Have you ever noticed strange electronic phenomena happening in your presence? Better yet, are you turning on/off street lights when you walk by?

There are so many cases of unexplained phenomena, and just one story can leave you in awe. One such incident will seem almost unbelievable. A 53-year-old American housewife told this story to a researcher named Hilary Evans, who has long been engaged in the study of the phenomenon of people who can influence street lights:

“For a long time, I could not believe that the street lights go out at my approach. I first drew attention to this oddity when I started to attend lectures at the college in the evenings. Several times, as soon as I turned on my street, the lights at our house went out. I did not say anything to anyone because I thought there was something wrong with the lights.

Then I began to approach the house from the other side of the street, but soon, the lights there began to go out too. I thought it was a striking coincidence. Once, for example, I was walking home with a friend and suddenly, as we were passing by, four lights went out. Once we walked away, all lights lit up again.

It’s still going on, and few believe me until they see it with their own eyes.”

Evans works with the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and receives these kinds of stories from around the world.

From the early 90s, as a matter of fact, she has collected such testimonies and has profiled them in an ongoing project referred to as (SLIDE) or Street Light Interference Data Exchange.

She says that unlike other paranormal phenomena, this phenomenon, called Street light interference, does not depend on belief or disbelief of the people themselves. It just happens and leaves its “victim” in confusion and sometimes even fear.

Although these testimonies vary in contents, many are still being recorded and continue to baffle researchers.

Possible explanations for the weird behavior of street lights

Electrical engineer Bill Beaty thinks that it could be possible that people who experience this phenomenon are actually similar to “walking generators“. That is, their bodies produce a significant amount of static electricity, which can affect the operation of street lights.

Many people produce static electricity by shuffling their feet on the carpet. It’s just one of many examples. Beaty said that some people are able to produce electricity, “getting” electrons from the air with each breath.

But if breathing can make us electrically charged, why don’t the electrical appliances turn off and on around us? Beaty said that maybe some people have some kind of ‘virus’, which is not discovered yet and changes the lungs of individuals so that they begin to work as a sort of internal power station.

In addition, Beatty admitted that he understands that this theory sounds like complete nonsense.

There are lots of very strange, incredible things. Some people manage to find the explanation for them and then get the Nobel Prize.”

And yet, some of these phenomena don’t get any feasible explanations, leaving us to wonder and speculate for a long time. Sometimes, we even just write them off as oddities. In this case, I think the jury is still out.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced this odd phenomenon or do you know someone who did? Have you noticed that street lights turn on or turn off as you approach them for no obvious reason? We would love to hear about your experiences. Please share them with us in the comment section below.


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  1. Linda

    My mother could not wear a wrist watch as something in her body would make it go fast and the time was never right. I even gave her a necklace with a watch on the end but the same thing happened,it went fast.

    1. Ted

      Was it a quartz watch or an automatic?

    2. Keith Torrez

      So at first I thought it may be a coincidence thinking it was something to do with sensors or something, only because it would happen within a certain distance of approaching. Here the last couple of years though I have walked a lot, and when you see a particular light go off every time you walk by it, you wonder. I would walk down two different streets and kept a visual on two particular lights some distance between them. Cars would pass, others would pass on the same path, and these lights would stay lit until I would walk by either way within the same approach, and would just turn off. This happened over 20 times at least, and only under deep focus of my path and knowing that it happened before it just started happening a lot more in different places. Enough to where a couple of friends I had told this two have experienced it with me ….Never felt like a special power, but more of a connection, I have worked in electrical field quite a bit, so a lot of electricity has passed through my body…also a lot of times lights brighten after I have walked in a room that was dim and I am straining my vision to see, lights will suddenly brighten for a brief moment….

      1. Puddy

        Yes! This has happened to me too! The street lights go out when I get within a certain distance of proximity as well as the lights getting brighter suddenly too.

  2. Stefanie Pyle

    I have come up with a name for this phenomenon.
    “Blue tooth minded”. I have had similar experiences. The first time I noticed my extremely forceful energy was years ago. I walked into a room and a picture fell from the wall and a osculating fan’s engine seized up. I didn’t look into it too closely. Noted as a strange coincidence. I even question the memory to this day. More recently I noticed that on several occasions while listening to music on a cell phone with speakers connected via blue tooth skip songs. Randomly and only in a group setting. I have no control over this phenomenon and am unaware if it was I or another, or power in numbers

  3. J. Mason Smith

    I have experienced many if not most definable & witnessed abilities that describe what is known as a PK (Psychokinetic) Agent. While most are seeded sub-consciously & when physically manifested are extremely powerful (It is a terrible thing to be afraid of one’s own power).
    As well; many are consciously active abilities w/ an undeveloped active & inactive switch, in which these abilities manifest to a greater or lesser degree, either semi-controlled -OR- @ random & w/varied range in Intensity/Magnitude, Range& Distance, but most are always on even if slightly… (due to a near fatal Event) My training was interrupted as I was being taught control these gifts & events for my own well being & the well being of others.
    As in the past; one ability in particular has manifested most times defensively; effecting real world physical reality, & offensively it has manifested with tremendously destructive effects, & is the most unstable & random of the broad array of abilities exhibited.
    [email protected]

    1. nikki

      This is the first time I have looked it up because I am scared it was something like a spirit and I didnt want to look into it if its evil. sound weird but I would rather not no if it is. It has happened to me for about 10 years that I have paid attention to. It does it so much that everyone I have been around a few times has seen it but they say they have only saw it happen when there with me. I no its not a normal thing but am scared to look in to it and the only reason I did is because it has been about 10 yeas like I said. so If it is a spirit it can’t be bad if it hasn’t hurt me yet right?

