There has always been an interest in the speculation of life on other planets. Lately, almost everyone believes that extraterrestrials do, in fact, exist. Among the billions of galaxies besides our own, life just has to thrive in some form, right?

Even in our own “hometown” scientists have found the basic building blocks of life. So, with this being said, why hasn’t life, from somewhere in the universe, made contact with us? By taking a look at these 11 very popular ideas, we may understand why our planet is not having visitors.

1. One idea revolves around the preference of some beings to keep to themselves as not to draw attention.

Maybe extraterrestrials are just as scared of us as we are of them. The universe can be very dangerous and so can alien life forms. Maybe they haven’t come knocking because they are scared out of their wits.

2. Authority on earth may not be the only form of authority.

In fact, somewhere in space, there may be an intelligent race just waiting to lay down the law. This is called the Prime Directive Effect. If they do not like what we are doing, they could well have the ability to wipe us from existence. If there is a SAI (super intelligence) then the whole galaxy could be in trouble. These beings may be positioned among the stars, away from any probing eyes of technology.

3. It may be that everyone is doing the same thing. Maybe other beings are listening to us as we are to them.

Although we do practice Active SETI (deliberate transmission of high-powered radio signals), we have decided to start listening more. If other beings in the universe have made the same decisions, then our intentions are running parallel. This may be the answer to little contact in the past and it may be the outcome for quite some time in the future.

4. Home entertainment could be a reason why aliens do not travel far and wide, reaching our atmosphere.

There could possibly be way too much going in their own galaxy to bother with others. If technology is so far advanced with these civilizations, supercomputers and simulated universes could be all the rage. In this case, who cares about a few monkeys on a blue ball?

5. Milan M. Cirkovic and Robert Bradbury suggest that extraterrestrial life may all be congregating at the edge of the galaxy.

The reason for this speculation is purely based on artificial intelligence. Machine-based civilizations and massive computers will tend to overheat in warmer areas of the galaxy, and we all know that the further we travel outward, the cooler it gets. The outer rims would be perfect for intelligent advanced life forms.

6. The answer could also be found in Panspermia.

The idea of Panspermia suggests that aliens are our ancestors and have no need to return to their seeding grounds. This is a very sound and interesting theory.

7. Another great guess as to why aliens are not greeting earthlings can be attributed to the frequency of gamma-ray bursts.

Due to this frequency, intelligent life is continually being wiped out. The good news is that gamma ray burst frequency is slowing down, so it is possible that there will be a vast increase in intelligent life.

8. The reason for the absence of aliens could be as simple as miscommunication.

While we are utilizing the communication tactics that we are familiar with, they will be doing the same thing-probably. In fact, they could actually be using laser lights to try and make contact with signals. Intelligent life may also be using electromagnetic or gravitational signals, and language that is beyond our understanding of physics.

9. Maybe, on the other hand, we aren’t being visited, because we aren’t real.

We could actually be a computer simulation of what we see as life. Everything around us could just be an advanced computer program monitored by our creator. This creator could be experimenting with us because, maybe, just maybe, they do not understand where they came from either.

10. Another simple theory could be that we are in a zoo of sorts.

Here on earth, we keep animals in cages and visit them on special occasions. To other beings, we could be the entertainment instead. Aliens could be observing us, as if we were caged beasts, primitive in language and with dangerous intentions.

11. Better yet, we could simply be too strange and gross for highly intelligent life forms.

To us, being made from muscle and bone seems normal. To other life forms, being made from “meat” could be very strange, even to the point of frightening aliens and keeping them away from our civilizations. Author Terry Bisson wrote a short story called “They’re made out of Meat”, which sheds light on how we must appear to alien life forms who are made of quite different materials.

These speculations are called the Fermi Paradox. If there is extraterrestrial life, where is it? As old as the universe may be, why hasn’t someone or something come to visit us?

Scientists really have no answer to this question and it doesn’t make any sense at all. Since science cannot tell us for certain why these beings aren’t making a house call, then we can come up with our own explanations. There will be more explanations, as long as they keep their distances. If not, who knows what will occur.

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