Faced by Teenagers

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Teens are just as vulnerable to developing mental health disorders as adults. In fact, some mental illnesses develop in the teen years. Other conditions, considered to be “disorders” rather than mental illnesses, such as oppositional defiant disorder, may exist in the teen alongside such illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Some mental [...]