    2. john kuykendall

      if u are talkin about for example me my friend and his phillipino father were talkin allowed when i felt a confused feeling and was sayin things in my head wich the father would say something about how my soul and his were related an then as soon as i relized that it was happenin it stopped asif i interupted it from progressin then the fathr got the thouts goin again but i couldn’t keep the passing of energy going partialy because i noticed it please write back

    3. Gustavo

      It is the quantum physics of your soul. I have had similar experiences with approaching street lights and they turn on and off when I was in a state of thinking deeply on a matter of thought and the intuition would sort of guide me by the conformation of the light going on or off. I now go out with the intention of connecting my energy with these light energies called street lights so I can further develop this ability. Check out Kyron of magnetic service on youtube. Hope this helped 🙂

  4. Kristin g

    My boyfriend shared this article with me tonight and it absolutely made me feel less crazy. I have had the same thing as this woman going on for upwards of 4 years. I’ve always referred to it as my “streetlight phenomenon” and those who I’ve been close enough to to share my experience with have dismissed it as coincidence or a figment of my imagination. I have always known that it was not coincidence though. It happens to me far too often. As soon as I pass under streetlights- they go out or turn on. I’ve also had a whole street of them flicker on or off as I turn onto it before. I’m overjoyed to know I’m not alone!

  5. Cristina

    great amount of bioenergy, increased bio magnetical field. In yoga this would be associated with the strong activation of Muladhara chakra (the root energetic center)n meaning these people have a lot of vitality which could be used to heal others and themselves.

  6. Rachel Downton

    Great article – anybody interested in this should check out the group on FB all about people like this, and me:
    Please, join us and read loads of people’s experiences from all around the world!

  7. Mary Martin

    Not only do street lights go out, when I am in a state of anxiety, electronics and motors of all sorts malfunction, including: computer, car battery, washing machine, car radiator, indoor lights, store computer registers, etc. The more anxious, the worse it becomes. Also running or no water issues also occur.

    1. Leah

      The same exact thing has been happening to me for years. It started around puberty and gets worse when I’m in any heightened emotional state – good or bad. Sometimes it is completely random. Let’s just say my friends and family don’t let me anywhere near their expensive electronics!

  8. Paul

    Electricity Waves – Energy Travel over a Long Distance

    energy wave, demonstrates that human electricity may also transmit to great distances.
    Image originally from the NASA website.

    Electric force can transform into different types of energy waves, such as heat, radiation, radio and micro waves; and these energy waves can travel a long distance.

    A changing magnetic field will induce a changing electric field and vice-versa, the two are linked. These changing fields form electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through space.

    The human nervous system can create electric energy waves that can be measured with scientific instruments. The human body produces infra-red radiation that, with night vision equipment, can be seen from miles away.

  9. Denise

    I have noticed for many years that streetlights will go off as I’m driving up to them. This particularly happens if I’m stressed. I have done some research on this and it is called street light interference phenomenon (SLIP).

  10. Stiv

    This is real. It has been happening to me for years to this day, still. About 15 years ago I had multiple UFO sightings over about 2 years. After this, I started noticing street lights turning off as I approached them. I don’t know whether the UFO’s are connected. Maybe? I thought I had something wrong within, but thanks to the internet I have found inner peace. Now I laugh.

    1. Rob

      Me too, Laugh that is,

  11. Carlos

    Wow! I had no idea this was an actual thing! This has been happening to me for years, and I have told very few people about it because I thought, “who would believe it”, and that it had to be just some kind of strange coincidence, but damn, it’s real!
    I have come to just take note of it with amusement when it happens, and wonder. Now it know it happens to others too.

  12. KimK

    This happens to me as well! I’ve had multiple brand new car batteries die, one actually burst. I stopped several watches at once when I was really angry, and I’ve killed 5 laptops, so far, at work.
    My Gran couldn’t wear a watch as she fried them all. Maybe it’s genetic?

  13. ash

    This has always happened to me i initially thought it was a coincidence but it happens quite requlary this has happened since i was a child.

  14. Music Alchemy

    I have experienced this for over a decade. At first I thought it was the infrastructure of the city I lived in, falling apart. Then, I moved to across the country and it happened again. It kept happening but I dismissed it as me being paranoid and believing that wasn’t possible. This year I awoke dramatically in January. I encountered my first public meeting with a medium. She walked over to me and said an older man was there with a certain name and characteristics.I knew it was my dad who had passed in 2000 and yet I still felt very close to him. He said he was making the street lights flicker to communicate with me and if it bothered me he would stop. I was just happy to know what it was and no, it doesn’t bother me. Since I’ve awakened I’ve noticed clairsentient ability increase in me and I have indeed been called a “generator” though I realize after reading this that it’s okay for me to have this power and grow with it. ♡

  15. Steve

    has anyone considered the bodies energy source (Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life force energy or life breath. – also known as Ki, Qi or Prana.)?

