There has always been an interest in the speculation of life on other planets. Lately, almost everyone believes that extraterrestrials do, in fact, exist. Among the billions of galaxies besides our own, life just has to thrive in some form, right?

Even in our own “hometown” scientists have found the basic building blocks of life. So, with this being said, why hasn’t life, from somewhere in the universe, made contact with us? By taking a look at these 11 very popular ideas, we may understand why our planet is not having visitors.

1. One idea revolves around the preference of some beings to keep to themselves as not to draw attention.

Maybe extraterrestrials are just as scared of us as we are of them. The universe can be very dangerous and so can alien life forms. Maybe they haven’t come knocking because they are scared out of their wits.

2. Authority on earth may not be the only form of authority.

In fact, somewhere in space, there may be an intelligent race just waiting to lay down the law. This is called the Prime Directive Effect. If they do not like what we are doing, they could well have the ability to wipe us from existence. If there is a SAI (super intelligence) then the whole galaxy could be in trouble. These beings may be positioned among the stars, away from any probing eyes of technology.

3. It may be that everyone is doing the same thing. Maybe other beings are listening to us as we are to them.

Although we do practice Active SETI (deliberate transmission of high-powered radio signals), we have decided to start listening more. If other beings in the universe have made the same decisions, then our intentions are running parallel. This may be the answer to little contact in the past and it may be the outcome for quite some time in the future.

4. Home entertainment could be a reason why aliens do not travel far and wide, reaching our atmosphere.

There could possibly be way too much going in their own galaxy to bother with others. If technology is so far advanced with these civilizations, supercomputers and simulated universes could be all the rage. In this case, who cares about a few monkeys on a blue ball?

5. Milan M. Cirkovic and Robert Bradbury suggest that extraterrestrial life may all be congregating at the edge of the galaxy.

The reason for this speculation is purely based on artificial intelligence. Machine-based civilizations and massive computers will tend to overheat in warmer areas of the galaxy, and we all know that the further we travel outward, the cooler it gets. The outer rims would be perfect for intelligent advanced life forms.

6. The answer could also be found in Panspermia.

The idea of Panspermia suggests that aliens are our ancestors and have no need to return to their seeding grounds. This is a very sound and interesting theory.

7. Another great guess as to why aliens are not greeting earthlings can be attributed to the frequency of gamma-ray bursts.

Due to this frequency, intelligent life is continually being wiped out. The good news is that gamma ray burst frequency is slowing down, so it is possible that there will be a vast increase in intelligent life.

8. The reason for the absence of aliens could be as simple as miscommunication.

While we are utilizing the communication tactics that we are familiar with, they will be doing the same thing-probably. In fact, they could actually be using laser lights to try and make contact with signals. Intelligent life may also be using electromagnetic or gravitational signals, and language that is beyond our understanding of physics.

9. Maybe, on the other hand, we aren’t being visited, because we aren’t real.

We could actually be a computer simulation of what we see as life. Everything around us could just be an advanced computer program monitored by our creator. This creator could be experimenting with us because, maybe, just maybe, they do not understand where they came from either.

10. Another simple theory could be that we are in a zoo of sorts.

Here on earth, we keep animals in cages and visit them on special occasions. To other beings, we could be the entertainment instead. Aliens could be observing us, as if we were caged beasts, primitive in language and with dangerous intentions.

11. Better yet, we could simply be too strange and gross for highly intelligent life forms.

To us, being made from muscle and bone seems normal. To other life forms, being made from “meat” could be very strange, even to the point of frightening aliens and keeping them away from our civilizations. Author Terry Bisson wrote a short story called “They’re made out of Meat”, which sheds light on how we must appear to alien life forms who are made of quite different materials.

These speculations are called the Fermi Paradox. If there is extraterrestrial life, where is it? As old as the universe may be, why hasn’t someone or something come to visit us?

Scientists really have no answer to this question and it doesn’t make any sense at all. Since science cannot tell us for certain why these beings aren’t making a house call, then we can come up with our own explanations. There will be more explanations, as long as they keep their distances. If not, who knows what will occur.

