unexplained phenomena

Often, strange and unexplained phenomena happen, and nobody, not even science, can explain it.

There are numerous examples of phenomena, in relation to human beings, which are still impossible to explain. In our concrete world, these unexplained phenomena defy what we know as reality, considering most people have to see it to believe it these days. But what about evidence that’s just hard to ignore?

To believe or not to believe

Many want to believe. Does this make them biased toward the notion of unexplained phenomena? Here are 5 top unexplained phenomena that still baffle science and suggest that not everything is as it seems.

 1. Intuition

At some point, we’ve all felt what we call intuition. Many people liken intuition to instinct, but that instinct can often be wrong, while the intuition most often comes out right. Psychologists say that people subconsciously takes information from the world around them, with the result of sensing or knowing information, although without realizing the source of this knowledge/sense. The phenomena of intuition are extremely difficult to evidence or to study, and that is why psychological science can’t solve all these questions.

2. Mysterious disappearances

Unfortunately, as time goes by, the number of mysterious disappearances increase. Some of these missing people may be run-a-ways, others might suffer from an accident, or even be the victims of abduction. There are, however, other cases where disappearances are much more mysterious. Examples range from the crew of the ship, Mary Celeste to Jimmy Hoffa and even Natalee Holloway –  some people seem to have vanished from the face of Earth, leaving absolutely no trace behind them.

3. Deja vu

Deja vu” means “already seen” and is associated with a mysterious feeling we get when we feel like we’re reliving some specific event in the past. Some attribute deja vu with the supernatural experiences or spontaneous glimpses into past lives. As with intuition, psychological research can offer more naturalistic explanations, but the cause and nature of the phenomenon still remain a mystery. Read more about deja vu, here.

4. Mind-body connection

Medical science has only recently begun to understand the specific ways that the mind affects the body. There is a phenomenon called placebo effect which shows how people can be healed by believing in the effectiveness of their medical treatment, whatever it is. In other words, the human body has the ability of self-healing. This is terribly exciting, but science still hasn’t explained how it happens.

5. Ghosts

Science can’t explain what ghosts are and how they exist, not exactly. Many researchers suppose that they are spirits of deceased relatives. There is much evidence of the existence of ghosts in the form of seeing, photographs and even conversations with them. However, the existing evidence remains undefined. Maybe someday the possibility of contacting dead people will be proven and we will finally get the answer to the eternal mystery of life after death.

An endless curiosity

This is not all. There are so much unexplained phenomena in our universe, that it would take a long time to break it down for you. From alien life to understanding just how bees fly with impossibly small wings(yes, that’s supposed to be impossible), there is just so many tantalizing riddles to be solved.

Science will continue to be baffled by the beautifully unexplained.

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