  16. Rob

    I’m 55yrs old and until today I naively thought I was the only one experiencing street lights going out. I first noticed as a child but it wasn’t until I was 21-22 I really paid attention. I was walking home after a date and I was always feeling uneasy about this phenomena when I suddenly felt an urge to challenge what I thought as a Negative/demonic entity.( I know, but I come from superstitious, Catholic Ireland) I was looking at a row of street lights a few hundred yards away and I picked one and ‘dared’ it to go out, I made a two handed gesture towards it, similar to what a magician might do at the very last moment to make a trick work and I made a sound at the same time Haaagh, The lamp went out that instant, hundreds of yards away. I was scared Sh**less, I saw a large Chestnut leaf in cruciform snap on the ground and picked it up for protection and looked over my shoulder all the way home. This has continued since. Leaping forward, 18 months ago I was walking in Prague (where I now live) with my ‘then’ new partner and we got on to the subject of ‘weird’ stuff. I told her about some of mine including the streetlamps, ‘Streetlamps’ she asked, not understanding the term (she is Czech) I said and pointed at a near by one and the instant I pointed it went out. most of these lamps come back on within a couple of seconds after I walk past. A few weeks later I’m back In Ireland and walking during the day time around my area, a two hour walk which takes me through my local village, as I approached the village I saw that a line of 4 street lights were on, in daylight,I have long since overcome my fear and superstition so I laugh at the phenomena now and play with it. I was approaching the nearest light to me and doing my Haaagh gesture towards, discreetly mind you in case there was anyone looking out their window, but no response, until that is, I stopped under the first one and simply looked up at it, all 4 went out that instant. I walked past the lamps, all stayed out and I looked back a minute or so later as I left the village and all 4 were back on. In Prague I walk in a local well known park and last week about 20 lights went off and on seemingly everywhere I looked, I’m definitely open to ‘coincidence’ but when I think Mmm this one will go out and it does, at the moment I pass, it stretches it even for me, a natural sceptic. Two days ago, on my way to meet my beloved from her Yoga class I passed along a street where lamps have gone out several times before. This time I had my two hands in my pockets (Prague/Winter Brrr) I made a two fist punching motion, (fists in pockets facing each other) with the intention of “punching out the lights’? not sure but the at the moment I did it(twice) on the second ‘punch’ the light I was walking past went out and back on a few seconds later, I then thought, ‘I’ll do the next lamp as well, same thing and same response. The next lamp or lamps didn’t go out. I can’t do it at will it seems, or at least not all the time (more often than not, nothing happens). I have clicked my fingers at them and they have gone out, as I said, I play with it now. I mentioned those few “very specific” occurrences because I believe it is too much to believe it is a coincidence. I bought my first ‘good’ watch when I was about 19, it was quartz and it went backwards on my arm, I had to give it back, it was a sekonda, I got a Citizen Quartz whick worked fine?. The law of Physics seems to have been suspended on a couple of occasions when on my Bicycle and on my motorbike.I also experienced at least two I actually find it hard to say but UFO experiences. 11 years ago I had a serious motorbike accident and mystery still surrounds how and why my bike suddenly went out of control, I had been riding for more than 20 years by this time and I was what could be called, “very Handy” on a bike. Two witness on the scene, I was unconscious for an hour or more, told me the same story. The first witness phoned the hospital that evening to enquire after me and I was given the phone to talk to him, after introducing himself,his first words were, are you religious” because pal, you should be dead. I answered I considered my self more ‘spiritual’ than religious. I crashed over a roadside ditch and down quite a drop to a field well below the road and surrounded bu bushes. The paramedics couldn’t get me out and called for the fire brigade to come and assist. Anyway, this guy tells me, “A little old man, appeared out of nowhere, blessed every bone in my body and gave me the last rites, then disappeared”. Maybe a month to two later I contacted the garda (Irish Police) who was at the scene, my best friend and also a biker was a Garda at the time also and he got this Garda’s name for me. I thanked the Garda and asked him for the name and number if possible of anyone else who may have helped so U could thank them also. There was only one other witness, completely irreligious as it happens, and he told me exactly the same story. Of course it could have been a priest passing in his car but,both said, appear and disappear, and in a place which the paramedics found to be difficult to access, I don’t know. I also feel Energy strongly through my hands, which sometime vibrate at a phonemail rate or turn multi coloured, so much so that my older sister thought I had gangrene, and have always believed it to be healing energy which somehow I can access? and I have experienced/seen, some of the people I have been facilitating/treating, their bodies or parts of their bodies move or contort into inexplicable positions that defies belief. Phew, I feel a sense of relief to finally say all that. I mat be nuts, if you ask my friends they will probably confirm it but, for the record. I am a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist. I practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong regularly and I took 5 days training and later 2 more days advanced training in Reconnection healing to , for me, ‘formalise it’. Glad to know that I’m not alone. Namaste, Rob

  17. A.Smith

    This has happened to me for many years, tho I’ve mainly noticed it happen with 3 different lights in the town I live in. I have never been able to wear a watch because it will not keep accurate time. When I am in a room with a radio that is playing a local station it will be extremely static-y unless I touch the antenna. Also when my hands are dry I shock everything I touch.