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  1. Deceive deceivers

    “Scientists really have no answer to this question and it doesn’t make any sense at all”…so u r kidding right…what scientists,all major scientists working for Govs. and meanstream science is just bunch of crap,and these scientists know that they talking shit,but who cares about truth give me money and ppl will accept it anyway whatever u said ppl without education,critical thinking,asking,wondering r so fucked up by the whole fake system staying on the same spot and satisfied in silence…Extraterrestrials r already here since 1950’s and what ppl think that those being will make scenario same as in the movies…would u take seriously chimps,I don’t think so…well in this case we r not chimps but chickens…those races from deep space and other dimensions r million+ yrs advanced than we r,and we r just as kids in their views…’kids’who don’t act and behave naturally as humans should…killing each other,make pain to each other,make illussion that we r different,but we r all one kind,we r humanity but personally think that we r very very sick mentally as species as a civilization…or maybe some huge error is in our DNA genomes…r we deserve to have visitors(teachers with true knowledge) we r deserve to be only wipe out…such arrogant,violent beings,in ignorance,but we think for self that we r masters of the universe,that we r so special,important,center of the Universe,and all of this is real illusion at work,we r just little drop in the endless ocean which is full of life

    1. Sherrie

      You are right.

      When I was reading your comment, the thing I kept thinking about was cancer. Just as I believe there is also a cure for cancer and the govt just doesn’t want us to know. Now, the reasons for this are different, I am sure, but they are extremely similar. There are so many things that I truly believe are hidden from us…and honestly, that is childish as well.

      Yes, we are a small grain of sand on the beach, and yet our balls are big as mountains. It’s presumptuous of us to think we are powerful in that aspect.

  2. Otto Bhan

    Achtung. DD ACHTUNG!

    1. Sherrie

      Haha, thanks for reading, Otto

  3. Kevin Williams

    I believe there is a more important reason they are not revealing themselves to us. Here is why: In the same way our scientists observe wild animal species and natural ecosystems without altering them to ensure they evolve unmolested; so extraterrestrials may be careful to observe us and our planet in a way that will not alter our natural evolution as human beings. It is apparent to me from the evidence that our planet has been visited in a very careful – but not completely perfect – way by extraterrestrials for thousands of years. And it appears we are at last beginning to “wise up” to their existence – these Watchers. But they may believe we have not sufficiently evolved to the point where we can deal with the mind-blowing reality that would certainly enter into our brains when they finally decide to fully reveal themselves to us. Yet, they probably see how we are currently interfering with and damaging our own planet’s evolution. They may even be worried we may try to destroy them out of our own fear and ignorance if they suddenly revealed themselves. But if we continue to destroy the world and ourselves – as it appears we might do someday – I hope they will try to prevent that from happening. At worst, they may decide to continue to watch us like some lab experiment as we destroy ourselves. But as a Christian, I am not cynical enough to believe that they (or the powers that be) would idly stand by and watch it happen. Perhaps Christ himself will suddenly appear in a UFO with angel-aliens from some other dimension to prevent the Armageddon the ancient ones have been warning us about since the dawn of human history.

    1. Sherrie

      We are rather primitive compared to the beings who created the pyramids and other monuments if, in fact, they did. When you compare us to animals in the zoo it makes perfect sense. Notice how the animals can see us, but there are barriers between. Maybe this is why we have sightings but never able to come into contact. Maybe they have placed a barrier between because, as you said, they could possibly be a tad bit frightened of our arrogant and instinctual nature to destroy ourselves and anyone who we think threatens us. Whew, that was long-winded.

      Now, take those who claim they have been “abducted”, maybe they are chosen by their abilities to accept such a contact. Maybe they are superior in ways, and I think television, books, and media attempts to get this message across. And the experiments, YES! lab rats! I get it!

      And then I go back to Chariots of the Gods and maybe this is my answer after all. Maybe they are our Gods and maybe this is what we have.

  4. George E Moss

    Permit me to begin by saying that as an 84-year old scientist with 20-years experience with a remarkable séance group I have learnt much and had the opportunity to converse with extraterrestrials.

    The general belief that ETs exist is correct, while the assumption that they have NOT visited Earth is incorrect. The plain fact is that ETs having the ability to visit are more advanced than us in that their science is a ‘material plus spiritual’ pursuit while our mainstream science is just ‘material’ without recognizing the spiritual basis of existence. This has to change. The SETI project has failed because ETs do not use electromagnetic / radio communication on account of it being far too slow, with impossible language difficulty and there being much better methods available. These include:
    (1) Mind-linked mediums supported by séance groups on different planets. The biological computer called ‘brain’ can download thought-behind-words to its known language, so there is no language barrier. And communications are instantaneous from ANY distance.
    (2) Mind projection of a medium supported by a séance group; without a séance group on Earth to receive. The mind can be present in Earth location and is able to observe what goes on. And it is clear that one who frequently links with our séance group is sometimes in our room beforehand and knows what has already transpired.
    (3) Visits using spaceships. Such visitors in the past have required energy to support themselves whilst here and to assist launch of their ship for return journey. They have therefore always built a pyramid as their first task, to produce that energy. The pyramids and the energy that they still produce are of course one class of evidence of their visits. Examples are the Giza pyramids (12,000 years ago) and the considerably larger Bosnian pyramids (30,000 years ago, with radiocarbon dating).
    (4) Apport. Humanoid beings with wide heads and 3-fingered hands from a planet they call ‘Crogaria’ introduced themselves to Anasazi who inscribed their images on the Atlatl Rock, Valley of Fire, Nevada Desert.
    (5) Beings with UFOs (de-materializable spaceships) that try to communicate with humanity by means of crop circles. Genuine crop circles have residual energy that identifies with the ‘pyramid energy’—that same energy is utilized in their making.