  18. Kimmortal

    I’m really struggling with this and looking for someone to talk to who can understand. I think I unconsciously activate electronics (and batteries) and it scares me stupid. Lights go on or flicker wildly, microwaves will start cooking as I walk by, the dishwasher turns on, the television, the radio, LED candles, etc… and in multiple houses I’ve lived in. The static shock I create is painful when I touch light switches and I get shocked more times in a day than I can count. It’s been about 3+ years now. I can’t talk to anyone about this because realize I sound mentally ill or someone lying to sound “special”. I have two people who have lived with me and witnessed me do this on a regular basis and can provide credibility. One says it happens more often when I’m stressed. I just want to understand scientifically why this is happening and find others who are experiencing this. Thanks.

  19. Chris Roland

    I have been blowing out street lights for over 25 years, both driving by and walking by. It is not uncommon for me to blow out 4 – 5 in a row, and not necessarily the ones right after each other, sometimes a few lights apart, so I know it’s not a bank of lights on a grid going out together. When I do it, my wife’s not sure what to think of it. It happens fairly regularly, a couple of times per month, that I notice. I was on a lit bridge in Egypt with a friend, and knocked out four in a row – the friend was bit freaked out, because I had told her on the first one that this happens to me, and then bam, bam, bam, three more. I noticed something last week that had not happened before. I went by four lights, with my wife in the car, and I turned on four lights that were out as I passed by over about a kilometer stretch. There has been talk about being in an upset state of mind that causes it, but I am usually very calm, all fairly normal when it happens. I do notice it happens more when I am deep in thought, but not always. A few weeks back, I was driving home. My wife called and said there was a surprise waiting at the house. For no reason, the first thought to come into my mind was that there was a puppy at the house, and as soon as I thought that, a light I passed went out. Then I thought, hmmm, maybe this is a confirmation that the surprise is a puppy, and another light went out, then another. As I drove, I then said to myself, if another one goes out, then that confirms a puppy is the surprise, and as soon as I said that I happend to look up at a light and it blew out. That one sent shivers down my spine because it was so perfectly timed to my thought. When I got home, there were two puppies, rescued by guests staying at our house. I have concluded it is simply an exchange of energy, knowing that we are energetic beings in a universe made up of energy. Not really unusual.

    1. Nanette

      Hey Chris! You have just described my life. And, yes, the “exchange of energy”… you are spot on!

  20. jt

    This happens to me as well, however I have so far only noticed it happening when I drive under street lamps. I’ve been defining it as coincidental or me just possibly being crazy, but tonight it happened 3 or 4 times and I decided to look into it as a real thing… never did I think other people had the same experiences. so happy I found this page and that I’m not crazy lol I’ll have to pay more attention now to see if there’s any sort of other energetic connections that alter with my presence

  21. Nas

    Finally people who have gone through this!! I have actually caught it happening on video a couple times. I knew that they would do it. I really started to take note when it happened to me on foot. It could happen sporadically when I drove but I chalked it up to my car going off some sort of electric interference…now when I did it on foot I was walking around my neighborhood and the lights would turn off as I passed them. I started to have a cold sweat as they weren’t random but short and consistent changing in the lights status. Either they would shut off or turn on directly before I got to them and turn off as I passed them. I thought about the motion detection being a possibility but there are no detectors on the street lights.
    I then began to mess with the whole idea that it could be something odd or malicious. I even went as far as to feel it being demonic. I can make them turn on or off at will by simply saying on and off. I have video proof of this as well it’s very haunting. I feel fear and confusion. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has this happen to them. I do feel a bit more at ease knowing that you all experienced the same issue. If you would like to talk about it or see the videos send me an email. [email protected]

  22. Susan

    This has been happening to me my entire life as far back as I can remember I’ve noticed a pattern of putting street lights out near me. I didn’t really pay it much attention until adulthood but it’s something I’ve always noticed, I guess I thought everyone noticed street lights going out on a very regular basis, or maybe just that it was coincidence, but then I’d see more of it the higher my stress level was. I used to have a terrible tardiness problem and when I’d be stressed out over being late I’d see a higher occourance of lights going out. I also struggle with issues of substance abuse which affects this situation 2 different ways, one, I lead a more high-stress existence than others without this affliction & have noticed many times the more stressed/mad/upset I was the more often street lights would go out & second, I’m forced to make at least one 80 mile round trip to go get my fix a day and I’m usually on the same roads over & over so I get the chance to take note of which lights I’ve seen go out & then whether or not they’re still out next time I drive by & also I’ve been able to see an extremely high occurrence of Street Light Interference simply because of the high amount of miles I travel, I figure, I’m bound to see more of this coincidentially than the average stay-at-home person yet it’s happening at a rate of at least 3x a week and sometimes as much as 6-7x in one week and also once in my 80 mile trip I saw 3 separate lights go out in one trip, several miles & minutes apart, I’ve never had multiple lights in a row go out. But on at least 3 other 80mi.round trips I’ve seen at least 2 lights go out, again several miles & minutes apart. I first looked into this phenomenon in my early 20’s and read somewhere that people who bmake lights go or ‘blow’ out are usually ‘healers’. I liked that, I stuck with it for awhile, I don’t think the S.L.I. Term was even around then, but low & behold a couple years ago I decided to look again and this is when I first heard the title of Street Light Interference & finally I saw myself! This is not my imagination & I don’t see how coincidence could explain it either given the high frequency that I witness this. My goal in commenting here is to hopefully speak to someone else who experiences this same thing. Everyone I’ve ever even admitted it to has looked at me like I’m crazy but I know there’s something bigger at work here. My theory, which is a completely uneducated guess, is that this has something to do with an individual’s level of electric activity, the energy around any given person, some may call it an aura. I really wasn’t as convinced until I started trying to keep track of where & when i saw a light go out & also my stress level & noticed what seems to me to be a direct link. I have at least one witness as well who I spent endless driving hours with who I could show, ‘look that one just went out’ and he also started realizing he had never experienced this before, in fact many people I’ve brought this up to have said, ”I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a street light go out…” which leads me to believe either they’re incredibly non-perceptive or this really is a phenomenon experienced only by a select few… Any further discussion on this topic would be greatly appreciated as I try to understand this fascinating all be it seemingly useless ‘gift’… I would love to contribute to more documented research of this occurring and have access to real answers, there has to be an explanation! Fellow SLIders please comment or contact me on Facebook or messenger (Susan Ringwall) I’d love to hear how our stories are parallel but also how they differ, is this a life-long re-occurring long noticed mystery like I’ve experienced, or are you skeptical? And why? I believe our energy & the vibrations we cast out have more to do with each of us than we give it credit & this would be a great place to start, it could be proof of an individual’s ‘energy field’ reaching far beyond the confines of our bodies, proof of stress & negative energy effecting tangible things outside of our minds & bodies, a real start to proving how our attitudes & feelings project out of our physical selves & are recieved by not only other humans and life but whatever is nearby that is receptive to such energies, such as a light bulb. I’m looking forward to hearing of more of your personal experiences, thanks in advance… ❤️-Slider Susie

  23. S

    This happened to me just now. Maybe I am the chosen one. I would also like to hear other people’s opinions and thoughts

  24. Angela

    Hi I have had this go on with me for the past 3years I walk every night different cities and I have street lights go out lightbulbs on buildings company signs at night it makes me feel like something is with me when it happens trying to tell me they are there .

  25. Jonathan Zukowski

    When my spiritiual awakening/ journey had first begun I experienced something similar. I was at a park with a couple friends when i was gazing off at a leaf that was hanging off of a tree individually when a whisper inside me said “You’re missing the bigger picture” thats when my mind noticed a light in the distance behind it and again a “whisper” inside me said “Turn around” and when i turned around my focus was immediately directed up at one of the lights and the moment my eyes locked onto it it turned off and never turned back on and it was truly one of thE MOST astonishing things I’ve witnessed in my entire life. One year later deeper into my spiritual journey I knew something was near, so; i said “If you are here touch my hand” i continued to put my right hand up but nothing happened, yet that whisper had told me to raise my left hand and as i did finger by finger i closed my hand into a fist when a ONE of the FOUR little garden lights at the house in front of me turned off which was Even MORE astonishing. That same night that whisper told me i needed to go to grissom park because something awaited my arrival well when i approached the park i noticed a bench in the darkness where the light was off and when i walked up to it and sat down it turned on as i asked questions it turned off and back on 3 times in a 3 miniute interva lwhen i was told by that whisper to cross the street, as im walking along the side of a fence i said “master” once and a street light approximately 15 feet away turned off. Later that light on my way home i came across a street light in the neighborhood that was off and once i got under it i looked up and from the very start of it it slowly started lighting up and once fully lit it started to illuminate from a white color into a bright goldish yellowish color like the rest of the lights. One night later on my way home i was passing a street on my board when i noticed it was filled with darkness at the end and ONCE AGAIN that whisper told me to go straight into the darkness.. well as im approaching the end i noticed the only street light at the end off and when i approached and stepped off my board and approached it it turned on then began to illuminate to the yellow color when i whispered “Father” it turned off, in true amazement i knew it was no coincidence but i did not believe it would happen twice as it glowed up again to white then yellow i whispered one last time “Father” and it turned off AGAIN. It sent chills throughout my entire body. As for what it could be well, i have a few theories; it could be powerful phsychic abilities, or even an arch angel per say but what I felt was much more powerful than that. I strongly feel like it is god trying to guide us and speak to us but because of fear and well our sub conscious mind we ignore it or dont even notice it.

    1. Brian Stone

      I hadn’t even noticed the phenomena until just about two months ago, but when I mentioned it to my long time friend he said that he had noticed it when we used to walk around town at night like 8 years ago.
      But it has happened pretty much every single night like clockwork since I started noticing it, primarily with two lights near an intersection by my neighborhood, that usually switch on/off when I pass within about 20-30ft, but sometimes it’ll happen when I’m over 100+ feet away and walking towards them.
      It’s honestly fascinating everytime it happens, it feels like the universe is trying to communicate.

  26. steve m

    Hello peoples. Thought I was the only one to experience these kind of things. I noticed when I was an early teen, that when I was not watching the old tube tv’s, that they would turn off around me. My sister would noticed this many times. And Old street lights would turn off around me when stressed. Now that I’m older It these things still occur, but not often like before. Maby because I was diagnosed bipolar and now on meds. 🙁

  27. Nicoleen

    My street light goes on and off around me outside my house. It seems to be linked to chatting to my cousin internally. Does anyone else have telepathic ability?