    These are the facts, but so long as our mainstream science ignores the spiritual basis of life, it will not understand and silly ignorant people will poke fun. There are beings of good intention out there who respect planetary living, understand it far better than humans and know as much about our planet as we do. They will make themselves known when the time is right and that will be later THIS CENTURY.

    1. Sherrie

      There is so much here that I am drawn in. I am sorry if I am still a skeptic of some of these things, but I guess I haven’t experienced enough to understand. The truth is, if you really think about what you have said, it does make sense. And honestly, the pyramids don’t make near as much sense with human beings building them alone. Those stones were too heavy and so were the creations on Easter Island.

      I do think we as a human race are missing so much about the truth. You may be onto something. And again, I am sorry if I doubt you. I am just kind of hard to convince at times, and yet, open-minded at other times. I can tell you this, I do 100% believe that there are many spiritual and otherworldly things that exist despite what others say. I am positive that there is something out there besides us. Why on earth, of all the planets and solar systems would we be the only creature? That’s pretty egotistic of us, isn’t it?

      Keep sharing these facts with us. Maybe more people will come out of their boxes and see things they’ve never seen before.

  5. mm

    or …. the kind of extraterrestrials that you are talking about don’t come for visit because …… they don’t exist

    1. Sherrie

      The thing is, we aren’t alone. Scientists have proven this. Now, in what form they exist, I am not sure.

  6. NRW

    How about scale? They might be to small to recognise.
    Or they could be of such a huge scale that our universe is part of their bodies, just like our human bodies are full of life.

    They also could be living in another “speed”. Just like trees which live in a “slower timeframe”, when you speed up video of growing plants, they seem to be more alife. Aliens could be so fast we can’t see them and we would be like (boring, but beautiful) static trees to them.

    Possibilities are endless!

    1. Sherrie

      I have pondered on your first comment there, about the size. Science has discovered life now, and it is really small. I am also intrigued by your other comments about the speed in which we all exist. I have never thought of this before, and it’s kind of blowing my mind! Now, since I did see “Horton Hears a Who”, hope I spelled that right, I have imagined how we could be living inside another being.

      And then I read your comment about speed and it blows my mind again. Yes, the possibilities will keep doing that! haha

  7. Sultan Ijaz

    I don’t think it is a matter if of why are they not coming. They have and continue to come till this day, it is just a matter of observation and perception. If you are living in the city, you are probably too busy with your life. If you aren’t, the gov is very good at covering any traces.
    In my opinion there is more than enough evidence and sources (and experience) that there should be no doubt we have made contact long ago.

    1. Sherrie

      I wonder what they really think about us. I wonder if they are disappointed by what they see or if they have a soft place in their hearts for our drama. I sometimes wonder who’s watching me when I sit on my porch and watch the leaves blow in the wind…I am silent…contemplative…and I swear I can hear strange sounds the deeper I start to think.

      My doctors call these audio hallucinations. I am not so sure of this.

  8. badjesus

    No. The truth of the matter is we are alone. There are No Intelligent Extraterrestrials. IF any alien life does exist it is microbial in nature at most. Yes Yes…”more stars exist than grains of sand on every beach” HOWEVER those 3’s dwindle when you subtract the amount of planets that are in the hospitable zone (at this point STILL in the Billions possibly Trillions) THEEEN start subtracting everything from PERFECT weather conditions, planet temperature, a planetary system whereby there is a “Meteor Magnet” (for us Jupiter),liquid ocean (NOT just frozen), the creation of a magnetic field around said planet that serves as a shield of sorts from solar radiation, etc etc…THEEEN you must calculate the near insurmountable jump from SINGULAR organism to MULTI (estimates being in the 100’s of Billions to LESS than one) THEEEN not to mention factoring in the evolutionary process of a species (odds are it will die out)..THEEEN well..many other things i forgot or am not aware of lol. The Truth is…life is rare. So rare in fact it might be considered non existent as we would have seen some semblance of it by now. Humans have been able to create machines that fly for a lil over 100 years now (Wright Bros) and within that time we have sent probes to the farthest reaches of our solar system and as of a few years ago discovered Warp Drive Engines are not just theoretically feasible but perhaps practical as well. ..and NASA is currently developing/researching them as we speak! 100 years. Comparatively speaking that is less than the tip of a pin on an Everest sized haystack of needles compared to the BILLIONS of years other civilizations would have had as a head start on us. Not all of them could have a “Prime Directive”. All the analogies of opposing views don’t hold water: “big universe, we’ve only seen small part of it” as a recent study of 100,000 galaxies came back with no evidence for type 1 or type 2 Civilizations within them. NOT stars…Galaxies. Some MUCH larger than the Milky Way. Either we ARE in a simulation of sorts or alone. I see no other reasonable conclusions.