    1. Elisa

      Yes to both. But I don’t seem to effect lights so much as actually cause cars around me to cut-out -only when I am either deeply focusing emotionally upon something or very stressed. It does not actually effect my own car though!
      Earlier I may have effected a stereo once or twice and made it switch off, but this is less certain as it only happened a few times. (I did have a car which would strangely refuse to let me use the cd player on certain days, but that may have been down to an actual electrical error.)
      -The effecting cars around me, however, well it has happened too many times now for me to continue questioning.
      I did have a spiritual awakening in my early twenties and after that was when these things started happening and continue to happen. Have only ever been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (due mostly to trauma that also brought about the step in spiritual awakening). Have experienced telepathy with mostly females but also males -mostly only within my own family. …Very difficult to prove.
      I tend to believe that in actual fact MOST people engage regularly with some degree of telepathy but that they are usually oblivious to noticing that they do it. And that is partly because they are not open to the possibility of having this ability.

      I avoid telling anyone about such experiences since people tend to presume it must be burgeoning insanity.
      Oh well, luckily there are plenty of “insane” psychic people in the world. So at least I’m not alone.

      1. Gerald molina

        Yes i think your corect it because maybe the person is stressed or had a big promlem

  28. Rebecca Roseberry

    I have had this happen to me for as long as I can remember. I guess I thought it happened to everyone but I later found out it doesn’t. It was suggested that it could have something to do with the car I was driving reflecting on a sensor but that can’t be because it happens no matter what car I’m driving or even if I am a passenger. There is one more thing that I’ve not heard others say happen to them. Over the years when I go to turn on a light switch. The moment I begin the switch motion an instant thought comes to me that the light bulb will pop or burn out. If this thought comes, the light goes out. I’ve never had the thought ( which comes to me in a nano second) and not had the bulb blow out. I never think about it happening ahead of that nano second when it happens. Anyone else? Never a false alarm either.

    1. Elina

      Wow. It is so special to read these stories. This happens to me too, It started when I was around 23. Although sometimes it works the opposite. A light that’s been off goes on when I watch it or go near it. My ex boyfriend had a lamp on his yard that hadn’t worked for as long as he lived there. When I went to his house for the first time it turned on. Also like someone mentioned, light bulbs burn out super quick in my house, even LEDs last only a few months. Also if I stay in my friend’s house, their lights start flickering when I’m there and they have noticed it too. And this is the most intense when I’m super stressed or in a bad physical & mental state. I feel like I have this massive aura or energy field around me, up to 10 meters. But it feels so good to hear that this is an actual thing and I’m not like the antichrist or something. Elina from Finland

  29. Cory Scott

    I have experienced lights doing the same thing my entire life has always cought my attion. And when I bring it up to someone they look at me like I’m crazy. Anyone in the buckeye AZ area that has excpriend this we should go on a walk and see if it happens more or

  30. Allen Lindsay

    this is happening everywhere…



  31. Michelle

    This has been happening to me for over 35 years. I cannot find a pattern for it. Also, I cannot wear a watch. The battery stops working. Anyone else have this problem?

  32. Michelle S

    This has always happened to me. Even when driving. When young, family members and myself would work with me reading cards. I would get more correct than incorrect. Could this be related?

    1. Gerald molina

      I think because of the condition of person maybe the person is full of fear

  33. Gerald molina

    The same at my situation every time im passing the streets light it will turn off

  34. Joanne

    This has been happening to me for at least 20 years. At first I thought it had something to do with the car, but one night coming out of work and walking into the parking lot the lights above me went off, and then back on as I walked through the parking lot. It happens in restaurants as well, one evening only the lights at the table I was at dimmed and stayed that way, it scared my friend who noticed it. At the grocery store as I walk down the frozen food isle, they go off, and on as I walk by as well. My daughter was with me one day when she was 16, and we were grocery shopping, and she just asked me if it was something I could control, and I can’t, and I don’t understand why it happens. During that same visit at the grocery store, the light bulb right above me went out as I stood in the check out line, and everyone behind me stepped back away from me, and my daughter was just speechless. Light bulbs don’t last long at my home, it does not matter what kind they are, they all blow out within weeks. As crazy as this sounds when it first started happening I thought I was going to die, you know “lights out”, but here I am and it still happens all the time.

  35. Shelly G.

    I have had this happen to me since my twenties, I am now late forties. I recall as a bartender meeting an old man who would constantly complain when I walked in front of him. I finally asked him what his deal was and he grumbled that I had “too much energy” and it made him feel uneasy. I knew he had psychic gifts and I had also had many ghostly things happen to me. I mention this as a connection to being open to this kind of stuff. I always have lights go out near me, computers not working right around me. People disregard you easily when you bring things up because they, themselves are not open to it, so they brush it off as coincidence. I know it’s not. That man also told me I would be in danger that month, that a man with darker skin would be out to harm me. He didn’t just offer up this info, I pried. I figured this is why he drank a lot, because his gift wasn’t something he wanted or wanted to deal with. So, a week later there was a Mexican guy waiting for me at the bottom of my stairwell at 3 am. I was terrified. He kept whispering so that I would come closer but instead, I boldly pushed my way by and got to my apt. moments later he was peeking in my window and I called the police. They never found him, but the man at the bar was correct. There is something to all of this. A deeper connection, a reason why some people have this higher electrical aura about them. I am not sure on my long journey of understanding. I have been told I was a healer by many. I do Reiki and perhaps that is our calling. I am not sure….Still searching :}.

  36. Shakira

    I’m actually happy to see this. The street lights yes I have as kid but then I got in my friend’s car when they picked me up once and as soon as I touched the car it stop working, another’s friends’ desktops stopped working when I walked in and sat down. I felt bad or guilt. Now most recently in the last month I went through a bad breakup and I was in the kitchen alone crying but I didn’t want anyone to hear and I screamed so loud in my mind out of rage then bam! the wholeee condo went black. My ex’s brother walked out in the hall and said “Bro, it’s just ur condo. No one else. That weird.” The super came and asked if we plugged in too many things cause something clearly blew out the whole condo. We said no. Nothing. Then my ex looked at me like I had a second head. And it happened again last week, two times but this time at my condo. I was ranting to my girls about the break up and said “It pisses me off!!!” And bam! I ended up blacking out my condo. All my friends faces were shocked and looked a little scared. Especially since they know the other times. Im forcing myself to control my emotions. I have to

    1. Joseph K Weydemann

      If someone needs a jump start and cables alone are not helping I will hold the handles and the car starts. 4 times I felt a drain on me. I told the driver drive directly to a store and buy a new battery as theirs is just about dead.

      When I was younger in my teens we had high voltage power lines about 1 mile away. People would climb the towers with florescent bulbs the closer to the top the brighter the light. I only needed to go up ten feet and my bulb was in overdrive and burned out.

  37. Keith Torrez

    So at first I thought it may be a coincidence thinking it was something to do with sensors or something, only because it would happen within a certain distance of approaching. Here the last couple of years though I have walked a lot, and when you see a particular light go off every time you walk by it, you wonder. I would walk down two different streets and kept a visual on two particular lights some distance between them. Cars would pass, others would pass on the same path, and these lights would stay lit until I would walk by either way within the same approach, and would just turn off. This happened over 20 times at least, and only under deep focus of my path and knowing that it happened before it just started happening a lot more in different places. Enough to where a couple of friends I had told this two have experienced it with me ….Never felt like a special power, but more of a connection, I have worked in electrical field quite a bit, so a lot of electricity has passed through my body…also a lot of times lights brighten after I have walked in a room that was dim and I am straining my vision to see, lights will suddenly brighten for a brief moment….

  38. glen willis

    I have a friend that was attacked and left for dead in the woods. He made his way to the hospital to receive the help required. While attending the axe wound to his head ( I viewed the wound) he was being attatched to a heart monitor (ECG). The machine registered zero. The doctors tried it to see if it worked on them. The machine did. Not on my friend. He also visits a job help center. When looking up listings sometimes the desk top malfunctions or shuts off completely. I have not witnessed this personaly. He will not wear a watch (he bought a cheap dollar store watch- few issues) -because it will slow stop or even go backwards. As said not there when it happens. I will not let him near my laptop. A Detroit radio host has recounted many times streetlights have gone out and back on.Theld Sodium based type. No known issues with the new LED type. The panels at the station (WRIF 101.1 FM) seem to be okay. His name is Dave Hunter with Chuck the Freak. Thank you. grw I would love to have this capability.Good or Bad.

  39. Ellen S.

    I’ve been this way my whole life. As a child I knew things I shouldn’t know before they happened. When my favorite aunt passed, I told my mother before she answered the phone, let dad take this call… mom’s sister died. I told her “Aunt Polly” died before dad answered the phone. Driving, I’d make every street light I passed go out, one after another, it was my game. When my mother passed away, my car radio played only static that got louder as I passed every street light. At work people didn’t like standing too close to me, because I could read they’re thoughts. A few times, I said what they were thinking out loud, before I caught myself. After that, everyone said “don’t stand to close or think too loud near Ellen” she’ll know what you’re thinking. I’ve moved out of the city, 35 miles from nowhere… no street lights near my house now, and I’m more connected to my magnetic personality then ever. A gift from God.

  40. Marc

    Wow, a slider. Who knew. I thought for years that it must be a reflection off me or something but I have been shutting streetlights off consistently, night after night for years. It happens so often I had finally dismiss it as coincidence. Any groups out there?

  41. stacy

    this also has been happening to me for years I do think it has to do with electricity in us because I also make hand tools magnetic if I use twice maybe three times the watch thing happens to me also and vape batteries don’t even last a whole cartridge also my teeth feel like they vibrate when I go by I don’t know what they are called but on the side of the road they have electrical towers with a chain link fence around them and I run hotter than most when I’m comfortable everyone is freezing I worry that one day I may spontaneously combust

  42. Anne

    Yep. Lights, watches, car electronics… weird events lifelong.

  43. Chan naira

    When i pass thru a street light it turns off. And may habits are shuffling my feet on the carpet or wall.

  44. Lorraine

    Hi, for the last week or so, when I approach my car, the hazard lights come on. At first I thought it was just a fault but they don’t come on at any other time. My Son uses the car as well and it doesn’t happen to him. One day, when it happened I tried to turn off the hazard lights. I pressed the swtich numerous times, they didn’t go off. My Son pressed the switch once and they went off.