    1. Stacy

      They don’t need warp drive. Every point in space has a signature frequency or vibration or something and so do their ships. What some do is adjust the frequency of their ship (which had been set to the their starting point’s frequency) to match the frequency of the place they want to go and they cease to exist at the starting location and exist wherever that frequency has been determined at the final location. Warp drive must be like ancient technology to them.

    2. John McPherson

      Rather egotistical viewpoint. If the conditions are right and during this part of the universe’s evolution conditions are right all over the place, life will emerge.
      And what is the purpose of evolution. Improvement. Period.
      And if life on this planet ‘improved’ into us…

    3. Sherrie

      But you mustn’t forget, our idea of habitable may not be the same for other creatures. In fact, I doubt it’s the same at all. Maybe they don’t need the same atmosphere, the same sustenance or water. Maybe they do not contact us because they are superior. It could be that they are watching us for entertainment and have extremely advanced cloaking capabilities. Just because we’ve been looking, doesn’t mean we know what’s out there. Yes, there are microbial species, and we have already found them, but this doesn’t mean…”Oh gosh, we’ve found all the lie” and we can swish it around in a jar, no.

      It’s possible that we are children of Gods, Gods who are far gone, or too far away. We may have originated from another planet, a dying planet.

      Like many others have said here, there are endless possibilities. We should never be quick to judge or dispell beliefs. Neither should we be quick to believe anything if we don’t feel its right for us.

      Thank you for reading, badjesus

  9. Stacy

    The writer says she sees no other conclusion as to why we are not visited. But I’ve seen them. I’ve seen their orbs, 6 of them, in broad daylight followed by another rectangular shaped craft though I was not personally visited by them….I don’t think. I have a friend who has taken a picture of ET space craft a few weeks ago. I’ve seen their vehicles on footage from NASA ISS. I’ve seen footage of one hanging out in the Oval office. I’ve even seen them disarming missiles and even dodging missiles with ease. I’ve seen them enter into the sun and come out the other side. They exist I thought we were past that question, and they have been visiting, not in mass, but visiting Earth for quite some time now. Believe it or not, this planet surrounded by 900 to 1000 ET spacecraft. We should be glad they are here doing what they are doing for one helping keep the forces that be from igniting WW3. They will not allow that to happen. I’ve heard at least two Generals formerly in command of our nuclear arsenal say so. They aren’t afraid of us. But they are here to assist the Earth herself and to assist us when they are allowed to do so. They asked the people of Earth whether we wished that they come yes or no, in 2010. I know a lot of people didn’t get that memo but a lot did. I was one of the ones who voted yes. If you want to see them just ask them. They don’t seem to think mass landing to good right now but they will show themselves and their spacecraft if you sincerely wish to see.

    1. Sherrie


      I think I would honestly love to see and to meet them. I cannot promise that still wouldn’t be skeptical.

  10. realist

    maybe just maybe they took one look at this planet, realized that human beings are a plague of morons who murder each other by the millions, destroy all natural resources it comes into contact with, seen poverty, famine, rape , torture, imprisonment and instagram. Then when it tried to figure out why, noticed that we have all been arguing for the last few 1000 years about whos imaginary friend in the sky is the true imaginary friend, and decided fuck that lot lets just go home there is nothing here!

    1. Sherrie

      Just had a negative experience with Instagram, so I am laughing at how you included that in your argument. It is a good chance that they did this very thing. We aren’t the nicest of people, I agree.

  11. John McPherson

    We live in a VERY BIG UNIVERSE.
    Did you see the last picture Voyager 2 took of this plant? It’s 4 (four) count em 4 pixels wide.
    This is from right at the heliopause, about 9 billion miles.
    Now, talk about needle in a haystack? You’d have a better chance of finding a particular grain of sand in all the beaches, sand deposits, etc. across the entire world!

    1. Sherrie

      True, so true.

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