    It’s happening nearly every day. Again this morning when I approached my car, while opening the door, the hazard lights came on, and went off when I turned on the ignition. It’s not happening at any other times, just when I’m near the drivers door or upon approach. I find it strange because my car just passed its road safety check and my Son and daughter are not experiencing this but have seen the lights come on when I go to use the car.

    Just thought I would mention this having read about street light phenomenon. Maybe it’s something similar, don’t know. Would appreciate to know if anyone has experienced something similar.


  45. Trinity

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here. It is quiet fascinating. My whole life, i have noticed street lights either turn off or turn on around me. Tonight,I was passing a very well lit road, passing through, and it went completely dark on the street and it was clear as day. People where waking and I wondered what their thoughts could have been? I told myself i would look into it so many times before. I am very tuned with receiving messages and guidance from angels/God/universe. At the same time i have been victim to all sorts of evils. As in ghost, spirits, demons, polturgeist, others peopes dreams warning me.. I was possessed a couple times in my teen years. So was my little sister and she claims Kalvin Kleins disease.. When it happened tonight I wonder if it was warning me about the food i was going to eat? as I found a vegan restaurant and it turned out not to be so good. I cant decipher lately between all the messages i am receiving! I see so many angel numbers and often I want to believe its positive and to follow the signs and then I realize I was being warned. It usually ends in distaster! Some of these I have documented some i have not.
    -Ted responded to somebody, sharing about not being able to wear a watch. He asked if it was made of quartz this is the main reason i felt drawn to respond. I CANNOT wear quartz. Everytime i purchase a necklace of quartz and wear it, I end up catching it in my hands, and the quartz breaks. I keep a piece with me that my best friend and myself bought to match each other, as best friend necklaces, and it had chakra stones in it but it broke off my neck and i keep it with me because i cannot wear it. I always find quartz and have lots of it.
    Before I decided to finally type this into google I kept noticing something in my hotel from the corner of my eye, I cant decide what to think of it.. My foot was hanging off the bed and as im ignoring what im seeing, watching tv, I felt a tickle on the bottom of my foot, then i felt a tapping, almost like a twitch but not quiet and that reminded me of the research I wanted to do. I felt a very strong tickle again reading this so i decided to switch positions. I truly have been moved lately and been clearly thankful for the warnings and information i have been receiving as I just left a dangerous situation. I often think about what i know and have witnessed and ask myself why me? Why did they share this information with me.. Is it that I can do something about it? Is it that I am one who can see it? Is it that I am willing to understand/ listen more so then others? I remember the first time i saw my sisters imaginary best friend when i was about 2 years old.. So its been my whole life. Ive told myself for years I would work up the nerve to confront these energies but im still in shock or freightened by it. I often dig to far into research about information received and well, I have been attacked by forces I feel dont want me to know too much. It usually happens if I try to share with social media. Its conflicting not being able to get anywhere but constantly witnessing things.

  46. Anne

    I had this happen to me as a teen and into my 20’s. Not just street lights, all lights and electric items. Every night all the time. I always wondered what it could be and so did others who would see it consistently. It stopped in my late 20’s. I just surmised that my chemical balance had changed. It doesn’t happen anymore.

  47. Marco

    Street lights turn off as I’m driving by very often

  48. Amanda

    This happens to me… everything electronic has some type of reaction when I get close. I wear gloves to change batteries because my hands will instantly drain them. I can’t tell you how often I have to replace lightbulbs…street lights go out when I get close and within months of living or working somewhere, every street light in the area will be out completely. Last week my roommate and I went to home Depot to buy a smoke alarm because ours went haywire one day, and as we walked past the lighting section, every light in the entire department started flashing and some went out….not to mention the new smoke alarm that starts beeping anytime I come near it. This has been happening for as long as I can remember but I always thought it was normal and happened to everyone,until one day a man made a comment about how many street lights had gone out while we were taking a walk through the neighborhood…I did some research and now here I am.

  49. L Schils

    This has happed with me since I was a teenager in the 90s. Scares the heck out of me sometimes. People didn’t/don’t believe me until they pay attention. Been happening with more and more lights on my short walk with my dog, so I recorded the other night and got two of them.
    I haven’t read all the comments, only parts of a few. But will and excited there are more people out there who experience this.

  50. Andrew

    This happened to me late last night. I rode my bike under a street light (long street, lots of lights, all on) and just before I passed under it, it turned off and stayed off. A month ago, another light in the same street did the same thing (same time of night, around midnight) when I rode under it in the same direction. The week after that, it was still off, alone among the fifty odd lights on that street, and what is more bizarre, it turned back on as I rode under it that second time a week after it turned off. That same light that turned off the previous week turned on again as I approached! But not the same light as turned off yesterday. Had this business stopped at the first two events I would not have thought more about it but I am now remembering many more instances of this having occurred to me in previous years, in isolated cases. Only this particular street’s events – three in a month, that I noticed – has made me post here after searching online to see what the heck is going on. I am amazed to read that others have this happening to them regularly too. Has this been studied properly? There’s a thesis in it, I think. Maybe Rupert Sheldrake could devise a study of some kind…

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